Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kody's Work Day Part Two

Supermodeling in Florida=Sweating while looking hot...but not sweaty hot, just cool hot. :0)

Two is all I had time to work on...but I'll try to get more up later on.
See that kickin' window in the bottom pic.?
I love...totally love that window and the best part is all we have to do is walk on over to the lot next door to get to it. There's plans on tearing that building down and I know the rest of the street thinks it's an eyesore but secretly, I hope they never take it down.
Is it weird to love a broken down, ugly building that much? LOL!!

Not much going on today. It's that time again where the streets of downtown Leesburg are rumbling with motorcycles.
This year at Leesburg Bikefest, they are expecting 300,000 bikes...yeppers, three hundred thousand in our lil' ole town, can you believe it?
It's gotten so big that it's nearly impossible to bring kids and enjoy yourself...mostly because it's so crowded, stinky hot and noisy.
So....we're just staying put here at home till it's over on Sunday. can be dangerous constantly getting around packs of bikes on the road.
Last year there were a few bad wrecks and I just hope nobody gets hurt this year.

Here's a photo of Main St., which is where all the action is happening. That's Kolin in that photo..I don't think I ever got to showing it to you.

Excuse the green..I've been in a X-Process kind of mood, nope, Main St. isn't really gren at all. :0)

Welp my friends..I really have to jump off and get things done while it's still cool enough to.

Have an awesome day today!!

Love, Kim

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acutescrubnurse said...

Love the pics of the boys!! They are so photogenic...hope all is well with you all.
Take care!


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