Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Smoking Turkeys and A Dad's Day Gift Advice

Last January, Karl spotted this cool smoker thing at Wal-Mart. Actually he'd been eyeballing it forever.
This day though he noticed that it was the last one in the store, a floor display, and out of curiousity he asked how much.
Well, they told him a price and then haggler that he can be....he said "Well..it is a floor display, it does have a dent, yadda..yadda...yadda.."

And don't you know it, they call a manager and take that price down a notch or two.

Needless to say, Karlio stuffed that smoker into the back of our family mini van, brought home and placed it lovingly in our screened in gazebo, right next to my Martha Stewart glass table and comfy, fluffy chairs that we picked up at a thrift store for like nothing last year.
Smokey then got tenderly hooked up to a shiney, new gas tank and has been smokin' meats ever since.
I sometimes wonder if he loves that smoker more then me?

I don't think there has been a meat I haven't had smoked since January....seriously...a man can get very addicted to this machine.
That's no joke...I mean it.

Anywho's, over the weekend we had a 14 pound smoked turkey.
This is what it looked like when it was almost done...

Golden brown, juicey inside, yummo.
It took literally all day to smoke.
The whole neighborhood smelled like smoked turkey.
We made some new friends that day....people we never knew lived on our street.
They tried to bring plates and thier immediate familes.
We said "No dice unless you bring Coors Lite too".

OK...so there is a point to this whole story.

Gals....I'm going to give you the "K" family advice on mega cool Dad's Day gifts.

Neck ties are not cool.
Cologne is not cool
Whale of a Dad ice cream cakes...LOL...they are still cool as far as I'm concerned, but they just don't last long enough.
Fishing poles, nope.
Bowling balls..don't think so.
Polo shirts, pleated pants...HA...not in this home.
Golf balls...Ummmmm, no.

Do you really want to make your man, Dad of your kiddo's, maybe even your own Dad a happy camper?
Give into his primal need to supply his family with meat..lots and lots of slow smoked meat.
Every man, whether he knows it or not has that urge...the urge to bring home the meat, dry rub it with spices, place it in the smoker, and babysit it until that perfect temp. is set and the whole street is wafting with the scent of smoked meat.
I'm pretty sure this goes way back to the cavemen {not the wimpy Geico Ins. ones}.

And, if you really want to make him feel like the king of the castle, ice up the cooler, fill it with some beverages, figure out a way to get the TV outside, hide the lawnmower and let him enjoy his day as "caveman of the day".

When Dad's Day is over and morning comes around again..that's when you break out the "Honey Do" list.
He'll be so madly in love with you from the day before...he'll take on whatever mundane chore you throw at him. ;0)

For any of you thinking about buying your man that bad boy smoker machine...here's the one we have and it is a darn good one.

Smokey Mountain Smoker From Wally World

BTW....you can probably get them from any good store that sell's grills, etc. I'm not promoting Wally, I'm just telling you where ours came from.
Though..if there is a sudden surge on sales of smokers and the whole country starts smelling of meaty smoke..I'll take the blame for that.

OK my friends....I'm off to go paint some chairs.
The migraine has left the building
There is nothing like Excedrin, a dark room, total quiet and cold washclothes.
Thank you for all the well wishes!!

Have a great day!!

Love, Kim


Leeann said...

I don't even know what a smoker is and you've about convinced me I have to have one! :-)


Anonymous said...

Gosh, I know I'm going to forget something from that long entry of yours today!! :o)

First......I literally LOL when I read about Karl being a haggler, even though the thing was already on sale. SOUNDS JUST LIKE MY HUBBY!!!! :o)

Second, I'm so glad your migraine is gone!

Third, that turkey sure looked GOOD!!!!! I had phantom smells all the way up here in NY!

Fourth, I was thinking you kinda forgot that Mom's Day comes BEFORE Dad's Day, so now that you've promoted Karl's holiday...I'm thinking maybe this was your own hint to Karl not to forget your day? NO?? :O)

Fifth (gee...I just might be remembering everything!!)...has Karl ever cooked a turkey in a (garbage) can? Seems like I remember him doing that one time? My brother used to cook them like that. You dig a pit/fire in the ground, tip a metal garbage can upside down, and roast your turkey under that can. They are SOOOO good and take like no time at all to cook. (I know, I know....Karl might not like this idea b/c his long day outside with the cooler and tv would be cut short!!)

Have a great night!


Jeff said...

That turkey looks so good! Did it taste like ham though? My mom once bought a smoked turkey for Thanksgiving years ago and if you were to close your eyes, you would think you were eating ham. Just wasn't the same. We love smoking salmon, but it would never fit a turkey, so that might be a good father's day gift for sure!

peg said...

I am guessing a flower pod, Bird of Paradise? Good luck with kody today!!

peg said...

i'm guessing Bird of Paradise flower pod!? good luck with kody!!


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