Thursday, April 10, 2008

Boys Are Weird

Boys...they are so....



OK. they are weird, plain out weird. And you know what I finally realized? The younger they are in the family unit, the weirder they get.

They make strange noises with their bodies.
They smell funky, especially after "taco night".
They think armpit farts and nose hair are hilairious.
They hate to degunk their ears.
They spit.
They can contort themselves in weird positions.
They have a sound effect stored in them for every situation.
And, they make faces.
Many, many, many faces.

Case in kid Kolin.
10 years old.
Youngest of six.
Boy...all boy and nothing but boy.

I asked him sweetly this evening if he'd help me practice my back light fill flash and although he was about to spend the late part of the afternoon wrestling on "the tramp" {trampoline} with his brother...he very reluctantly, kind of, agreed. But, that's only because I surprised him today by showing up for lunch at his school with a sack full of Wendy's fast food things.
I had to remind him of that a few times.

Anywho''s what I got.
Here's a glimpse into my world.
Here's why I believe with all my heart and soul, "Boys Are Weird!"

"Go ahead Mom, practice..take my picture"

"Another, you want another..well sure"

"Oh's one for ya Mom!"


"Ha..Ha...Here's a good one Mom, Mom? Mom...look at me!!!!!"

Oh wait, what do we have here...oh wow, it's not to be left out, Kody...

"Der Duh Der"

"Hey Mom, check this out...what am I? I'm someone who just jumped off a 12 story building on my head!"

It was right about, at this point I walked, I ran.
Those boys are WEIRD!!

Have a great night everyone!!

Love, Kim


Dana said...

Hi Kim,

thanks for the reptile warning, I was unable to scroll and post that under the, ummm, snakes! I love your blogs and great out look! Keep in up!


Anonymous said...

You're right...boys are weird. But yours know how to be a fun weird!! :)


Jenner said...

Yup... weird... and cute as all heck! Have a great weekend! Love, Hugs & Prayers, Jen from WI


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