Saturday, April 19, 2008

Way Of The Warrior and Student Of The Year

We just got in from a full day of outdoor martial arts training in Lake Griffin State Park and our two boys ROCKED!!

I'm pretty exhausted tonight but I just have to tell you all that....


OMG, that boy just about jumped out of his own skin when his name was called..I mean, it's only thee most important award of the entire year!!

I wish you could have seen his face..and Kody's. Kody just jumped up and gave him the biggest hug...he was so proud, and so happy for him.
Some of you may remember back two years ago when Kody was awarded the "Key Concept" award. Which is an award given to a person who has overcome physical disabilities to persevere, who never gives up, who keeps on fighting when it may seem there is no fight left.
As so many of you followed Kody through his cancer know he is a warrior indeed.

The things that were said about Kolin as a martial artist, a warrior, a person, it was just incredible...just incredible.
OK, truth be told, I cried a little.
This is a kid who deals with everyday things in life that would tear apart anyone else, who, when his world falls apart around him, and it has been been....still pushes on, who fights even harder.
This is a kid who is such an incredible fighter {espcially with knives} at the age of only 10 that nobody ever wants to spar with him.
This is a kid who is an awesome student, a loyal friend and gives respect to everyone he meets.
This is a kid who is respected by not only his peers, but adults too.
There is so much about Kolin that ya'all don't even know about...he is a true warrior in every sense of the word....believe me on that, please.
And...a panel of all black belts must have agreed because they picked Kolin as student of the year..and that is an honor.

It was incredible, what a day. :0)

I'll post more tomorrrow but before I go, Kolin wanted me to tell you all that he and Kody survived "Snipe Hunting" in the forest, tonight and they both got sprayed by the snipes...and they both got attacked by the "snipes" razor sharp claws...but they survived. LOL!!
Oh man...he is a hoot.

OK, I better go...after being outside in the woods all day...I need my soft, cushy spoil me bed.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS. Happy 28th anniversary Baby...LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
Hey...I know your reading this in the's about some coffee, Pal? :0)

PPSS. Kolin said "Have a good night and a pleasant tomorrow"!!! :0)


Leeann said...

I have NO doubt you were the most deserving!


Anonymous said...

WHOOOO HOOOOO!!!! WAY TO GO, KOLIN!!! That is just awesome that you got the Student of the Year award!! I always enjoy the pictures and stories your mom posts, and the ones of you and Kody practicing your martial arts are always so impressive. You should be very proud of yourself!! (And I just love hearing how Kody jumped up and immediately celebrated too.) :o)

Rough day yesterday. My brother had an emergency trip to the hospital. Had a scare regarding his (only functioning) kidney but after some fluids (he was dehydrated) and medicine (infection somewhere) he's already back home. What a scare, for several hours, as he hadn't passed any urine into his bag all day on Friday.

Hoping to hear a snake update soon...I'm guessing no news means he's still unfound.....!!


Kim Cyr said...

Way to go Kolin!! You and your brother are such an inspiriation to everyone out here in New Brunswick, Canada..we have family in florida and get down to visit once in a we still have snow!! Spread some Flordia sun our way please!!


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