Saturday, May 31, 2008

One On One With Kolin, An Exclusive Interview With A Boy Called "Wild Man"

Uncensored and keeping it real...prepare yourselves!! LOL!!!!
Here it is...enjoy!!

M: Hi Kolin!
K: ‘S Up?

M: How are you today, Sweetie?
K: Oh 50/50

M: 50/50, what does that mean?
K: That means kind of a good day and kind of a bad day.

M: Really? What happened that was so bad?
K: Everyone said I was a bad kicker, which I am not!

M: What? How dare they! I know you’re the best kicker in your school! Who do I need to call!
K: Calm down Mom, I’ll be fine.

M: Oh, OK. So what happened that was good?
K: Everyone in my class passed their math test, including me.

M: Seriously? That’s awesome!
K: I know.

M: So, schools out in five days. How does that make you feel?
K: Happy

M: Would you like to tell us about your favorite subject?
K: Science…love it.

M: What about school lunches, are they any good?
K: No, not really. Well, except for the cheeseburgers but they hardly have them anymore. I saw the lunch food delivery guys truck today so I don’t know why we can’t get a cheeseburger.

M: I understand your class is kicking kick balls butt. What position do you play on your team?
K: First base and outfield. I don’t like the outfield because nobody can kick that far, except me.

M: Any plans for the summer?
K: I want to visit New York, play the guitar and I’m going to try and collect all the mini wrestlers. I’m missing three more sets.

M: If you could be a soda, what flavor would you be?
K: Mountain Dew Revolution

M: Why’s that?
K: Because I am Mountain Dew’s biggest fan and after every sip it’s like a “WOW” feeling.

M: So, the world wants to know…do you have a girlfriend?
K: I have ex’s….24 of them.

M: You little Dawg!
K: Don't be hatin'

M: Who’s your favorite, Me or Daddy?
K: Huh?

M: Nevermind.
K: Thanks

M: What do you like to do on the weekends?
K: I like to wrestle on the trampoline. Sometimes Kaysha hangs out with me and we dress up like gangstas. She’s Flava Flave and I’m T-Pain.

M: What would you like to be when you grown up?
K: Besides a martial artist, I want to join Pop Warner football.

M: So, your 10 now but will be the big 11-teen in August. What do you feel about being and official “tween”?
K: Well, life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get.

M: How many times a day do you think about karate?
K: 95% of my day I think about karate, the other 5% I think about passing math.

M: How about you think about that much?
K: All night long.

M: How about ice cream?
K: I think about Cool Whip.

M: How about girls, do you ever think about girls?
K: 100% of my day and night!

M: What would you like people to know about you?
K: I love ta-ta’s. I love egg sandwiches. Kaysha is my favorite sister.

M: What is your favorite joke?
K: What does Flavor Flave say when two houses fell on him?

“Get Off Me Homes!!!”

M: Well Kolin, that concludes our interview today..thank you.
K: Oh no, thank YOU for the brownie and soda. Can we do this again one day, it was fun.

M: You bet Baby!
K: Thanks Mom, can I go now?

M: Your outta here…

And with that, all I saw was the back of his butt flying away to do whatever boys do after school..oh wait, I know what boys do..they climb on things.

Kolin doesn't go around fences...her goes over them.

What interview would be complete without a mini shoot...

**A Trivia Fact About Kolin**

When Kolin spars..and he spars alot, mostly with people much older and bigger then him..this is the face you see when you stares you down, right at that 1 second before it's rumble time.

I've been told this is the last thing you see before his right foot comes up and over into a powerful hook kick to the jaw or head, which pretty much ends the fight, every time.
FYI..he would never, ever try that with anyone smaller, younger or inexperienced.
I'm telling ya, he has got that Bruce Lee stare going on big time.
You would not believe how much power and swiftness he has, and at only 10 years old, 4'11" and 92 pounds.
Last night he took on a 20 something year old firefighter, who, I kind of have a feeling, thought he was wasting his time being partnered with a kid so young and so small.
The session lasted all of 30 seconds, if that.
Guess who came out the winner? :0)
That boy is a beast!

Have an awesome day everyone!!!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

Awesome interview!! :)

Now, Kim, I have to ask you. Do you tape yourselves while doing this? I'm wondering how in the world you document all this unless another secret from your past is that you took dictation. (Hmmm...didn't you recently say you worked as an assistant somewhere? Would that be an administrative assistant??)

Hope you had a nice Saturday. Ours was VERY busy!!


Anonymous said...

P.S. to Kolin: I think you visiting NY is an AWESOME idea (hint, hint Mom & Dad!!). :o)



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