Sunday, May 18, 2008

Girls and Hats

Yesterday Alona and Adriana came over for a little bit.

Dang those two have some energy...heck, even Kolin tired out chasing after them. :0)

Alona is more my "Princess G-Baby". She runs in, jumps on me, hugs the stufin's outta me, perches her hands on her hips and then says "So..where's all my new hats Gramma?"
Alona loves..loves..loves to play dress up. Soooo...with that, I have to have at least two or three new hats for her to dress up in. Seriously...she will wear them all day long.

Here's just a few of the 30 or so pictures she posed for yesterday...

This one isn't even finished yet..but she wanted to try it out anyway..

Here's a few things about Alona that you may not may not want to know or you may just listen to me go on and on just to...

1. Humor me.
2. Shut me up.
3. Give you something to roll your eyes at.
4. Tell me to get a life.

Alona is going into the first grade go girl!
She can read chapter books..not first readers or second readers..I'm talking chapter books. She's a genius. :0)
She is super..SUPER sensitive.
She's a professional tattle tailer....has been for about two years now.
She is Hanna Montana's biggest fan.
She's going to be 6 years old next month and wants a Hanna Montana b-day party.
She's beeen calling me "Grammy" lately..I have no idea why.
Her favorite color is pink but when she's with me she tells me it's "Purple..just like you Grammy".
She just had her very first ever "Field Day" in school...and she happily reported to me that "My girls team on the rope pulling thing won the boys team...Girl Power, right Grammy?"
Rope pulling thing = Tug of War.

Here she is on Friday afternoon when she had just gotten here after an entire, sweaty, chocolate milk spilling {see it on her leg...she was sooo upset about some boy who spilled his chocolate milk on her leg and new FD t-shirt..LOL!!} field day...

She's a riot that little girl is, she's a keeper too...we just love the stuffins' outta her.

A little later on {or possibly tomorrow if I run out of time} I'll show you Adri's hat day. Oh Lordie...that child is turning into a non hat wearing, my way or the highway, rebel, firecracker if I ever saw one. :0)

Have a beautiful Sunday everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS. Erin..I'll e-mail you. :0)

PPSS. Kody's last MRI, his lower spine one is at 9 AM tomorrow morning.

PPPSSS. The chair is an orange/red and I LOVE IT MORE EVERYDAY!!!
Now, if Miss Priss Kaysha would just put on something kick the black & red corset I know she has...we could get some rockin' photos with that chair. :0)

PPPSSSS. I hope Kaysha reads this. ;0)


Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. K,
Today's post brough some much-needed laughter for me this morning. You really should consider writing a're such a riot! :) I'll be praying about Kody's MRI. I hope things are going better with Mr. K's health as well. Love, blessings, and tons of hugs,
Tanya Nicole

Jackie said...

I LOVE the hats. I hope my granddaughter likes hats, though if she does she will be the first female in this family that wears them! :o)

Did you watch Desperate Housewives? I'm still baffled over the final scene! 5 years later....?

Prayers being said about Kody's MRI- almost done Bear, hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Hey, K-Klan. Love the pics (and story) about Alona. She models those hats just beautifully!! I CANNOT WAIT to see pics of Adri in that new share...and Kaysha too. :o)

Was thinking of you last night, when I turned the tv to Desparate Housewives (I'm not a follower, but nothing else was on...sorry!). (Proof in that I fell asleep before the end!) I guess I was too pooped. Haven't slept well in weeks, and yesterday was a hard day. Was going through some papers and read my birthday cards (from February). Bawled by eyes out when I read my brother's card. ...{SIGH}

Anyway, I hope the MRI went well this morning.



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