Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kolin's Day Part Three...Wildlife Madness

Good Morning!!!!
On with "part three".

Today, we'll show you some of the wildlife creatures we, a bonus wildlife story of my own,'ll have to wait till the end for that little hilarious won't want to miss it, though, I wish I would have right about now.

First we happened to stumble upon this cool looking bird who's feathers actually change colors when the sun hit them, we named him Fabio because he was oh, so full of his handsome self....

As good looking, I'm too cool for you, birds go...Fabio turned his beak at us plain looking humans and got himself on outta there, back to his nest of adoring girlie color changing birds, I'm sure.

Next we found this bunch...a group of fun loving, but extremely hungry herrons. They can walk the walk..but if your not tossing crackers their way...they don't do much of talkin' the talk.
BTW...we had nothing on us but some Double Bubble Watermelon bubble gum and sour this herron family wasn't into us much...

Crossing over a bridge these two spotted us, we prompty named them "Crush" and "Squirt" and I swear it looked like Squirt was saying to Crush..
"Dude..look at those humans...sweeeeeeet"...

Next, Kolin spotted this bunch...they were loud and wild party animal, waddely type of bird...

They were birds with "Tudes"..attitudes that is...

And then, that's when I spotted this beaut...a very rare type bird who, when provoked, can be even more loud, more faster, and more wild then the wild bird bunch....

Prepare yourself to be facinated by the unbelievable...

Try not to fall off your chairs as I show off this rare phenomenom..




BIRD BOY!!!!!!!

And lastly..let's recap one more time before I lay it scaley friend and yours too..
"Gator Dude"

And now, a wildlife story of a personal we go...

Yesterday, as some of you know was Kody's "book fair" day at school.
We were driving home, as I was slowly getting over the shock of writing out a $20.00 check for two small, softcover books, we were coming down our road when we spotted the most beautiful red corn snake sunning itself right smack dab in the middle of our road.
Karl was driving and I was still twitching from sticker shock.

Right then and there we saw a huge, super sized city truck full of men driving right towards this awesome snake.

Can any of you guess where I'm going with this?
I'll bet you can. :0/

Karl puts the van in park, and runs out, grabs a piece of wood, or a stick or something and tries to rescue that snake...saving it's life from the wheels of a city truck, I'm sure.

Picture this...
The snake is now slithering into a nice grassy spot.
Reptile Man is determined to make it our next pet.
Snake Dude is not happy about this and puts up a fight by snapping away at Reptile Man.
City truck is now right over us with three city men staring like we have done gone and lost our minds.
I smile politley.
Kody, laughing his fool butt off is encouraging Reptile Man byyelling out, through an dopen window "Catch it Psycho Dad!!!!!!".
Reptile Man catches Snake Dude and firmly but gentley calms him down.
Snake Dude suddenly looks like a docile pet and not the raving wild beast that he was 30 seconds ago.
Reptile Man walks over to the van where I still sit in the passenger seat.
Reptile Man doesn't look real good and that's when I realize he is having a full out asthma attack right there in the middle of the street holding a huge reddish color corn snake with big teeth.
Kody and I stumble around and find his inhaler, flip the AC on full blast and don't you just know...Reptile Man gets back into the drivers seat to which I do my wifely duty and suggest I drive...cuz ther ain't no damn way I'm holding on to that slithering, toothy thing.

So....we get home, which was only three houses down, get inside and put Snake Dude which Reptile Man had already, by now, named "Roadkill" in a spare snake tank with a top that didn't quite lock up real tight.
So...he put some heavy things on two big ole' bottle of BB's.

As the day went on, I would watch Reptile man sitting in his computer seat, watching Roadkill, who was curled up in that tank carefully contimplating his great escape.
I am one with wildlife..I knew what he was thinking.

The rest of the day went by reasonable uneventful.

Then we all woke up this morning.
We all woke up this morning to an empty snake tank.
As I type this, somewhere in this home there is a 5 foot corn snake hiding and I am sure laughing all the way into some dark, warm hiding spot, which I am surer then sure..I will be the one to accidently stumble upon and find.

You'll know when I find'll be able to tell by the scream heard round the world.

I have to go now and turn on all the lights and make alot of noise.

I have to go hide in a brightly lit area, close to a phone.

I have to crawl back in bed and call my Mom.

On second thought...she's afraid of wild slithery things even worse then me, never mind.

I'm still trying to get over almost becoming an appitizer for a gator, how am I supposed to deal with this?

I'm going to Starbucks right now.

Never mind, I'm still in my PJ's.

Oh wait..they have drive thru.

I'm outta here.

Thank you for your support in this.

I love ya'all!!

Have a great day!!!!

Love, Kim

PS. For the record...docile, family pet slithery things I am fine with.
Wild ones that attack my man...not so fine with. :0)



Theres a snake loose in your house?
I would have made reptile man stay home and find the darn thing.
Good luck with that!!

Anonymous said...


We also had a snake---also a corn snake---that was lose for weeks. I was so afraid of it walking up to our bedroom at night, even though it escaped downstairs. We found it under the basement frig.(it's dark and warm) and yep, snakes can climb stairs!!


Cheyenne said...

You wouldn't find me back in that house till that snake was outta there. With my luck it would try to join me while I was sleeping.

Lindsay D'agrosa said...

what amazing pictures you take

Anonymous said...

Dear K family,
Mrs. K. you certainly deserve several starbucks trips after that story lol. I'm glad Mr. K. was alright after his asthma attack though- that's scarier than any critter. Hopefully one of the boys will find roadkill before you do. Look at it this could just say that for every day roadkill is awol you should be given an allowance of at least 3 starbucks trips a day to help cope with the stress of a snake loose in the house! Seriously, you're worth as many trips to starbucks a day as possible but this just gives you another excuse lol.
Love, blessings, and tons of hugs,
Tanya Nicole Servis

StarLovesPhoto said...

Goodness girl, your stories get crazier and crazier! So so funny. :) I'm glad you didn't end up being 'gator bait' and the snake didn't eat you either. lol.

<3 Ashley

PS: All the pictures from the past few updates are A-W-E-S-O-M-E! (just like you!) ;-)

Anonymous said...


I can't believe the snake actually made an escape!!!! I sure hope it's QUICK that you report it was found, and "Karlio" puts that damn thing back outside!!!! :o)

I'll be shuddering tonight on your behalf!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Kim. My hubby just called and I told him about your snake-pet-thingy. He says corn snakes are "very beneficial" and eat rats. Not that he says you have rats, but he says, like most snakes, they are very beneficial". He also says that most people get them mixed up with another type of snake...can't remember what name, though!

Just thought I'd share all that. Again, good luck!!


Kristine said...

Are you serious? You have a snake loose in your HOUSE???? Oh my! I think reptile man would be sleeping in the doghouse ;)

Seriously, I think snakes are cool as long as there is a nice safety glass between me and the dude!

Give us an update! Did you find the snake?


Those party animal dude birds are Canada Geese. I sent them down to you guys for the winter. ;)

And regarding the snake. I'd rather not. In fact if my husband became reptile man it would be grounds for divorce. :P

Love the Pics of Kolin!



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