Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sunflowers and Butterflies

Taking the back roads back from Orlando a couple days ago, we found this cool looking bunch of sunflowers just hanging out in the sun..looking all too cool for themselves and all.

Yesterday morning we had to drive a whole bunch of towns away to find a certain pharmacy so we could get Karl's list of med's.
Since all the little hellians were in school, it was like going on an hours long date.
My favorite part of the date was....

1. Sharing a couple of sandwiches that was supposed to be his work lunch.
2. Listening to "our" music and not the brats headbanging, migraine making stuff.
3. Laughing about dirty word games some silly joke.
4. Counting flattened armadillo's in the middle of the street.
5. Checking out a really cool snake.
6. Stopping off to photograph these beautiful sunflowers and a couple of gorgeous butterflies.

I shot these while standing on the side of a busy street that has nothing but semi's and dump trucks rolling down it like 70 MPH at all times.
Karl was behind me watching my buttback...because I have this tendency to wander without paying much attention when I see purty things like sunflowers and butterflies.

I really "heart" those sunflowers...they are the "gentle giants" of the flower world. Kind of reminds me of Bear, ya know...he's lean and tall, he's got cool hair, he's a bad a$$ when he needs to be....but he's the gentlest kindhearted soul you'll ever meet, looking down on all the other plant life {smaller kid's} protectively.

Speaking of Bear...our beloved Miss Jones from his middle school is already fast at work on arranging for his speech therapy.

***Miss Jones is the BEST!!!!!****

His MRI's are all scheduled for Tuesday morning and again on Friday morning.
If we combined it into one MRI it would be something like a minimum of 2 1/2 hours long.
So, we decided to scan his brain on Tuesday and his spine on Friday.

I'm out for now since Kolin is wanting to get on here and I told him he could. Poor kid of mine...the grass pollen around here is horrible. Folks without allergies are getting sick from it and Kolin, my allergy King is absolutley miserable.
My plan for teh weekend...keep him inside in the A/C as much as possible.
Which also up the PC once in a while so he can take a break from eating us out of house and home and WWE video games.
Being a kid is so cool. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!!!



Just Lori said...

You are so right Kim!!! Kody is exactly like a sunflower. They can weather the worst of storms and still come out tall and strong! I don't know how much a guy would like to be compared to a flower. But knowing Kody, he'd get it.
My daughter (Tatum) and I are planning of planting a whole sunflower garden this year. We'll find the biggest one and name it Kody!! Don't worry Kolin, we'll find a perfect one for you too. (espcially since a certain 7 year old of mine has a serious crush on her future bodyguard)
Hugs from Minnesota!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. K,
Happy Mother's Day!!!! May your special day be filled with joy, laughter, and fun.
Love, blessings, and tons of hugs,


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