Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Never Back Down

I meant to post this update yesteray, but with everything going on...it was pretty much the last thing on my mind. :0(


A little about Kolin some of you know, alot of you may not know.

Kolin is a beast. :0)
I'm not saying that in a mean way...really.
While some kids dream of becoming doctor's, president, vet's, scientists, etc..., my youngest kiddo, Kolin, dreams of becoming thee ultimate, "Ultimate Fighter".
While most kids participate in sports such as soccer, baseball and basketball. Kolin participate's in the martial arts, combat and weapons fighting, and extreme fighting.
There is no "team" for him...his "team" is him and his coach.

He lives, sleeps, breaths ultimate fighting. It's his passion, it's in his blood. He has a natural ability that not many people do, especially 10 year old boys.

Kolin's motto..."Never Back Down".
He doesn't....not ever.

To watch him train...,it's not for the light hearted.
Sometimes even I have to look away.
The sweat, the fury, the intenseness of the whole thing...it's incredible.
He has certain rituals...he has to have "his music" blasting, he has to have a few minutes of quiet, lost completely in a world of his own thoughts, before he starts. I have no idea what those thoughts are..I figure it's his personal time and I shouldn't interfere.
He may not be that big but he is fast, lightening fast hands and feet.
He has developed a kick that I am sure will be his favorite..I can tell by the way he is constatly working to perfect it.
When most kids are playing video games or riding bikes after school or on the weekends, you can always find Kolin pounding away at his work out/punching bag in our yard.
"Perfect by Training", that's what he tells me.

In about a year of intense, demanding, training by the best coach ever, Kolin will be unleashed.

My thoughts?
Some may thing I've lost my mind completely...but I am proud of him.
Am I worried? Of course..I worry about my kids all the time, thats my job.
But, like I said..he is being trained by the best and I have no doubt that my youngest son will become the best. :0)
Kolin is confident and fearless. He is respectful and has self control.
It's funny because to look at him, hanging with his friends, doing his thing in school..you would never know. He appears to be just another kid...except if you look carefully, he's not. He has a quality alot of kids haven't developed.
Kolin walks with his head held high, confident in his skills and constantly aware of his surroundings.
I sure would pity the adult that tried to grab him off the street. LOL!!

Kolin never backs down.
I just love the stuffins' out of that kid. :0)

His quiet time...

Have yourselves the best day today!!

Love, Kim a/k/a One Proud Mama

BTW...Kody is ever bit as awesome as Kolin with one difference.
Kody will not do ultimate fighting, though believe me, he is strong..."heavy handed" is what they call him.
Kody's passion is for the martial arts "forms". He loves to disect them, break them down, learn to use them in real life situations. He loves to master them, perfect them and is always wanting to learn new ones...even before it's his time to learn them.
Because of Kody's many brain surgeries and learing diabilites...that in itself is a miracle, that he can learn them, study them, perfect them and use them.
He is just as awesome as Kolin...just in a different way.
Man, I just love that kiddo too. :0)

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Anonymous said...

And we all love them both as well! Awesome pics!!



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