Monday, April 14, 2008

Kolin's Day Part One

This morning I realized I have over 100 photos from yesterday.
Today I realized you'd all want to whoop my butt if I even tried to overload this blog with photos.

This morning I picked out 10 to start with.
This could take all week. Sorry. ;0)

I'll call these the Double Bubble set..because we sure did invest alot in Double Bubble Bubble Gum this weekend.

These next couple really get to my heart...they make me happy, they make me smile when I see them.
Probably because they are so Kolin, just hanging out, by himself, without a care in the world, lining up gumballs. Simple, innocent, childish fun. :0)

You know, spending that 2 hours alone with him yesterday was so much fun, so relaxing {welp, minus the gator part} and so overdue.

In this family we are busy, busy, mad crazy busy all of the time. It's not very often we veg out, and when we do..we think somethings out of wack in the universe and so we get up and do things.
We need a life.
Anywhos...finding time with just one kid, without distractions, without phones, computers, TV's, other kids whining, is definetly something rare.
But, as we know..the rarest things in life are most often the most beautiful.
Spending that time with my youngest young un' was my beautiful point of the whole week.

Kolin, as alot of you know has ADHD, and that kid can talk, and talk and talk. He talks so fast that sometimes even my old fart brain can't keep up with him.
But...when he speaks, he is enthusiastic, excitable, sometimes serious, alot of times funny. He mixes talking with sound effects. He hardly comes up for air.
He loves to repeat the comdedians he see's on TV.
Sometimes he shocks me because some of those there comedians are kind of...ummm, lets say raunchy-ish.
We put a top that BTW, when he repeated something he shouldn't have at the dinner table 2 weeks ago and Karl laughed and I spit noodles.
I should have known that at the tender early age of 5, when Kolin's elderly Kindergarten teacher asked if any of the children knew of any nursery rhymes and my kid raised his sweet little hand, and got up in front of the class and said...

Jack and Jill went up the hill,
Each with a buck and a quarter...

Damn that Andrew Dice Clay.

FYI....Kolin was asked to sit down immediately.

Karl still finds humor in that, Lord only knows why.

Anywhos....I found out alot about Kolin lately.
I'll share some of his random thoughts with you today.

I learned that...

He loves a girl whos name starts with "J" because she is the most beautiful girl he's ever seen.

His best friend is a girl who's name starts with "M", because she punches him good and hard in the arm and she knows as much about WWE wrestling as he does.

He thinks the new gazebo at Vanetain Gardens is sissy princess castle looking and if his wife wantd to get married there, he would have issues with that. {LOL on the "issues"}

He is not embarrassed to hold his Mom's hand while walking all over the park, even when a boy he knows from school is there with his family.

When asked who he thinks is prettier, me or "J"...he "pleads the fifth commandment". {HA-HA on the "Commandment"..that kid kills me}

He loves his whole family but Kody is his favorite. "But Mom, please don't tell the others I said that". :0)

He can climb a palm tree in about 3.2 seconds, little monkey.

Because he saved my life from being gator food yesterday, when I leave this Earth...I have to make sure I leave him my camera in my will.

He prays in school..and he doesn't care who doesn't like it.

When Kody's gone for a week this summer at Camp Boggy Creek, it is going to "break his heart from lonliness".

Halloween {the new one} is still his favorite movie.."and not to worry because Mom, it's a boy thing".

One day he wants to own a Mustang GT.

Above all, mostly I learned that Kolin is the most aswesome, most beautiful {OK, handsome}, most funny, most loyal 10 year old I know.
And, I love him incredibly. :0)

That's about it for today, my friends.
I've got much to do, so I better get going.

More pic's coming...stay tuned.

Have a beautiful day...and if you get a chance, swoop up one of your kiddo's and spent that alone time with them. I promise you'll never regret it and they will remember their day always. :0)

Love, Kim


Cheyenne said...

My kid's too big to swoop up ~ she's in her 30's. lol
I just love looking at all your photos.
I own a '97 deep violet GT Mustang with less than 3,000 miles on it. My pride and joy.

Anonymous said...

GREAT pics, Kim.

Loved the images...
Loved the stories...
Loved the thoughts...

Oh...and Loved the gumballs all over the sidewalk (and those lined up, too).

Made me wonder what kids driving by must have been thinking! :)



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