Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bear's Update.........

Sorry it took so long to get on here and update, we literally just walked in the door from karate's been a mad busy day all day.


We met with Dr. Gegg, who was really awesome. He totaally reminded me of "Dr. Oz", from Oprah.
Since we didn't have Kody's last films {MRI scans} and reports with us {because Shands didn't send them {although we were on them to send them to us for about two weeks}, he didn't have anything to physically look at and nothing to compare anything to.
So...we talked about Kody's unique medical history, past surgeries and his current problems with his failing voice.

Firstly....he was very impressed with how healthy Kody looks, how in shape and strong he is and how he is solid muscle with just about no body fat.
He gave us a referral to have an MRI of his brain and spine done and we're working together to get those films and records from Shands from last AUgust, when he had his last MRI and shunt series.
We'll go back and see Dr. Gegg in about two weeks or so.

He did think that the Nemours neurologist, Dr. Barr, which we'll see in June, will have a better answer to give us about his voice...but he did feel that it was a very good possibility that the scar tissue in Kody's brain, from all his surgeries could be touching the part of his brain that controls his voice.
If this turns out to be the case...he will most likely have to live with his voice for the rest of his life. Surgery to cut through the scar tissue {which would be like blasting through rocks} wouldn't be much of an option.
Plus...Kody has always had a tough time with waking up after any surgery would have be a last resort option anyway.

Since his voice very well could get worse, Dr. G advised us to start scoping out speech therapy and so first thing tomorrow after I make that MRI appt. {which luckily we can do right here in town} I'll be placing a call to his primary Doctor for a place to take him for SP.

All in all the appt. went great.
We were seen quickly, we were treated awesome, we were given a chance to sit and talk about all of our concerns, we were given answers to all of our questions and we were not rushed out of there by any means.

Thank you so much for all the prayers, positive vibes and well wishes...what would we ever do without ya'all? :0)

Welp my friends...this Mama is kind of on the tired I'll leave you all for now, but I'll be back tomorrow with the answer to...

"What in the world is in that strange looking alien pod anyway????"

Love ya'all!!



Anonymous said...

don't forget to check the schools for speech therapy, by law, they have to provide it if it is necessary.

Anonymous said...

So glad you liked the docs, staff, etc. today. That sure does help. We always feel the same way at our son's endocronologist. They sure don't rush us. And that means they don't rush anyone else before us so sometimes we have to sit and wait for our "appointment" for 45-60 minutes!! We think we should start getting the first appointment of the day! :O) Sure am glad they are helping with getting the films, and moving things along. I hope the SP will help!!! You guys must be winding down for the end of the school year, right?

Can't wait to see if my B-o-P (pod) answer was right! :)


Sarah said...

Glad to hear the appt. went well!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning K. Family,
I am so happy this new doctor is on top of things and looking for answers. I have no idea what the pod might be other than some creepy, crawly critter lol. Have a good day!
Love, blessings and tons of hugs,
Tanya Nicole Servis


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