Thursday, May 22, 2008

When Rednecks Golf Ranges/Pool Tarps Go Wild

Some of you may remember my talking about our homemade golfing range that Karl put up for the kids, in our backyard, when they suddenly got this crazy urge to love the game of golf.
Well..maybe not the "game", but they sure do love to whack to heck outta those golf balls and send them flying....over the fence..never to be seen again.
The young uns' had no concept on what an expensive habit whacking balls over fences can be. an effort to make his little hellians happy and keep a few more dollars in his back pocket, Karl rigged up an old pool cover/tarp on a pretty thick wire, with clips, facing that same backyard fence, and let his kids go ballistic hammering golf balls outta the park a/k/a our backyard.

Since hurricane season is knocking at our door and should be here very soon, it's been quite breezy lately.
The kids love to play outside when it's helps to keep some of the heat off.

One day, last week, they were all out happily playing when suddenly a gust of wind came.
Now...I have often wondered if that pool tarp has had issues being demoted to "Redneck Golf Range". It once proudly protected a sweet looking, mighty big, wonderful 27 foot pool that we used to have {before hurricane whoever decided to crush it's beautiful blue/gray walls one summer afternoon a few years ago}.
It never did look happy being pelted with golf balls and soccer balls {which we now insist on due to the broken kitchen window Mom's Day gift I received this year}.

One day last week we realized just how moody that pool tarp can be when, in less then 25 seconds, it went from being a mild mannered kids toy into...

The Blob........EEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!

"Ya know, I'm getting a little tired of the everyday golf ball beat down"

"I am a mighty pool tarp, proud, strong and brave..witness my mighty wrinkly vinyl fabric"

"And now, my best act ever, what rednecks and fellow pool tarps around the world will always remember me as..."

"Watch me as I......

As I.....................

As I............................................

"Eat the little golf ball whackin' Hellians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I will get you next time big kid with the black t-shirt..that is a promise...MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS. Kody's MRI results from the neuro. radiologist came in last night. I'll post that in a separate post today.
I have a few calls to make right now to set up some appt's.




Thanks for my morning chuckle! Your pics were so great!


Anonymous said...

Dear K. Family,
Mrs. K., you are such a riot! Your post was awesome and brought a much needed break for me as I am hard at work on a take home final exam for one of my college English classes. I am praying about those MRI results for Bear. Love, blessings, and tons of hugs,
Tanya Nicole

Anonymous said...

You're too funny! I thought for sure the wind was catching that tarp, and was amazed at how many pictures you were able to capture!! :)

Sure hoping the MRI results were okay.


Deneen said...

O.K. Kim are trying to give us a heart attack or drive me from 1 frap a day to 3? You say Kody MRI results are in, I have to set up some appts. Call me paranoid! This is after having me in tears laughing over those pictures and story. The boys and your granddaughter thought it was hilarious that the tarp swollowed them whole. Love, Hugs and Prayers Deneen
P.S. I am going to stick with the motto. No News is Good News


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