Friday, May 9, 2008

The Mystery Of The Pod Solved

Some of you guessed it.

We have new baby bananas!!!
Look how gosh darn cute the little boogers are...

It's amazing what a few days will do. We haven't even had any rain and those baby naners just popped right out.

Now...if I can just keep the squirrels away..LOL!!

Anywhos..I have to run so I can't post much this back later!!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS. I got in touch with Kody's school this morning and it looks positive that he'll be able to get speech therapy courtesy of the public school system..AWESOME!!

PPSS. Now ya'all have me wondering what a "Bird of Paridise " looks like and where can I find one? :0)

PPPSSS. From My Heart To Your Head has been updated again. Watch for Mom's Day news coming to that site this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Ya know...I'm VERY jealous about the stinkin' fruit trees you have growing down there! About the only thing we have growing in abundance is DANDYLIONS and I ain't gonna eat any of those dang things!!! :0)

Kim, I have a funny feeling you're not joking about Bird of Paradise and that you'd like to see one. Aren't they rather native to Florida, since it is our family that lives down there that showed me a real one!? No kidding!! I just did a search on Google and a site called had a picture of one. Not nearly as pretty as a real one, though. :)

Hope you have a good day. Can't believe another week has passed and I haven't placed that call to you. WHERE does the time go?????


Anonymous said...

P.S. I didn't think that Bird of Paradise is native to the U.S., but sure can grow in FL vs. NY! :)




That's so incredible! As we had a spring dusting of SNOW last night here in the foothills of the Rockies I can only say I am so jealous.

All my bananas come from the grocery store.

PS Great news for Kody!

Jenner said...

Bananas! I would have never guessed that! Glad Kody's appt went well yesterday. Sounds like a great place. Best wishes for a wonderful weekend. Love, Hugs, & Prayers, Jen from WI


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