Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Random Act Of Kindness Day

In honor of Wednesday, Hump Day, Middle of the Week Day, Longest Day of the week, garbage pick up day in Leesburg....

I'm going to call today...

"Random Act Of Kindess Day"

I challange you to do just one {or more if you like} nice thing for someone, anyone.
You don't need to know could be anybody.

Brighten up someone's day.

This morning it was a little chilly out, so Kolin and I brought the crossing guard at his elementary school {who is also an awesome friend of mine who taught me all about random acts of kindness because she does it all the time} a cup of freshly brewed, hot, hazelnut coffee which he and I made ourselves right before we walked out the door at 8:10.
It totally made my day when I watched Kolin give it to Miss Sharon and he got a big, huge hug in return.

I have to say...that completely made my whole day. :0)

Gone on now...wha'cha waiting for? :0)

Love, Kim


Chelle said...

I did my random act of kindness yesterday when I was getting gasoline. I paid for mine, and for the gas of the elderly woman behind me as well. :) It sure does feel good!

Anonymous said...

Hey,'s been WAAAAY too long since I've stopped by. Actually, I stopped by a few days ago, and started "catching up", reading your posts since the day you so nicely posted about my brother.

It's been a zoo ever since.

Just about two weeks ago Stan had two surgeries, both considered emergency. He now has bags for both fecal matter and urine. He's okay with that, though, compared to what he'd been going through . If he didn't have the 2nd surgery he was going home on Hospice and had less than 2 weeks to live. As it is, he's already talked to Hospice (dr. recommendation) and they are all set "for when it's needed". The oxygen machine has been delivered, so they are prepared. {{{SIGH}}} Definitely NOT what I thought I'd be writing about my brother at his young age.

Have to say (to catch me up on your posts):

1) How did you ever make out with the plugged toilets?
2) LOVED the pic of K&K sleeping on the trampoline. HOW SWEET! (Made me jealous, too, since I'm freezing right now!)
3) Loved the pics of Uncle Kody & Adri too. :)
4) LOL about the egg dyes going in the wrong color cups. Sounds like something I'd do...!
5) There is a website I read about recently, in my FamilyFun magazine, and I immediately thought of you. It's for people who want to sell their handcrafted items. Now to find that piece of paper..................I tore it out, thinking I'd e-mail you....

Well, I better go. Have a splitting headache right now and need to get lunch made.

Take care,
Love, Shiela

Anonymous said...

Me again. :) Two things:

First, I LOVE the Random Act of Kindness Day idea. :)

Second, I dug through my last two issues of FamilyFun magazine and decided to head to the car. I NEVER have time to read, but did a few weeks ago, when my husband drove us to the hospital to see my brother. THAT is where I found the article I was thinking of. But, credit goes to the Dec. issue of PARENTS magazine instead. is what I had read about. The article says:

"Etsy's the Best"

Super-hip moms across the country are into everything handmade right now, and they;re selling their cute creations on a cool Website called, where you can find tons of unique (not to mention amazingly inexpensive) presents. So, if you don't know your way around a knitting needle but you're looking for something out-of-the-box for your next baby gift and you love the idea of supporting individual artists, check out a few of our Etsy faves {this is where they showed booties, books, balls and a wooden toy}.

I immediately thought of you, Kim, and your awesome HATS!!! :)


acutescrubnurse said...

I had to write and tell you about my act of kindness today....I was at work this morning, putting a piece of equipment away in the ER, I noticed a middle age lady laying on an ER bed shivering with only a small thin blanket halfway covering her. I quickly ran over to our recovery room and got her 2 warm blankets.....she was so happy!! Theirs nothing better then a warm blanket when you're feeling crummy, or any other time for that matter!! I think I made her day, it made mine, knowing I was able to comfort her some.
Hope Kody had some luck at the dentist. ugghhh, thats never fun.
Have a great night,

Anonymous said...

Kim, one day I was in the drive thru of a mexican fast food place. I asked the person who was taking my money, how much the order was of person in the car behind me. She said it was like $9. I paid it. I would have loved to have been a fly in that car when they drove up and didn't have to pay for their order. That was way fun!
P.S. LOVE the hat! Did you get my last email?

Kim said...

I totally love you guys....You ALL Rock!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Kim last Thursday I was on my way home from dropping my daughter off at school and as I pulled into our subdivision I noticed a car pulled off to the side and farther up a woman walking carrying this timy little boy. I slowed down and asked her if she needed help - she had run out of gas. It was 30 degrees outside - pretty chilly. I put in and the baby in the car, drove to my house, got our gas can, went back and put gas in her car and got her on her way. I felt good all day about helping out someone in need. I think we should have Kindness Weed - why stop at a day????


Lisa said...

Yesterday was my last day in the prison where I worked. Most of the guys in there are lifers. I took some chocolate drinks, biscuits, easter eggs and other tid bits and hid them behind the box where my 'orderlies' (prisoners ok'd to work in the prison library)keep thier cups and teabags. I also left a note wishing them well and thanking them for the civil and mutually respectful working relationship we'd achieved. Really, working in Parkhurst has been one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. Hopefully today they'll find their treats.

Amy said...

I just posted a challenge on Tracy Solomon's message board. I asked that everyone do something nice for someone and share with everyone. Thanks for the idea.


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