Thursday, April 3, 2008

Little Boo

When her Mom, Kayara, was her age we nicknamed her "Boo-Boo", or "Boo" and when Kaysha came around, she called her "Booa", which still stuck till this day.

Lately Adri has been "Boo" or "Little Boo" and when you call her that, it cracks her up...especially when you say to her "Hey Boo, Hey!". :0)'s some that, with the help of Kody, Kolin and the original "Boo", we took today. I'll have more tomorrow. :0)

Have an awesome night everyone,, sorry this is so short but sleep isn't happening lately so I think I'll go try again.

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

She is so friggin cute!


Jenner said...

Love the new pics! Have a great weekend K's! Love, Hugs & Prayers from your friend Jen in WI


The bathtub one is so precious it would look great on a greeting card!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, the GREEN GRASS and NO SHIRT reeeeaallly make me wish I was down there NOW!! :) LOVED the bathtub's almost like Adri is hiding behind the tub, since she's naked...RIGHT?!! :o)



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