Monday, April 21, 2008

Please Pray....

For our friend, Sheila and her family.
Thank you. :0)

This is in the comments window but I'll paste it here too..

Without going into a lot (I don't want to take away from your page!), my brother and his family could use some prayers. I have a feeling this is going to be a very rough (BAD) week. Things did not go well last night or today...


Love, Kim


rocketbear said...

Her family is in our thoughts. i hope things go much, MUCH better than expected.

Lindsay D'agrosa said...

prayersprayersPRAYERS! the kruppenbacher family & friends always have mine.

Anonymous said...

Kim, you did it again. When I just saw the heading from yesterday's post I had a feeling you posted on behalf of my brother. I had tears rolling, before I even clicked on the link.

Sadly, yesterday was a long day of crying, crying, and more crying. I spent about 10 hours at my brother's house. We actually took him outside, even though he has been dillusional since Sunday. (Well, hillucinations started Friday night but we thought there might be a UTI since his iliostomy bag wasn't working.) Anyway, when I saw him yesterday morning he was not the same man I'd seen the prior weekend. Long story short, we upped his pain medication (a patch) and for the rest of the day and night he rested well. From all indications (Hospice and my niece, who used to work as an aide) my only brother will probably pass away today. It kills me to write those words, but he has fought so hard from his colon cancer and definitely deserves a break and some peace.

THANK YOU, as always, Kim. You such a wonderful cyber friend. And THANK YOU to everyone who has, or will, be praying for my brother and his family.



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