Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kody's FINE...OMG, I DIdn't Mean To Make Ya'All Worry!!

I am so, sooo sorry!!

We don't have Kody's MRI results back yet, so yeppers..I still worry about that alot.
But, no, actually, it's another kid that's got me down in the dumps.

SIGH...nobody ever said being a Mom was easy.

Speaking of Kody {who is blisfully sound asleep as I type this!}....he accomplished something sooooo totally AWESOME at school today!!
I have to upload the pic's off the camera so I can show you..I'll do it later, because right now I have to run out and collect Kolin from school.

Let's just say....

I am soooooo darn proud of my {and yours too!!} Bear. :0)

Thank you everyone for being there....it has been a draining past couple of weeks.
Something yesterday just made me temporary lose it..but I'm back, and I'll be OK, and I did it all without a Frappachino....Ummm, maybe there is something wrong with me? LOL!!

Love You ALL!!!


Hmmmm, I can't leave with at least one photo, right?

Here you go..

"Little Miss Coppertop"...check out her "ink"!! :0)


Anonymous said...

THANK GOD the MRI results weren't what was making you down in the dumps; however...that means I'm now worried more about Kyle James. Or maybe KK...I know you wish she wasn't up here in good ole NYS. There haven't been any updates on Kyle in a while and knowing they lost the baby, that adds stress, and well...I just worry.

LOVE those chubby thighs of Adri's!! Sure wish everyone would smile at MY chubby thighs!! :o)

Sorry I missed you earlier...I'm hoping for tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

Praying for Kody and for you too. :) Lots of love...

Lisa said...

Hello Kim - Hope you're feeling better and your problems are sorting themselves out. On another note, I just wanted to say that I visited Florida for the first time ever this month and I think you have a beautiful state full of friendly people. Honestly I've never met such friendly helpful people, our holiday was a complete joy. I thought about your family and the other caringbridge families I keep up with that live in Florida - I especially thought of Kody when we passed a huge billboard for Camp Boggy Creek. I'll definitely come back, I loved every minute of it.
Love Lisa, England


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