Thursday, April 24, 2008

No Photoshop Tricks Were Used...

I promise..and I'm not liking this at all.
I'm having some serious issues with my baby growing up and getting...MUSCLES!!
Teenage girls are really starting to eyeball him and it's just not, not...

There were no photoshop tricks used here {I promise}...check him out..he's ahhhhhhhh, not 6 anymore. :0(

(click on photo to view larger}

I realize that the booger isn't wearing anything on his noggin except for that hat..lemme explain.

After he did get some work done with his Dad, and some work done with me, we went out for some "posed" pictures. Just posed...nothing except poses.
***Right Kody? Poses...right?*** I was checking my camera settings...I heard this...


And as soon as I looked up, there he was flying though the air like some kind of muscle bound madman.

I don't recall ever giving him permission to grow up and I distinctly do remember telling him to be my "Little Bear" forever.
The big brat.

I'll get to showing ya'all some of the more "posed" ones.
BTW...he has muscley arms in those too. :0(

Gotta run!!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

LOL! Nope, Kody's not 6 anymore. GOSH, I remember those days! It sure does fly by! Some day you need to post some of those for us to remember how "cute" he was. Cuz now we get to see how "handsome" he is. I CANNOT believe the muscles on that kid!!!


Anonymous said...

Kody is becoming very gorwn up and muscular. I remember seeing pics posted online of him when he was ust a young kid. He is a very good looking young man now. BTW how is Kyle James and Meghan doing, I have not read any posts about them since their wedding. Hope all is good with them as well as all of you.

ClarkFamily said...

Kim - that is an amazing photo and I am left in awe just thinking how far Kody Bear has come in this journey of his. He truly is amazing and it is obvious that you are one proud mama but please know - complete strangers are so very proud as well! Way to go Kody!

Have a great weekend!

Rebekah and Jaden @ OLIVE JUICE!


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