Monday, April 28, 2008

Not A Good Day

***UPDATE AT 3:30 PM***

First, I want to say I am so sorry about keeping ya'all hanging....I was in a hurry to get out the door so I could only manage a 10 second post. goes the short and sweet version because I have to get back to the hospital.

Last Friday Karl started feeling pretty poorly.
By Saturday he was alot worse but insisted on going to work anyway.
By the time he got home around 1 o'clock...he was even worse. So bad, actually, that we didn't even get to go to his friends retirement party, which he was looking forward to, because he felt that bad.
Sunday....forget it, he hardly got off the sofa and couldn't walk from the living room to the bathroom without having to stop and rest.
He's been having a very difficult time breathing..even though he's on an inhaler and nebulizer.

Early this morning he started having severe chest pain {8 on a scale of 10, which, for severe}.
As soon as I put the kids in school..I looked at him and said "Either you go by ambulance or I drive you..but you are going to the hospital"
I almost fell backwards when he didn't even put up a fuss...he just said "OK".
This from a bull headed, hard head, man that refuses to give in.

Anywhos....I've been at the hosp. with him all day except for when I had to run out and get Kody, drop him off with Kayara, run back to the hosp., then leave again to get Kolin and here I am.

Before I left the gave him chest x-rays and were preparing to do an EKG.
They put him an two IV antibiotics and one IV steriod.

Just as I was about to update the blog, he called to say that the Dr. wanted him to be admitted, but he won't do it {no insurance}.
The dx. is that in additon to his asthma, he has pnemonia and emphazeema {I know I botched that spelling}.
He's being sent home with lots of new med's.

So...I'm jumping off here and back to the hospital to fetch him and bring him home to rest up.

Thank you so much for the well wishes and prayers. You have no idea how much it is appreciated. :0)

I have to run...

Love, Kim


I'm leaving to take Karl to the hospital.
I'll update when I get back.
Please pray....

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

I hope all is well with Karl...I will be praying for you both!

Laura Kondo
Tampa, Fl

acutescrubnurse said...

Kim, Hope all is well with Karl. I will watch for postings later in the day.

Emma said...

Praying for you all and sending good thoughts and positive energy.

Jaime from CT said...

Praying that all is ok!

rocketbear said...

OMG, Kim, I hope everything is alright!! Is it his asthma? My son's has been horrible the last week. Please update us when you can. I hope you're home soon and everyone is feeling better! Hugs!


Oh No!
Heartfelt Prayers being sent your way!


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you guys! Keep us posted!

Kim, TX

ClarkFamily said...

Thinking of you Kim - hopeing everything it OK ... praying everything is OK!

Rebekah @ OLIVE JUICE!

Jeff said...

Please do not leave me hanging like this! I hope Karl is okay. My prayers are with you.

Olympia, WA

leese said...

Hey Kim,

Hoping all's well with Karl.

Thinking of you all.

"Joisey" Lisa

Anonymous said...

Dear K. Family,
I just stopped to say a pray for Mr. K. May God's protective arms surround you. Love, blessings, and tons of prayer-filled bear hugs,
Tanya Nicole Servis

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I hope everything is okay Kim! I'll be thinking about you.

Jessie in WA

Alisa said...

Praying that everything is ok.

Anonymous said...

Kim, I have been checking back frequently for an update. So sorry to hear about Karl. Bring him home and with some rest and TLC he should be feeling better real soon. We all know that you are the best at TLC and Karl is so strong! Continuing to pray for you all...until next update...stay strong!
Laura Kondo
Tampa, FL

Anonymous said...


rocketbear said...

Oh, Kim, how scary!! Tell that man to rest and take care of himself. Too many K people depending on him. He's not getting out of it that easily! ;)

Take it easy, yourself. The stress is draining. All kinds of good thoughts coming to you all.

Leeann said...

Bless his heart. I'm sorry he is so ill. I hope he gets to feeling better really soon.


Anonymous said...

Kim, Karl, and the entire K-Klan...

Sorry to hear Pappa Bear had to go to the hospital. Pneumonia,'s all hard for any patient, but when you already have asthma it's so much tougher. My mom had asthma and emphysema and it was so hard sometimes, watching her trying to get air in those lungs. My heart and thoughts are with all of you.

Kim, I had plans of calling you this morning, but ended up at the docs ourselves. This time for our dog, though. At first we worried her days were numbered but things appear better. Hard for all of us (she's part of the family), but as I told our daughter last night, with pets it not the same as humans. Since she just lost her Uncle last week that actually helped her accept that things might not be so good for the dog.

I WILL KEEP ALL OF YOU IN MY THOUGHTS TONIGHT. Sure hope the new meds are helping, and perhaps I'll call you in the morning. If I do, and you're not up to talking, I'll understand!! :)

TAKE CARE -- ALL OF YOU! Tell Karl to feel the NY (((HUGS))).


leese said...

From the description I was thinking heart attack, Kim. SO glad this is not the case. And happy he'll be coming home to his favorite "Nurse" ;->

Hugs from Joisey


Kim glad to see your update, sorry to hear things still aren't great.

Wish you didn't have to make such decisions re: insurance whether to stay in hospital or not. Here in Canada that never comes into play.

Will keep watching for your next update.
Still sending the prayers and positive energy. Hang tough!


Lauren said...

hope papa bear is ok.

Lissy said...

prayers and the like coming your way.

Mama Bear said...

Praying for Karl. My hubby has COPD and I have asthma, so not being able to breathe, we both know. Hoping Karl heals fast and feels better soon!!

God Bless~

Lisa said...

Please know your Karl is in my prayers, this must be a very frightening time for you all. Ironically I'm coming to Florida end of the week for a holiday so I wont be around then to chekc your site for a couple of weeks, but I promise Karl will be prayed for every day and I'll check your site the hour I get back. Love and prayers.


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