Friday, April 4, 2008

Boo's Bathtime

The weather, during the day, is getting real warm...OK, it's officially getting downright hot.
At night though, the lightening/rain storms are hitting us hard. I guess it's all good though, it's making the grass go from brownish/yellowish to green...that's cool by me.

Hopefully this weekend, if the daytime weather holds out...we can start getting the pool ready.
And, since Karlio reads this blog every morning...that was just a tiny, little, subtle, hint. ;0) the middle of the madness around here yesterday/everyday, I was able to stage a few photos that I'd been wanting to try with Adri. I wish I would have thought of it yesterday...the plastic bubbles I'd been holding on too, some baby power and a bath towel would have been kind of cute too.
Ah well, what can you do?

I have a quick question for parents of fair skinned/blue eyed/red heads...
What is the absolute best sunblock?
We've slathered on #75, but even so...we can only get her outside for a few minutes...then we have to get her back inside again.
Even in the shade, it's way too many sunrays for her.

Yikes!! I have to run, Kolin has this really loose molar..and he just got some cereal stuck underneath it...and I don't know who's freaking more, me or him! all know about my "loose teeth" issues, right? They are right up there with the "foot" issue thing I have. BLEECH!!!!!!

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

These pictures are just too cute! I love the new background on the site too. Very pretty.


rocketbear said...

As a 40 yr old redhead with blue eyes and fair skin, I can tell you that SPF 75 is still not enough. I love to go to the beach, but I have to reapply every 30 minutes and I still get pink. There is no way around it. I read that they are coming out with SPF 90 (hopefully, this year!) and I'll be trying that. Just keep re-applying all the time, that's all you can do. Hugs But that cutie sure is worth it!! :o)

Anonymous said...

ok so I think I can help. This has been recommended to me and my kids by numerous doctors. It is amazing, wonderful, awesome... It's also commonly used by the tennis pros. The "helioplex" ingrediant is crucial. It's

Anonymous said...

My 6 year old is red hair and very fair skin. I use bullfrog 45 with titanium Dioxide. My peds doctor recomend Blue Lizard but I just can't seem to find it.He said that the titanium dioxide for uva/uvb is very inportant. But I do apply it at least every hour or two. Hope all is well with you guys and I hope your pool gets ready soon it sure is getting hot.
Denise from Dade City

Jill B. said...

I agree with "rocketbear"--the higher the protection the better. My sister is a redhead. When she was a child she used Piz Buin sunscreen. I think it was German. Anyway it gave her a little protection. She got heat rashes on her hands and feet when in prolonged sun. This problem lessened as she got older, but as a child she wore a coverup on the beach all the time.

Anonymous said...

I have a 5 year old boy who is red haired and blue-eyed. I use Baby Blanket 50 or the Baby stuff from Banana Boat. They both have zinc oxide in them. He does pretty well with them even when we go to Florida. It is pretty thick and does not rub in well but does work better than some of the others. You still have to reapply often. We usually go about an hour.I also make him wear hats. Pam

Anonymous said...

According to my dermatologist uncle, who specializes in skin cancer in Miami, the level of SPF does not really mean a thing,and just using a really GOOD sunscreen,rather than the SPF,is the most important factor.They now make rash-guard tops for little kids that are long sleeved and do a great job blocking the sun but allowing the skin to breathe. HATS are a must as well..and teach her NOW, at this EARLY age to wear sunglasses.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, the joys of parenting/taking care of a red headed child. Imagine my surprise when we (dark brown hair and hazel eyes for me and hubby) had a blue eyed red head....:)
tons of sunscreen, always a hat, sunscreen on the head too, a swimming shirt (target and Old navy carry them) I use a sunscreen stick for around his eyes/ears - he still gets sun. God forbid you miss a tiny space - he will be fried. I was told by someone to buy pure zinc oxide, and put it on as it won't come off - haven't tried it yet because we live in Ohio and still have piles of snow in our parking lots!

Anonymous said...

p.s. Unfortunately, I have had to also ask the question of what to do for relief if he does get pink/red :(
Don't let others apply sunscreen! They tend to think I am overexaggerating - until they see what happens to him after being outside.

Anonymous said...

oops I thought the sunscreens I used had zinc oxide in them when actually it is titanium dioxide. I double checked at Wal-Mart tonight. Sorry about that. I have also heard Blue Lizard is good too. You can get it online. And I use the sunscreen stick for around eyes and ears as well. Pam

Anonymous said...

We've had good results with the Neutrogena SPF 70 with Helioplex in it for my red-headed three year old boy. We haven't been to the beach or anything yet, but we've used it while out in the sun all day at Disney and various other theme parks, with no burns yet.


Anonymous said...

I am fair skinned with red hair and I burn just sitting by a window!! :-) I have used Arbonne Sunscreen for several years and it is amazing. They have a baby line that my best friend used with her son and everyone is right, the key is reapply but he never burned. I can get you in touch with some if you want. Just let me know.


PS-I LOVE you blog!! It is so fun and I love that I know the places you are talking about. My Dad lives in Tavares. :-)


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