Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Baby Boo is Eight Months

She is definetly tough to get photos of. For this one shot, her Mom had to keep sitting her on her butt and her Grammpa had to keep blowing soap bubbles to get her attention long enough fo rme to snap away, you can tell that's who she's looking at. :0)

Let's 8 months Adriana can say...

Key {for kitty}

She can cruise tables, let go and stand on her own.
She isn't into baby food anymore.
She loves, LOVES frozen "Go-Gurts", we put them in this mesh bag safety feeder kind of thing {you can get them at Wal-Mart baby dept., they are something like $3.00 and are the best baby invention ever!!} and she eats them in like 5 minutes.
She's into Strawberry Yogurt Nutrigrain bars too.
She's into teething on her own shoes. :0)
She's just getting over her first official nasty cold.
Kody is still her favorite.
She's about 19 pounds.
She is still toothless.
She still has the most beautiful red hair ever and it's really starting to grow alot lately.
She has the cutest cowlick on the back of her the bottom.Her hair just swooshes right to one side.
She does not pull eyeglasses off anymore.
She still loves necklaces though.
She can shake her head "Yes" or "No" when you ask her something...but she hasn't got a clue what "yes" or "No" is...she just likes to shake. HA!
She has the "Little Miss America" wave down pat.
She using a sippy cup about half of the day....a bottle mostly when she's tired.
She is a bundle of non-stop energy. WHEW!!

OK..that's about all the G-Ma bragging I'll do today. If you made it through that you a either a G-Ma too, or you just have alot of patience for my non-stop rambling. LOL!!

Have a beautiful day everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS. Thank you so much again for the well wishes to our friend, Sheila. Time does heal..somewhat. Making it rhrough each day waiting for that "time" to arrive can be a very sad, hard, and lonely time.

I like to think of this blog as a way where a huge group of friends can get together, chat, and be there for one another.
I hope that if I do one thing this's accomplish that. :0)

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Anonymous said...

(BIG SIGH). Dang, Kim. I made it through today's post about Adri, smiling and remembering when my youngsters were doing all those fun things (aren't those safety feeders AWESOME?!) and then...I got teary eyed at the end. But, they were "good tears". I really shouldn't be online, as I'm trying to do my work too, but just couldn't help but stop by. I would say that you definitely accomplished your task of bringing friends together -- complete strangers, but friends -- this week. In fact, you've done that time and time again, as you've posted before, when Stan was dx'd, and sick, etc. You are AWESOME and I mean that from the bottom of my heart!!

Your phone will be ringing soon.... :o) And Happy 8 Months, Adri!



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