Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lil' Firecracker

I wish I had more time to update...but I'm running around like a crazy person today.

These were from, that child will not give me eye contact at all. It's like she's saying, "OK'll have to work a little harder to buy my time". :0)
Plus...having her Mama, Aunt and Uncle calling her from my side and not behnd my shoulder like I asked them to do..UGH..what can you do, right?

Anywho's...these are an early start on Lil' Firecracker's first red/white/blue holiday.

Boo at 8 months...

Her favorite song is "If your happy and you know it..clap your hands"...

Her typical look these days...

I'll have more later when I can do a more proper update.

BTW...Karl went back to work today...he's feeling better. Not 100% but much better.
I gotta get him into the Doc's this week though.

Love ya'all!! Have a great day!!!

Love, Kim


Jill B. said...

I prefer the "look to the side" poses. Sometimes when kids look directly at the camera the pose looks a little staged. Keep up the posts/good work. Glad to hear Karl is better--he is a tough guy!

Mom on the Run

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it's a good thing I didn't try calling (AGAIN!) today. Your day appears to be like mine...running around like a mad woman. Soooo glad Karl is feeling good enough to head off to work. LUV the pics of Adri. GOSH, are her eyes BEAUTIFUL!!! Txs for sharing.

Maybe, just maybe, your phone will ring tomorrow!! :) Have a good night.


Amy said...

Glad to hear that Karl is back to work and feeling better. Tell him that he better take care of himself!!
Adri is so stinkin cute! I love her red hair and her eyes....are beautiful.
Have a great evening!

Anonymous said...

Kim- Since you don't have insurance are yo aware of the Shepherds Hope clinics? The closest one 2 you is
Apopka HS & they are open tomorrow eve 6-8:30 but you have to get ther early to get on the list. They don't charge you & either give you free meds (non narcotics) or small co pay ones. They can arrange for free tests too. We volunteer at the one at Colonial HS. my email is if you have any questions. Margie

Lissy said...

i do say, i think miss Adri gets more beautiful by the day...those eyes!! beautiful pictures, as usual!

Cari said...

Man, her eyes are beautiful!!! Are they "enhanced" on your photo program at all? I have blue eyes, but no where near that color of blue. I am so jealous!!


Ariana is just so gorgeous and she really is looking like quite the little lady these days.

I love the one where she is looking straight at you!


PS Glad to see that Karl is feeling better, that must take a load off of your mind.


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