Saturday, April 12, 2008


Once again Spring is showing it's pretty side and the Oak tree's are dropping pretty yellow flower blooms everywhere.
While most folks find these flowery yellow things rather annoying, they are very tropical looking and I kind of like them spread all over the yard.

It's the little things, KWIM?

The kids are doing great. Kaysha is finally starting to feel a little better. In addition to the ear infections she had a pretty good sized, rip, roaring sinus infection. OUCH!

Karlio's b-day went well too. Although, with the craziness of raising this super sized family, we opted for a small to-do last night after karate calss and we'll celebrate with a cake and lots,

and lots...

and LOTS.......

of candles Sunday. {Sorry Dude!}

Shiela...yeppers, he sure did make his own dinner.
Double smoked chicken, cornbread and mac and cheese.
Kody, Kolin and I made the....ummmmm, cough, cough, salad.
Not trying to toot my own horn or anything here but I did make the only thing he really wanted which was peanut butter cookies.
OK, so I didn't make them by scratch, I got the package mix stuff which is scratch enough for me because technically I am still adding things and mixing things and squashing them with a fork and putting them in an oven.
Then I took some cooled off baked ones and made peanut butter cookie ice cream sandwiches, using Breyer's peanut butter cup ice cream, which is totally da' bomb and shook some chocolate sprinkes on the sides.....


TOOT-TOOT!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!

Kolin lost another tooth {I think he has 5 more according to the dentist needing to fall out before he's complete} this morning, lovingly yanked out by his Dad.
Sounds gross but it was painlessly over in a 1/2 second and without a bloody mess. I type this he is looking in laundry, under couch cushions, my wallet and anyplace else he can think of to find some loose change...because he knows are darn unresponsible that toothfairy bimbette can be.
Truth be told, I fired her about 6 months ago when for the third time she fell asleep and didn't deliver.
Rotten ole' toothfairy. ;0)

Kody is having a catch up on some sleep Saturday. He slept past breakfast and looks like I'll be waking him up soon for an enormous brunch/lunchfest.

Welp my friends..I better get going. I'd love to sit here all day but it ain't happening. Besides..Kolin is still on the search for $$ and that can really, only mean trouble at this point. :0)

Have a great weekend!!

Love, Kim

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Anonymous said...

OMG, Kim. You made me LOL (seriously), when I read that you and the boys helped with the pre-bagged salad for Daddio's Birthday!! :) That Double (Blackened?) Chicken sounded good. Heck, I can't cook it once sometimes, so I give 'em extra credit!! :)

Those P.B. Cookies, then ensembled into ICE CREAM COOKIE TREATS, COMPLETE WITH SPRINKLES, sounded awesome!!! YUM!!!

I know I've forgotten something...I should take notes while I read your post!'s sad but true that I can't retain what I used to...

I'm off to read the rest of your posts. I'm a bit behind again. URGH!



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