Friday, May 30, 2008

Five More Days Of School Left!

Do ya'all think he's just a little excited? :0) about your cheesy, eye closing smile...that boys got it going on!!

Tomorrow I'll post Kolin's first official interview ever. It'll be sure to make you spit that morning coffee on the let this be a warning.
Remember..the last of the litters tend to be the funniest. :0)

Have a great night everyone...

Love, Kim

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That IS a cute picture! Even though I'm VERY tempted to read Kolin's interview right now, I'm going to hold off til tonight. The daughter's in the shower, and we have two hours of hiar, make-up, dressing-up for her dance recital this afternoon. BUT...I just got a call from a friend and we're expecting high winds and 3/4" hail in about 15 minutes. Better get off this computer!



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