Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sweet...It's Saturday!

Ever have one of those weeks where Saturday seems like it'll never get here?
It was one of those weeks.

Except for Karl and Kolin who are always up with the sun...the rest of us got a chance to laze out this morning.
It was.......AWESOME!'s that time of day when things start to get hectic so I thought I'd drop by to tell you all "HI!" this morning, while it is still morning. :0)

Nothing too much going on....Karl's already got a 14 pound turkey in the smoker...but we won't be eatin' it till tomorrow.
Word of advice...smoked meat is always better the next day when it cools down and gets warmed back up again.

Kody's chillin', listening to his music.
Kolin just headed outside with his wrestling belt over his shoulder.
Kaysha is coloring her hair pink.
Karl's at work.
I'm about to knit up about 4 hats while it's quiet around here.
I got a sweet, adorable, little pattern for a striped, strawberry sunhat for lil' Miss Strawberry I want to get working on that too so she can pose in it tomorrow.

The squirrels and the bluejays are looking for food, and protesting loudly as to why I am such a sunflower seed slacker today, soooo...I guess I better get going.

And because a post isn't a post without a little something to look's Kolin, doing what Kolin loves the best....

I applied an old time film grain on these so that's why they look a little on the grainy side. They weren't the best of pic' I had to do something to them. You know me...never content with what comes out of the camera. :0)
I wished would have brought the camera with me last night...that boy and Kody were kickin' some bootie.
Gawd..that Kolin has got his "hook kick" going's fast, and furious, right to the's CRAZY!
BTW....he's not allowed to use it in regular's a "knock out" kick.
In these pic's he is with his trainer, his teacher's son. Kolin can hook kick all he wants with won't get him anywhere except tired. :0)

OK....gotta run!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

Hoping your WEEKEND is better than your WEEK was...! :o)

Can't wait to see that cutie granddaughter in a Strawberry Shortcake hat!

Hoping Karl & Kody are feeling better...


Emma the Wheelchair Princess said...

Random question of the day/week/whatever. Do you know somewhere I could find a cheap or free pattern to knit a sunhat for an adult? I don't crochet although I'd love to learn. I've signed up to do a 5KM walk/race in aid of Cancer Research UK and I want to make myself some kind of funky hat to keep the sun off of me as I wheel around the course (wheelchair user!). I'm not having any luck finding any tho. Also, do you use I love it and thought you would too.

Hope the fam is feeling good and that you're having a great weekend!


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