Saturday, April 12, 2008

Breakfast Time

No...I haven't decided to feed the little boogers outside, this breakfast for for the outdoor type critters. :0)

With Spring weather here, the grass is green again, wild flowers are popping up everywhere, it's almost alligator mating season and they keep popping up everywhere too, the birds are chirpin', those stupid frogs are back {I....Hate....FROGS!!!} and my two squirrels, Nuts and Bolts are back again. of them is anyway. :0/

When you have Italian blood running through you, you have a natural tendency to fatten anything up that looks a tad bit on the scrawny side. If you have ever seen a Floridian squirrel as compared to a NY Yankee'll know exactly what I mean...we're talking supermodel, will ya just eat something for Lord's sake, thin.
That doesn't fly well in this family.

So...every morning and afternoon, like the good "Mother Earth" that my family call's me these days, I put out some breakfast of Cherrios and sunflower seeds for them.
Sometimes Kolin finds the sunflower seeds and he eats them.
The brat.

As much as I would like to post a picture of Nuts, or is it Bolts, munching down on that food...those critter boogers are faster then my kiddo boogers and I haven't yet gotten to stalk them long enough for a quick snap.
Maybe tomorrow. :0)
National Geographic here I come. LOL!!

Have an awesome day everyone!!

Love, Kim

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