Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Morning Sun and Spidey Webs

Upon bidding Karlio "Good-Bye" this morning, as he boot scooted it out of here too early today with an armful of PVC pipes....I stood out on our front deck and lovingly looked out at our screened in gazebo, the one with the comfy, fluffy Martha Stewart chairs that we picked up at a thrift store last year for like nothing, and thought about having some coffee out there before the sun got too low and too hot.

That's when I spotted this.....hanging right next to my favorite green wicker bench that we got out of a local plumbing company's trash for like..nothing {Goodness, I do love me a bargain!}...

And...that's about right when I decided that the gazebo was not the place to be this morning while ole' Spidey is chowing down on his breakfast.

Although the morning sun rays were surreal reflecting off that web...."Spider Dudes" fangs were also surreal, for something so small..and so that's when I decided to go back inside and try again later. :0)

Love, Kim a/k/a The Ultimate Pansy A$$ when it comes to spiders


Leeann said...

That is a beautiful picture, though. What an intricate and amazing pattern!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. K.,
Well, this hee-bee-jee-bee gal is sure glad she was in Delaware this morning instead of as close to that spider web as you were lol. Why is it that something so incredibly gross can make such a beautiful web? Love, blessings, and tons of hugs,
Tanya Nicole Servis

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE that picture!! I, too, do not like touching/squishing spiders, BUT I have always enjoyed looking at their web(sites). Sorry for the pun! Seriously, though, that is a great photo!

And...just have to tell ya...that I recently found out my own brother was a pansy A$$ with spiders too! :) Tough guy that he was....hated spiders! (It was two weeks today......can't stop thinking about him...)

Thanks for sharing the awesome photo!



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