Monday, March 31, 2008

Good Morning!!

It's looking to be a busy day today, so I thought I better say GM before times flies, as it likes to do these days.

The boys stayed up, with me to watch the entire Wrestlemania {no doubt they wouldn't..LOL!}.
They were both happy about the ladder match.
Kody was bummed about the Flair guy and Kolin was PO'd about Cena/Triple H not winning.
They both perked up and got over themselves when the Diva's came on...that's when I decided to go back out to the kitchen, set up the coffee machine for the morning and take advantage of dessert with Karl...who was watching Mythbusters, or something.
Plus...since he soooooo kindly decided to sabatoge my diet AGAIN....we took 5 minutes to share some cherry pie.
Darn him.

Anywhos....leaving you with two from yesterday. :0)

I wish I would of had him in a brown shirt for this one, but what can you do..last minute me...

Sheila...ANYTIME you ever get to had better stop on over! :0)
As for "brothery love"'s my fave. too. :0)
I had to show you all that they really are normal kids and they argue as sibs do...every darn day about something completely dumb. Welp, not dumb to them..but dumb to me.
Kind of like that Ric Flair/Shawn Micheals thing on Wrestlemania last night...hello? Boys? It's just a TV show, made for your $55.00 entertainment purposes anyway. :0)
Must be a boy thing...cuz to them it was something like the end of the world. LOL!!

Have a GREAT day everyone...we're doing the spring break thing this week.

Love, Kim

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kim - I've been following Kody for years (you may remember a Nurse Renee from Camp Boggy Creek - that's me!) and it's awesome to see how well he and the rest of the family are doing! I come by daily just to see what kinds of funny stories and pictures you might have posted. Today I'm also writing to ask for your help! I'm currently living and working in Indianapolis, and one of our patients is in desperate need for help. Here is his caringbridge site: - he is an amazing kid, and due to issues with insurance is in desperate need of some financial help so he can get a bone marrow transplant. I was wondering if you can help get the word out? You can read a lot more about this on his caringbridge, and also see a news story on Thanks Kim!


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