Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bubbles And A Busy Fun Day

Today was non-stop...trying to squeeze in alot of activities while KK is here. Add Alona into the mixture and it was definitely a fun but busy day. :0)
I'll be posting pic's as I can..just not tonight because right about now all I want to see is the "Style" channel and a cushy queen sized bed. LOL!!

The boys were out playing around with some bubbles tonight...there are not the best pic's, but I sure do love bubbles.

Bubble explosion...

Have a great night everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS. I forgot to tell ya'all that yesterday I heard back from Kody's new neurosurgeon and we have an appt. to see him with all our MRI films on June 19th at 2 o.clock.
These new doc's are just blowing me away with their efficiency and professionalism. :0)


Anonymous said...

Bubbles! I love bubble pictures :) I smile every time I
read about your granddaughters. I do daycare and took care of a pair of sisters, who are now quite grown, the oldest in college, who are named Alana and Adriana. They love that your girls have almost the same names. I think your Alona is pronounced like my Alana anyway.

Anonymous said...

So glad the new docs are making such a great impression! Loved the bubble pics. Here we finally have some great weather this weekend, but we are STUCK INSIDE. It seems our town has an infestion of forest ____ caterpillars (can't remember what my husband called them, but they don't built the tents -- they drop lines like a spider would. They are all over EVERYTHING and...this is gross...but when you stand near our tree you can HEAR the poops falling onto the ground, there are that many of them!! :(

Sure wish I was down your way!! :O)

Hope you enjoyed today, and the rest of your time with KK. We have a birthday to celebrate in our family tomorrow!



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