Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Graffiti Madness

Forever I've wanted to find a real, live, super cool, colorful graffiti wall.
Here in Leesburg...we don't have any.
I've searched high and I've searched low...there are none.

I "heart" graffiti alot.
Since I am a classic "doodler" and have passed that quality down on to my own daughter...I see no reason why I can't have one, stinkin' graffiti wall.

Just like I'm not one to sit still, I am also one who scribbles and doodles over everything. Nothing is safe..if I can draw on it, it's graffiti history.

Kaysha..she's the same way. Her love of all things doodly started at the very moment she held her own crayon in her 1 year old chubby fists.
She'd crayon lines all over every bill, shopping list and book she could find.

Around the age of two...she found one white wall in our house, and faster then you could shake a marker top at her...she had that wall covered in beautiful non-washable marker drawings that only a two year old could muster. Mostly big people heads with arms coming out where the ears should have been.

At the age of three she could write her own name and her name was printed on everything...including our very white fridge.
Instead of saying "Not me" when we asked where the drawings came from..she'd happily admit "I did it!!"

At four she went to pre-school. She was in crayon/colored pencils/finger paint and marker heaven.
Everyday, no matter what they tried to teach her..she was in a corner facing her favorite easel creating her artwork like only a 4 year old can.

When she left us for real school at the age of five...her people didn't have arm ears anymore..somehow she managed to plant them somewhere on a big ole' bubbly body.
She was now drawing her name, her whole name in cool looking block letters with shadowing and shading and I have to was around this time I knew my baby girl had her Mama's talent...and it was going to cost me dearly in supplies..lots and lots of art supplies.

Every birthday, every Christmas, everytime I had a chance we bought her those huge boxes of kids crayons, pencils, you know..those 1000 piece art sets every kid gets.

A few years ago, when she was till in middle school, we went ahead and got her a real sketch book with real charcoal pencils, and real oil pastels and real everything that only a doodle artist like she would appreciate.

Since then she's been through about 20 of those books and more art supplies then I could possibly count.
Her bedroom walls are covered with her art, so is every notebook, tennis shoe, sidewalk, magazine,and piece of mail.
Gotta love her though..she's a girl with goals, lots of art school goals. :0)

Now..if ya'all think I'm kidding....I went outside last week to find the graffiti wall that I've always wanted made by her. it's actually a crap piece of plywood...but what the heck, she turned it into my wall and until it graffiti wall it shall stay. :0)

You rock "Graffiti Girl!! Thanks for my wall..I really "heart" it. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!

Tomorrow is Kody's appt. with the ENT at Nemours in Orlando. I'll update when we get home.

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

You know, I am not surprised that you had a picture of Kaysha's work to show us! That was awesome, and I'm glad you now have your own grafitti wall. :) I doubt you're hoping for rain, but you can send wishes for rain on up to Palm Bay. We have elderly family members that live up there. It's so sad to see the destruction from the fires...

GOOD LUCK TOMORROW MORNING. I'll be thinking of you -- !!!


rocketbear said...

What a rockin' cool wall! Kaysha did an awesome job on it. You have got to get some pix of her in front of it! Can you say senior pix, lady? Just think, she could make you custom walls for your photography! ;)

G/L to the Kody Bear tomorrow. Hope you got his records from Shands already. if not, SOON!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy...this is so unlike you to not post yet. Sure hope everything went okay today.


Lauren said...

that's really pretty. i love to draw too :)

there's an update on my grandma's page i thought you would like to see

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you this morning, for Kody's MRI...


Trista said...

Thinking of Bear and sending lots of Love and Prayers.
Quilts of Love ^Angel^ Trista


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