Saturday, March 22, 2008

Baby's Got Back this the funniest t-shirt?

Ever since Adri was a tiny baby, Grammpa {Karl} has been singing "Fat Bottom Girls" to her...crazy, but she loves it and that girl can really shake her bottom to the beat!! :0)
Anywho's...when Kayara saw this t-shirt at the local dollar general store...that's all it took.

I'll have to put some more pictures up a little later, I only had time last night to downsize only one of them.

The boys are off to their swordsman classes this morning and I've got some things to get done around here, plus eggs, ham and chocolate bunnies to shop for {I know....last minute late as always}.
As an Easter treat this year {since we're not celebrating bigtime} I'm going to take the boys to the movies. Big sis KK sent them some $$ so that's how they want to spend it.
Guess we're going to see "Never Back Down" which is totally a guy movie...but what can you do, right? Horton Hears A Who is completely out of the question...where's Miss Alona when I need her? :0)

Have a great day everyone...I'll get some pictures up at some point today.

Love, Kim

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