Sunday, April 20, 2008

Alona and Adriana

I only had them for about an hour today, but trust me..between the both of those girls, Kody, Kolin and I were tired....these two have alot of energy, I am talking ALOT of energy. :0)

This is pretty much all Boo does anymore...gnaws on just about everything. :0)
No teeth yet though, we're waiting for her's to pop out and for Kolin to stop losing his...LOL!!

It was a pretty good day today.
Kody is feeling much, much better.
He and Kolin wanted to take the day to themselves and just they spent half the day shooting bb's at aluminum pie pans that Karlio hung up in the backyard {I'll have to get some pix of that tomorrow} and the other half playing video games.

Thanks for stopping by tonight.
Till tomorrow...have a great night!

Oh...and don't forget, Wisteria Lane is lookin' pretty juicey tonight. ;0)

Love, Kim

PS. No signs of Roadkill yet. :0(

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great pics of the grands! :) Glad to hear Kody is doing better, but too bad Roadkill is still hanging out somewhere.

Without going into a lot (I don't want to take away from your page!), my brother and his family could use some prayers. I have a feeling this is going to be a very rough (BAD) week. Things did not go well last night or today...



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