Wednesday, March 26, 2008


On any given afternoon at around 3 o'clock, Kaysha gets home from her day at Leesburg High.
By this time, Adriana has managed to take her late morning nap, gotten into just about everything, eaten handfuls of Cherrios, yogurt bars, those "puffs" baby food things, american cheese and pretty much anything else you can put in front of her.
She's usually changed, happy but growing bored with only seeing me all day.
She also gets tired again this time of day but is a nap fighter to the end.

This is where Kaysha comes into the picture.

Kaysha likes her after school but before part time job happy nap too.
In Kolin's room, where Adri's port-a-crib is set up, there is a comfy blue, cushiony, blue chair. It's right next to his window and it's where you'll find Kolin, on any given afternoon, honkering down to some WWE wrestling video games.

It's also, at that time of day, the most best place in our home to be because of the warm sunbeams that go straight through that window and on to anybody who happens to be lucky enough tolay claim to that chair.

Kaysha comes home 20 minutes before Kolin...ya'all know where I'm going here, right? :0)

Anywho's...who can stay awak with that warm sunshine on them.
Not Kaysha...
Not Adri....

Not for 5 whole minutes. They get into that blue chair and no kidding, they are both out like a light. of yesterday, they have new nicknames.

We've been calling them "Sunbeam", which makes Kaysha kind of laugh, sort of roll her eyes, makes me promise I won't call her that in public, and makes her swear her Mom is some kind of flower power blast from the past hippy girl...which btw, I'm not. I grew up in the 70's, got married in 1980 and I was the reigning disco diva of all time..big hair, silver pants, high heels, sparkly lip gloss, shout outs to the Brothers Gibb and all.
I was not a hippy..though I have always envyed the love one another feeling and the braided hair with flowers..I love that.

I haven't snapped a picture of the two of them in slumber city yet..but I will.
In the's a quick one I took last week as Sunbeam Sr. was holding Sunbeam Jr. and letting me know in uncertain terms that if she didn't get to work right away she'd miss out on all the good chop-chop, let's go.

Kody's home today with an on and off again toothache he's been having for the past few days.
I don't know if it's a molar/wisdom tooth coming through or his very first cavity...which I soooo hope not because he has such perfect teeth.
He's going to see his dentist at 1:30 this afternoon, so I'll let you all know how that turns out.

In the meantime, since Adri won't be here this morning and I have been looking up at the ceiling fans since yesterday..I have a job to do.
I have this new theory on ceiling fans..
When you turn them off..they become ugly.
I never really noticed the dust on the blades until they weren't spinning around.
Time to go break out the Pledge.

Have a GREAT day everyone!!

Love, Kim

Diet Day 1
4 o'clock PM
Channel 9
Cool Ranch Doritos

Forgive me...I cheated.

Diet Day Two
Try Again.

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Jaime from CT :) said...

Haha, I am sure Kaysha appreciates being called sunbeam! Can I please have that chair for my office? I could use a nap right about now...


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