Saturday, May 31, 2008

Long Distance Plumbing....

Thank you to Karlio for taking me to the best and uncrowded {just us and one other family} sweet spot, {about one minute from our home} for getting these photos this evening of the space shuttle delivering those long awaited toilet parts.

And because Buzz Lightyear was on board, and because Buzz Lightyear just happens to be Kody, Kolin's, Karl's {Kaysha hearts Nemo} and my favorite Disney guy, I'll leave ya'all with this....

"To Infinity...And Beyond!"

Now...will somebody please explain why only one bathroom in that huge, honkin' shuttle?
What were they thinking??!!

Have a great night everyone!!

Love, Kim

One On One With Kolin, An Exclusive Interview With A Boy Called "Wild Man"

Uncensored and keeping it real...prepare yourselves!! LOL!!!!
Here it is...enjoy!!

M: Hi Kolin!
K: ‘S Up?

M: How are you today, Sweetie?
K: Oh 50/50

M: 50/50, what does that mean?
K: That means kind of a good day and kind of a bad day.

M: Really? What happened that was so bad?
K: Everyone said I was a bad kicker, which I am not!

M: What? How dare they! I know you’re the best kicker in your school! Who do I need to call!
K: Calm down Mom, I’ll be fine.

M: Oh, OK. So what happened that was good?
K: Everyone in my class passed their math test, including me.

M: Seriously? That’s awesome!
K: I know.

M: So, schools out in five days. How does that make you feel?
K: Happy

M: Would you like to tell us about your favorite subject?
K: Science…love it.

M: What about school lunches, are they any good?
K: No, not really. Well, except for the cheeseburgers but they hardly have them anymore. I saw the lunch food delivery guys truck today so I don’t know why we can’t get a cheeseburger.

M: I understand your class is kicking kick balls butt. What position do you play on your team?
K: First base and outfield. I don’t like the outfield because nobody can kick that far, except me.

M: Any plans for the summer?
K: I want to visit New York, play the guitar and I’m going to try and collect all the mini wrestlers. I’m missing three more sets.

M: If you could be a soda, what flavor would you be?
K: Mountain Dew Revolution

M: Why’s that?
K: Because I am Mountain Dew’s biggest fan and after every sip it’s like a “WOW” feeling.

M: So, the world wants to know…do you have a girlfriend?
K: I have ex’s….24 of them.

M: You little Dawg!
K: Don't be hatin'

M: Who’s your favorite, Me or Daddy?
K: Huh?

M: Nevermind.
K: Thanks

M: What do you like to do on the weekends?
K: I like to wrestle on the trampoline. Sometimes Kaysha hangs out with me and we dress up like gangstas. She’s Flava Flave and I’m T-Pain.

M: What would you like to be when you grown up?
K: Besides a martial artist, I want to join Pop Warner football.

M: So, your 10 now but will be the big 11-teen in August. What do you feel about being and official “tween”?
K: Well, life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get.

M: How many times a day do you think about karate?
K: 95% of my day I think about karate, the other 5% I think about passing math.

M: How about you think about that much?
K: All night long.

M: How about ice cream?
K: I think about Cool Whip.

M: How about girls, do you ever think about girls?
K: 100% of my day and night!

M: What would you like people to know about you?
K: I love ta-ta’s. I love egg sandwiches. Kaysha is my favorite sister.

M: What is your favorite joke?
K: What does Flavor Flave say when two houses fell on him?

“Get Off Me Homes!!!”

M: Well Kolin, that concludes our interview today..thank you.
K: Oh no, thank YOU for the brownie and soda. Can we do this again one day, it was fun.

M: You bet Baby!
K: Thanks Mom, can I go now?

M: Your outta here…

And with that, all I saw was the back of his butt flying away to do whatever boys do after school..oh wait, I know what boys do..they climb on things.

Kolin doesn't go around fences...her goes over them.

What interview would be complete without a mini shoot...

**A Trivia Fact About Kolin**

When Kolin spars..and he spars alot, mostly with people much older and bigger then him..this is the face you see when you stares you down, right at that 1 second before it's rumble time.

I've been told this is the last thing you see before his right foot comes up and over into a powerful hook kick to the jaw or head, which pretty much ends the fight, every time.
FYI..he would never, ever try that with anyone smaller, younger or inexperienced.
I'm telling ya, he has got that Bruce Lee stare going on big time.
You would not believe how much power and swiftness he has, and at only 10 years old, 4'11" and 92 pounds.
Last night he took on a 20 something year old firefighter, who, I kind of have a feeling, thought he was wasting his time being partnered with a kid so young and so small.
The session lasted all of 30 seconds, if that.
Guess who came out the winner? :0)
That boy is a beast!

Have an awesome day everyone!!!

Love, Kim

Friday, May 30, 2008

Five More Days Of School Left!

Do ya'all think he's just a little excited? :0) about your cheesy, eye closing smile...that boys got it going on!!

Tomorrow I'll post Kolin's first official interview ever. It'll be sure to make you spit that morning coffee on the let this be a warning.
Remember..the last of the litters tend to be the funniest. :0)

Have a great night everyone...

Love, Kim

Batman Brownies and A Very Quick Update

**Edit About The $6.00 Phone Service**

OK, I am such a double dork about explaining things.
We have Comcast internet and cable TV {basic extended..which means no HBO or anything like that, but we wouldn't use those channels no big deal}
Comcast offered us a package deal which included adding two phone lines.
They brought down our internet fee by $10.00 and another $10.00 off on cable and included the new phone service for an additional $6.00 per month....just for using Comcast for all three features, computer, TV and phone.
So..all in all, this not only saves us about $50.00 a month but we get billed for everything in one bill...which should reduce my mile high paper piles considerably..I hope.

Anywho' took 15 minutes for the Comcast guy to install and explain and we're good to go!! YAY us!!!!!

Hope that's a better explanation..cuz if anyone knows where I can get internet, phone and cable for $6.00...send them my way. :0)

And if anyone can find me some cheap gas...I'll make them some brownies and do their laundry.



We made these yesterday and let me tell ya Dahling....they were delish, especially topped with a big ole' shnocker of "Cool Whip". :0)

I'll have to make this fast today as the Comcast dude should be here soon to install our phone.
The number stays the same but our phone bill, if you can believe this, combined with Comcast cable and internet will come down to $6.00 a long distance and 12 other features I'll never use because I seriously don't know how too.
I remember rotary phones..why would I care anyway? :0)

Coming later on...
A one on one exclusive interview with the one and only...


Yes my friends, he sat down long enough to grant me his first ever, but not the last interview!!
How did I get him to stay put and answer a few semi personal questions, you may ask?

Those there brownies and a Mountain Dew did just the trick!!!

I've got Adri here today too, so my next update may not come until later on this afternoon...when the lil' Coppertop is napping.
I made my first ever I have got to get her to try it on and model..LOL..that ought to be fun, get her stay still for 2 seconds without help, what am I thinking.
Hmmmmm...maybe I'll wait for the kids to get home.
OK..I better get going so I can unravel some of the hundred's of wires that live underneath my computer desk...oh yeah, and vacuum up those dust dinosaurs too. :0/

Have an awesome day everyone!!!!!

Love, Kim

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Inspired By P-Dub

I've never known anyone in my life that make make a cow look so insanely a rugged sort of way like P-Dub can.
I've never actually met a cow, or petted a cow, or looked closely into a cow's eyes...or any barnyard animal for that matter.
As a kid growing up, I had horses. I'll bet ya'all never knew that bit of trivia till now.
Yeppers..the Starbucks Queen of Florida had horses, and was in shows and rodeos too.

There was Clover, my first, a jet black quarter horse..who got kicked in the head by another horse and was never the same.
Then there was White Cloud, adoringly named after the toilet paper, whom we kept in her own barn inside of a corral our huge backyard in NY.
She was so sweet...but sadly, one freezing cold day in January, she got the dreaded colic and passed away a few days later, in my arms.
It was the saddest day of that 12 year old tomboy's life and I thought I was going to die of a broken heart myself that day.

Soon after, along came Star..who's name I lengthened to "My Wishing Star".
She was a pretty strawberry roan colored Arabian filly and she was skinny...and mean..but I wanted her anyway, cuz I just knew, given time, we'd bond.
I didn't know, until after she became mine, that she was beaten by her previous owner with a 2x4 and only fed corn cobs and stale bread.
Poor thing.
But...she fattened up fast and after one whole month solid of sitting outside of her stall and reading "The Black Stallion" series to her...we became BFFL's.

While most 13 to 17 year olds had friends, malls, and movies in mind..I spent everyday with Star. Riding through the woods, teaching her how to run around barrels like some kind of ranch horse, spoiling her with apples and carrots, just spending time hangin' like BFFL's do.

I had this evil little plan when boys started crossing the mind.
I'd date them...but they were really serious..they had to ride Star and stay on board for at least 5 minutes.
Star did not like men in any way, shape or form...but only I knew this. {insert evil laugh}
So, these boys I liked..they'd say "OK", then climb through the fence and straight out, Star would give them the ole' a$$ and pull that back leg up to kick a body or two.
Nobody ever volunteered to ride her, can you believe it?

When I was 17, along came Karl. Cool dude, horse lover himself, and he had seriousness in mind.
Soooo....I took him on a little field trip to "The Barn" and introduced him to my BFFL, Star.
Then I gave him the rules and the rundown and he agreed to the terms.
The very next day he showed up..ready to rumble with a PMS-y horse named "Star".
His younger brother showed up a huge car, I have no idea what kind but let's just call it a was 1980..all cars were boats.

I saddled that horse up, whispered a little "Give him hell, baby" in her ear and handed over the reins.
Welp...that guy of mine...he got on and Star bolted and bucked and twisted and turned...she did anything she could to get him off and only because the saddle broke right off her back, did he go flying off and landed right on his back with Star, butt turned to him, about to give him a kick in the ole' noggin'.
He rolled, she spooked and then she did the unimaginable....she broke loose, jumped the fence and ran down the street.
I screamed and Karl ran like the wind to go catch her...his brother following in his car/boat....high speed like and all.
About 20 or so minutes later...he came back with my baby, he lost glasses and walked with a bad limp.
When I asked if Star hurt him that bad...he said "No...she didn't hurt me at brother hit me with the car and I just rolled off the hood!!!"

And all I could think of was...

"And he lived to tell me about it...damn that's HOT!!!!!"

And with that, Karlio was a keeper and although he helped me raise that horse..he never attempted to get on her back again.

So what ever became of Star you may ask?

Welp...when I was 18 I had my first kiddo we nicknamed KK.
Trying to raise and afford a new baby left very little mulaa in the bank and one day when KK was about a year old, I had to regrettably give her away.
The happy part of that was that she was going to a beautiful farm in the country with a loving family who promised me that she would never be ridden and would live out the rest of her days on their farm, hanging with some fellow horsey homies and eating real good food.

We'd go there every weekend and visit her..feed her apples and carrots through the fence and she knew that no matter what, she and I would be BFFL's forever.
Soon we had another baby, and then another and life became crazy and visits became more infrequent.
She was still in my heart though..everyday.

When Kyle James was about 3, I took a job working in a beautiful office, in a town called Mt. Kisco and everyday I would travel down the Taconic State Parkway and pass by that barn and I'd see Star outside hanging with her homegirls, looking fat and happy.
One winter day I noticed how her thick winter coat had turned gray...and it occurred to me that Star wasn't a young chick anymore.

That summer I got preggers with Kaysha and when the morning sickness from hell lasted all day and all night and just about killed me..I left my job to be a SAHM once again.
A couple of months after Kaysha was born, Karlio took a job in Scarsdale, NY and he would drive that same road and see Star everyday.

With the craziness of having 4 kids, we still thought of Star daily...but asking about her and if he'd seen her became extinct.
One day Karl stopped seeing her and it wasn't until 6 months later or so when he finally admitted to me that he hadn't seen her at all in a long time.
Without even saying anything..we both knew, in our hearts that Star had left us, forever.
Sad as I was...I was happy for her, because I knew, without a doubt, that she died happy and taken care of. As her new owners promised..she was never ridden or made to work in any way.
She was loved, she was fed, she had friends and I know that she knew she always had my heart.

Anywhos....this has nothing to do with cows...and I totally got off track..

So.....without any further ado...may I introduce to you, some cows that I was sooooo giddy happy to find last weekend, at the golf range, who allowed me to snap a quick pic.

This is for you P-Dub!!
Aren't they beautiful, happy and serene...couldn't you just walk up and pet one?
Well, as much as I would have loved too..there were a few things stopping me.
Golf balls...those cows were across the way from where peeps of all ages, from my own young un's to the more older folks who were whackin' those balls miles.
Unless I wanted to suffer some serious golf ball related head trauma, I had better stick on a nice telephoto lens and stay way I did.

When I walked away..I swear this is what I am completely sure that I heard... this normal cow talk?????

Have a beautiful day everyone!!!!

Love, Kim

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Check Out This Red...Thing....

I wish I was more of a knowledgeable flower person...I have no idea what this is but Karl found a bunch of them growing at the edge of the woods, on some side, dirt road yesterday a few blocks from us.
He came home and said the three most romantic words on earth...

"Get the camera"


Then he said "I found this thing that is so cool, you have to see it"

So.....we went and cool it sure was. What it is, welp, that still remains a mystery to us.

Kolin calls it the "Crab Leg Plant" because he swears it looks like king crab legs..he does have a good point, and a good imagination.

See those pointy things? They are razor me, we know all about that now. :0/

I wish I had gotten a more in focus shot of this close up...this one is just super cropped out of one of the above pic's.
Note to self...go back there today and try again.
Note to Karl...just another reason why macro lenses are a life necessity. ;0)

Whatever it is, in the 10 years we've lived here..I've never seen such a thing before.
Then again..I don't get out much, seriously. :0(

Yesterday was a pretty OK kind of day.
Today is fixin' to be better....I hope.

Kody went off to school this morning, but still had a headache. Not as bad as yesterday but he did tell me when he woke up, his head wasn't on his three pillows. The thing with Kody is..he has got to have his head propped up to sleep or it's a guarantee that he will be miserable the next morning because of the CSF {cerebral spinal fluid} which drains perfectly fine when his head is propped up because of his shunt..but doesn't do as well when his head is flat {think gravity}.

I got the written reports back from the neuroradiologist yesterday and indeed there is still a 14mm x 14mm mass on his brainstem.
In addition to that, the lumbar spine results, which kind of confused me until I talked to a friends Grammpa on the phone last night who knows a thing or two about the spine.

This is exactly what the end of the report said {the rest would take me all morning to type up and I'm not fixin' to do that..LOL!!}..

Mild degenerative disc disease noted at the L4-L5 level with disc desiccation and mild circumferential disc bulge. There is a mild bilateral inferior neutral foraminal encroachment noted without disc protrusion or central canal stenosis."

So..from what I think I understand is that he has something going on in his lower back that should be painful, but he has never complained about any pain there.
Which leaves me baffled once again...which is so easy to do anyway.
I'm sure the new doc's out there in Orlando will tell us more.

I was recently asked how Kody is about learning that his tumor is still there.
I have to honestly say that we haven't told him, or Kolin either.
He also doesn't know about the spine thing.
In our opinion....
We thought about all the major accomplishments he's made after finding out the tumor was gone.
Becoming a black belt this past January made his whole life journey soar.
He became happier, healthier and definitely the most popular kid in middle school.
He made student of the year {REACH Award} in the 6th grade.
Other then his occasional headaches, he never, ever complains.
For is good and until the day comes when we absolutely have to tell him, we going to continue to let him believe that he can accomplish anything he puts his mind too.
There is no reason that we can think of that's good enough to break that boys spirit. :0)

Welp my friends..I really have to jump off for now. So many things to do before the hellians get home.
It's Wednesday and in Florida get out early on Wednesdays.

Have a beautiful day everyone!!

Love, Kim

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

That Damn Red Chair

Yeppers..."That Damn Red Chair" is what everyone in this family is calling my kick butt, red, slightly ugly, but in my eyes beautifully photogenic, fabulous red $5.00 chair.
When I drag it out...they know one of them will be called out on it.

I love the way one chair can have two completely different effects from...

Bright and Cheerful......

To Slightly Gothic...

You know, I think I just realized why that chair and I have bonded so well.
Hitting that middle age, pre-menopausal mark has made me a little on the moody/cranky/psycho/fun to be around/temperamental/clumsy/silly/bitchy side too.
Seriosuly, I can go from bright and cheerful to GRRRRRRRR in 0.3 seconds too.
Go me!!

Girl young uns' out there...beware, this will happen to you too one me. :0(
Boy young uns'...learn now how to nod your head and smile alot, learning how to say "Yes, of course your right" couldn't hurt either.

Have a great day everyone!!

Kody's home with a bummer of a super sized headache, eye rolling up and a bit on the unbalanced side.
He's medicated and in slumber city so I better get some things done while I still can.

Love, Kim

Butterfly Beauty

This beautiful butterfly kept perching itself on the kids golf balls the other day...making me scream "Don't hit that ball!!!' and making them roll their eyes while swooshing it away...just to have it come back again. LOL!!

Crazy butterfly...
She fits right in with this family. :0)


Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

What's better then ending the day with an original "Bomb Pop"?

Nothing!! :0)

Hope your Memorial Day was a good one!!

Love, Kim


Prayers being sent from our family to yours to all those who have been effected by the recent tornado activity.
We are here for you....

Love, The Entire Cast of The "K" Family

The Bench

One of the many things in life that I absolutely love are empty benches...especially when those empty benches are sitting next to a huge, old, mossy oak tree.

I found this one on Saturday in Wildwood, FL...

Something about those benches just tells a story...I may have to make a more frequent habit of scoping out some more of those benches.

Later Gators!!

Love, Kim

Painted Toes, Polka Dots and Strawberry Ice Cream

Good Monday morning everyone!!
We're just going to be chillin' today and I have got to finish up a hat order for mailing tomorrow {Dana...cute stuff heading your way!!}

KK went back to NY real early this morning {Karl and Kaysha did that 3:30 AM road trip} and she called just a few minutes ago to say she was back in NY.
Crazy thing is, yesterday, I heard her say she wished she didn't have to go back...I'm thinking time with the sib's and nieces plus her Dad's constant cooking for her is a way huge dose of homesickness.
Maybe one day...

Anywhos..we fit in alot of small stuff to do, which is why I wasn't on here too much.
I have alot..I'm talking ALOT of pic's to sort through so it might take me the rest of the week to get them up.

Saturday we went out to the golf range...which is something that the kids love and to find a shady spot and watch.
I'm not a golfer....I'm a Starbucker.

I took this on Saturday when Alona tripped on a golf ball and wanted me to take a picture of her "boo-boo" to show her Mom.
The little pink flip-flops just kill me. :0)

One of Adri because that little polka dot outfit kills me too {I really LOVE polka dots!}...

These snaps were from a couple of weekends ago when I took the boys out for some ice cream at our favorite little ice cream place conveniently located right next to Joanne's Fabrics in Tavares. ;0)
Doesn't that mosaic table rock?

That's about it for now so I better get going.
Have a beautiful Memorial Day everyone..I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again today. :0)

Love, Kim

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bubbles And A Busy Fun Day

Today was non-stop...trying to squeeze in alot of activities while KK is here. Add Alona into the mixture and it was definitely a fun but busy day. :0)
I'll be posting pic's as I can..just not tonight because right about now all I want to see is the "Style" channel and a cushy queen sized bed. LOL!!

The boys were out playing around with some bubbles tonight...there are not the best pic's, but I sure do love bubbles.

Bubble explosion...

Have a great night everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS. I forgot to tell ya'all that yesterday I heard back from Kody's new neurosurgeon and we have an appt. to see him with all our MRI films on June 19th at 2 o.clock.
These new doc's are just blowing me away with their efficiency and professionalism. :0)

Guess What Strawberry Shortcake Did Yesterday?

Stood up....

Let go......

Looked right at me......

And took her very first step!!!!!!

Then, she got all excited and threw herself into my arms. :0)

"Don't hate me because I am beautiful Dahling"

And she only just turned 9 months old a few days ago {the 20th}. WOO-WHEEEY, we are in for it!! LOL!!

Have a great morning everyone!!

Love, Kim

Friday, May 23, 2008

Kody's MRI Results and Other Things To Chat About

Good Morning!!!!

OK, so I again apologize for not getting back on last night.
Karl and I had a date.
Yes..a date, can you believe it?

This is what we did...

We drove to Orlando airport to pick up our oldest kiddo who was coming in from NY for a few days.

A date, in our world, involves anytime we can actually be alone...and we were, for a good hour and 15 minutes.
We shared Dr. Pepper and lemon cookies.
We talked about my new spider bite, his bosses not so bright friend who is getting married for the 4th time in Key West this weekend and how they want to kidnap him and knock some sense into him before he walks down the aisle of doom again.

**That was a joke...seriously**

We chatted about my lack of direction, his fine looking arms, how two complete opposites ever found each other in the first place, who gets to go first on the escalator so the lower end person can check out the upper end person's view, if you know what I mean {I won}.
We estimated how much we spend on tolls and realized a Sunpass {or whatever those things are called} who be a good way to go if we keep having to make endless trips to Orlando and we had ourselves a friendly argument on how badly each other had to pee {he won}.

And then we were there..just like that, thank goodness..because we really had to go, if you know what I mean.
It was a great date and early Monday morning we get to do it all over again..if I happen to wake up, because that is a 3 AM trip..and I'm just not into that. :0/ thing lead to another last night and after ice cream cone sugar highs for all the little hellians, I finally wrestled them into bed and passed out myself. I am this morning all ready for the day to start all over again. YAY!!

Now...on with Kody's MRI results.

The Neuro. Radiologist read through 4 years of MRI scans and his current ones he just had done. What a cool guy, huh?
He reading s went a little like this...

Kody still does have a tumor in there {on his brainstem} but it is unchanged since his last MRI in 2006.
His spinal scans are completely 100% signs of tumor activity anywhere....Amen to that!

So...we will go back to the neurosurgeon and neurology with all the old and new scans and we'll sit here everyday trying to figure out why in the world we were told last August that Kody is tumor free, when actually the radiologist said it was very clear on the scans that there is a tumor in there and lots of scar tissue too. Tumors and scar tissue look different and can't be mistaken for the other.

I wonder if anyone at Shands really took the time to look at Kody's scans. :0(
The radiologist that we just used certainly did. He took a lot of time out of his day to sit there and go through every single 4 years worth and really, really compare them.

I called to schedule an appt. with the neurosurgeon {in Orlando} and apparently the office was closed for the weekend.
So..I really won't know when we can get him back there until next week.
With school ending on June 6th and the neuro appt. right before, then Camp Boggy Creek starting on the 10th....we won't have him back until after camp has ended.

Everything else here just continues to roll along, some days good...some days not so good, but I've got to learn again how to "just keep swimming/breathe in-breathe out/one day at a time/this too shall pass".

Because I would feel horrible if I didn't leave you with at least a smile or a little's the only photo I was able to get with Adri on that new kickin' chair I got last week..

"So, you want me to sit..well Gramma..well sit on this cuz this Coppertop doesn't do sitting anymore!"

Yeppers..she 's a difficult one these days. :0)

Have a beautiful day everyone!!!!!!

Love, Kim

Thursday, May 22, 2008

When Rednecks Golf Ranges/Pool Tarps Go Wild

Some of you may remember my talking about our homemade golfing range that Karl put up for the kids, in our backyard, when they suddenly got this crazy urge to love the game of golf.
Well..maybe not the "game", but they sure do love to whack to heck outta those golf balls and send them flying....over the fence..never to be seen again.
The young uns' had no concept on what an expensive habit whacking balls over fences can be. an effort to make his little hellians happy and keep a few more dollars in his back pocket, Karl rigged up an old pool cover/tarp on a pretty thick wire, with clips, facing that same backyard fence, and let his kids go ballistic hammering golf balls outta the park a/k/a our backyard.

Since hurricane season is knocking at our door and should be here very soon, it's been quite breezy lately.
The kids love to play outside when it's helps to keep some of the heat off.

One day, last week, they were all out happily playing when suddenly a gust of wind came.
Now...I have often wondered if that pool tarp has had issues being demoted to "Redneck Golf Range". It once proudly protected a sweet looking, mighty big, wonderful 27 foot pool that we used to have {before hurricane whoever decided to crush it's beautiful blue/gray walls one summer afternoon a few years ago}.
It never did look happy being pelted with golf balls and soccer balls {which we now insist on due to the broken kitchen window Mom's Day gift I received this year}.

One day last week we realized just how moody that pool tarp can be when, in less then 25 seconds, it went from being a mild mannered kids toy into...

The Blob........EEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!

"Ya know, I'm getting a little tired of the everyday golf ball beat down"

"I am a mighty pool tarp, proud, strong and brave..witness my mighty wrinkly vinyl fabric"

"And now, my best act ever, what rednecks and fellow pool tarps around the world will always remember me as..."

"Watch me as I......

As I.....................

As I............................................

"Eat the little golf ball whackin' Hellians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I will get you next time big kid with the black t-shirt..that is a promise...MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS. Kody's MRI results from the neuro. radiologist came in last night. I'll post that in a separate post today.
I have a few calls to make right now to set up some appt's.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kody's R.E.A.C.H. Award

Sorry I didn't get back on yesterday, Comcast has been working and then not working since last night.
It finally just came back on a little bit ago so I figured I had better get my butt on here quickly before it toots back out again.

First though..

Mom..I got you message. I will call you back. Promise! BTW, did you know that your call came through at 9:29 AM? Get it? 929, Sept. 29..your babies b-day?
How cool!!

Sheila..I can't believe I missed your call!! Darn it!!!
We were at Kody's awards I'm forgiven, right? :0)
I got the voicemail about 10 o'clock last night during that little window of Comcast working. {when the Internet goes out, our phone does too}. It was so cool to put a voice to the messages. LOL!!

OK..on with the update...

Yesterday, in the midst of the craziness that only comes with living here, I completely forgot about an invitation to an awards ceremony that Kody brought home a week ago. I was busy vacuuming {seriously..I was, no jole this time..LOL!!}, I had just shut the vacuum off to hear the phone ringing. It was Kody saying "Mom, you didn't forget about the awards ceremony, did you?"
So..I said "Oh..of course not..when is it again?"
Kody: "In about 40 minutes forgot, didn't ya?"
Me: "Ummm..yeah".

So, I get off with him, call Karl at work and say "Hey, did you forget that today is the awards thing for Bear?"
Karl: "!*%#!@*"

And so he came home, scooped me up and off we went to Kody's school.

Welp, we sat there throughout the whole ceremony, as names were being called alphabetically and we were pretty much on edge as the list of "K" names came..and then they were gone and our Bear did not get called.

And so we figured.."Well, this is crazy". Even crazier is that kids were walking away with paper certificates for small medals for things like perfect attendance, Honor Roll all year, best all over grades, and Karl and I were like "Well heck, Kody isn't any of why are we here?"

The last two awards were these gorgeous engraved plaques.
One was for the 6th grader with the best GPA...pretty much the valedictorian of the 6th grade.
That's not Kody..bless his heart.

The other was for something called "R.E.A.C.H.", which was something we had never heard of, but it sounded important.
To receive the REACH award, you have to be nominated by the 6th grade teachers team.
It's basically the "Student of the Year" award for the 6th graders.

When his principal called his name to receive that award,
I darn near fell off my chair.
Then I said "OMG Kody that's you!"
Then I watched him walk up the stairs.
Then I stood up to see him get his plaque.
Then I snapped a quick photo.
Then I cried.
Then I heard 100's of people clapping.
Then I hugged him.
Then I turned and saw Karl wipe his own eyes.
Then I lost my balance and did fall off my chair.

That's our Bear...200% all the time or nothing at all.
Which, I truly believe is why he is the survivor that he is.

BTW...I just need to clear this up, had I have remembered and knew that he was receiving such a prestigious honor..I would have never let him pick out his own clothes yesterday. :0/

BTW again...yes, that's a type-o on the plaque. It says 8th grade. It's supposed to say 6th grade. They took they plaque back today to have it redone.
Truth be told, I was so excited that his first and last names were spelled right, I didn't even see the 8th grade type-o until Kody pointed it out.
In our family...when that last name is spelled correctly, it's a reason to get all giddy, warm and fuzzy too.

Have a beautiful day everyone!!!
Love, Kim

PS. From My Heart To Your Head has been updated again. :0)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kody's FINE...OMG, I DIdn't Mean To Make Ya'All Worry!!

I am so, sooo sorry!!

We don't have Kody's MRI results back yet, so yeppers..I still worry about that alot.
But, no, actually, it's another kid that's got me down in the dumps.

SIGH...nobody ever said being a Mom was easy.

Speaking of Kody {who is blisfully sound asleep as I type this!}....he accomplished something sooooo totally AWESOME at school today!!
I have to upload the pic's off the camera so I can show you..I'll do it later, because right now I have to run out and collect Kolin from school.

Let's just say....

I am soooooo darn proud of my {and yours too!!} Bear. :0)

Thank you everyone for being has been a draining past couple of weeks.
Something yesterday just made me temporary lose it..but I'm back, and I'll be OK, and I did it all without a Frappachino....Ummm, maybe there is something wrong with me? LOL!!

Love You ALL!!!


Hmmmm, I can't leave with at least one photo, right?

Here you go..

"Little Miss Coppertop"...check out her "ink"!! :0)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Feeling Blue......

Not a great day. I will post again tomorrow, sorry. Lots on my mind that I know very few people know about.

***CJ...thank you, just because***

This song was sent via someone I love from someone I it took me for a loop today.

Love, Kim

PS...No, it has nothing to do with Karl. :0)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Girls and Hats

Yesterday Alona and Adriana came over for a little bit.

Dang those two have some energy...heck, even Kolin tired out chasing after them. :0)

Alona is more my "Princess G-Baby". She runs in, jumps on me, hugs the stufin's outta me, perches her hands on her hips and then says "So..where's all my new hats Gramma?"
Alona loves..loves..loves to play dress up. Soooo...with that, I have to have at least two or three new hats for her to dress up in. Seriously...she will wear them all day long.

Here's just a few of the 30 or so pictures she posed for yesterday...

This one isn't even finished yet..but she wanted to try it out anyway..

Here's a few things about Alona that you may not may not want to know or you may just listen to me go on and on just to...

1. Humor me.
2. Shut me up.
3. Give you something to roll your eyes at.
4. Tell me to get a life.

Alona is going into the first grade go girl!
She can read chapter books..not first readers or second readers..I'm talking chapter books. She's a genius. :0)
She is super..SUPER sensitive.
She's a professional tattle tailer....has been for about two years now.
She is Hanna Montana's biggest fan.
She's going to be 6 years old next month and wants a Hanna Montana b-day party.
She's beeen calling me "Grammy" lately..I have no idea why.
Her favorite color is pink but when she's with me she tells me it's "Purple..just like you Grammy".
She just had her very first ever "Field Day" in school...and she happily reported to me that "My girls team on the rope pulling thing won the boys team...Girl Power, right Grammy?"
Rope pulling thing = Tug of War.

Here she is on Friday afternoon when she had just gotten here after an entire, sweaty, chocolate milk spilling {see it on her leg...she was sooo upset about some boy who spilled his chocolate milk on her leg and new FD t-shirt..LOL!!} field day...

She's a riot that little girl is, she's a keeper too...we just love the stuffins' outta her.

A little later on {or possibly tomorrow if I run out of time} I'll show you Adri's hat day. Oh Lordie...that child is turning into a non hat wearing, my way or the highway, rebel, firecracker if I ever saw one. :0)

Have a beautiful Sunday everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS. Erin..I'll e-mail you. :0)

PPSS. Kody's last MRI, his lower spine one is at 9 AM tomorrow morning.

PPPSSS. The chair is an orange/red and I LOVE IT MORE EVERYDAY!!!
Now, if Miss Priss Kaysha would just put on something kick the black & red corset I know she has...we could get some rockin' photos with that chair. :0)

PPPSSSS. I hope Kaysha reads this. ;0)


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