Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wishing Flowers I know that technically they are called "Dandelion Weeds" but how many Mom's and G-Mom's have graciously and lovingly accepted a handful of them from their babies, put them in a favorite vase and displayed them on the dining room table?
I still love them. :0)

BTW, the Southern variety of these wishing flowers looks different then the Northern brand, but they still float around the same when you blow on them. :0)

Love, Kim


Kari Z. said...

Ohhh what I would give to have the kids bring me some of those beautiful 'flowers' right now. We've had a gradual snow melting going on here and it's been in the 40's. Today is the first offical day of Spring and we have a snow watch for 3-6 inches tonight. Grrrr.... we were finally seeing the grass. I love to see the color that you have there. The flowers are gorgeous. I hope you enjoy the scent of them for many, many days.

Kari - Snowy Wisconsin

Who's Sweet On You? said...

We call them blowy flowers here, lol. Great shots!


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