Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just Playin'

Sometimes a kid just wants to be a kid. Soooo, they decided to try to fly a kite, on a pretty much non-breezy day, in a backyard full of trees.
But...what the heck, kids just have to give it a try, right? :0)

Here's Kaysha's kite and that's Kolin behind it. Kaysha was on the other end of tangled kit string.

First he'll try running with it, then he tried launching it off the pool deck...

When that idea failed, he figured he'd try to get some airtime by jumping off the tampoline with it....

Finally, after 20 minutes of watching this fiasco, Dad jumped in a managed to get the knots out of the string, and get it in the air...for all of 6 seconds, till the breeze went away and that was pertty much the end of that.

That Nemo kite now decorates Kaysha's bedroom...because she is such a Nemo fan, it goes real well with her Nemo blanket, stufffy Nemo fish and 2 Nemo DVD's that are in serious need of replacing because she's worn them out that bad watching them over and over.

I have to tell ya'all a funny story about the boys and that trampoline. This is for adult eyes only though. :0)

One boring weekend afternoon a few months agao the boys marched past Karl and I, who were sitting in the living room. They were on their way outside.
No problem or could only mean trouble, right?
So...Karl asks what they are up to and Kody says "We're going outside"
Karl says "To do what?"
Kolin says...

Ya'all ready for this?

OK...I warned you...

Kolin says...

"We're going to go jump on the tramp"

LOL....Yeah, try living with them...we hear things like that all the time. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

Just me...finally catching up. DANG, I don't know where my week nights go....

Well, yes I do...but I still can't believe I don't make it in here daily. (SIGH!)

Kim, YOU BET I'll get in touch the next time we come to FL. Last time it was 5 years between trips, but I sure hope it doesn't take that long again. Love Kaysha's kite, and LOL about the many attempts to get it in the air...including jumping off the TRAMP!! :)

Now to catch up on the other posts...


Lauren said...

i love that kite.

and who doesn't love nemo?
i also have a nemo blanket and pillow and nemo plushie :)

althoug the nemo blanket has been taken over by my cat monk.


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