Wednesday, March 12, 2008


It's here and in full swing, students all over the state of Florida are taking the required FCAT tests.
They've been preparing for them, stressing over them, practicing for them, and this week our kid's with #2 pencils in hand are knocking out their reading/writing and math FCAT's.

As parents, we do our part in all this by making sure they get a real good night sleep {which totally bummed my WWE lovin' boys}, they get a nutricious, hot breakfast {thank goodness for Eggo waffles and Bisquick pancake mix in a shaker jug...I'm not much of a breakfast chef, heck I'm not much of a morning person}.
We try to destress them by sending them off with positive thoughts and words of encouragement.

As a Mom of lots of kids half of them boys...I think I know a thing or two about getting them through this week..I mean, their whole school career depends on that test. No matter if they are straight "A" students..if they freak on the test..they fail and are left retained. Some get to go to summer school and try again.

Kaysha just goes in an knocks it out like it's just another day.

Kody, bless his heart...takes his test like every other 6th grader, but because he is special needs, he doesn't ever pass them but it makes no difference...he still "passes" if you know what I mean. ;0)

Kolin...ahhhhh, my Kolin. My baby boy, the last of the litter, my sweet, precious little "Psycho".

This is how I found him leaving the house yesterday morning...

I think he's ready to kick some FCAT butt, do you? :0)

That's actually one of his WWE {wrestling} t-shirts he has on. In place of the word "man", he took some duct tape and put on it "FCAT".
LOL..told you he was a lil' psycho.

Welp, I better get going, errands to run, groceries to shop for and it looks like I'll be skipping in and out of rain to get it all done.

The "Jellybean Contest" is almost over, did you get your vote in?

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim


Jenner said...

Good luck on the FCATs. I know you K-kids will do just fine. Kolin, I love the modification you made to your shirt. Go get 'em!!!
Jen from WI

StarLovesPhoto said...

I would have killed to have that shirt when I took FCAT...many many many many years ago. So awesome!

<3 Ashley

jbaj said...

Your youngest reminds me of my youngest. What a hoot! Good luck!


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