Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Break Day One

So far, so good.
Karl left for work and left me one cup of coffee.
Kolin got up early and is happily playing WWE video games
Kody is sound is Kaysha.
Delilah has her face stuck in her bowl of 9-Lives canned cat food...she is so spoiled.
Everything is quiet....too quiet.
I guess this would be a great time to put on another pot of coffee and show you some Kaysha pic's I took a couple days ago.

Every once in a while she gives me 5 minutes of her time, lucky me, huh?? :0)

We took these Thursday evening while the boys were at karate class. She's standing in the parking lot next door to the school, where there is this cool looking orange wall. It doesn't look real orange in these pic's though.
Anywho's..we found out the night before that my parking lot, which I love, because it's safe and keeps me from having to pull off, park, and unload the boys and all their equipment on the side of a busy street, is being made into a road soon.
Expect to see more of "the orange wall" and all the greenery behind it before it gets replaced by concrete and cars. :0(

I think I'll take some time this morning and go check on all of your blogs...while it's quiet around here, too quiet. LOL!!

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS. Kolin's field day was awesome! I'll have some pictures up later or tomorrow. :0)


Anonymous said...

Great pics of Kaysha! It must be so awesome to have a Mom that does such great photography!!

Hope your day stayed quiet -- !! :)


k68 said...

That Kaysha is so cool.......... she's got the greatest sense of style. So daring and edgy. She's turning into a beautiful woman!


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