Tuesday, May 13, 2008

MRI Part One...Complete!

WHEW...we are home!!

Today's brain MRI went great. About the only minor problem he had, besides freezing in the scan room {imagine a Florida boy stuck in Alaska} was the IV contrast spilling into his wrist vein, causing a blood build up and lots of stinging.
However...a few really warm compresses later and he was as good as new {and starving...but that's nothing new}.

Because we still having gotten his previous scans from Shands that I've requested, demanded, and faxed three times already...the Dr. had nothing to compare to, making a read of his scans difficult.

This Friday he has the first part of his spinal MRI. The upper spine and the lower spine will be done on Monday morning at 9 o'clock.
I had no idea that he'd need to break up the spine scan into two, but apparantly, he will need two doses of contrast through an IV line and they don't like to give two doses in one day....prefering to give a days break inbetween.

As I type this I have his films from his brain today sitting right on top of my kitchen table, unopened and untouched.
I'm not sure I want to open it....fear of the unknown I guess. :0(

Anywhos..that's about all that's going on around here today.
I'll jump off for now because I have got to get a pattern typed out and ready to pass out and there's my never ending job of keeping Bear's belly on the full side. :0)

Have a beautiful day everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS. Hi Sheila!! Ummmm, yeah...Roadkill is still MIA. What to hear something even worse then having a huge snake loose in your house?
IT'S FROG SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, I HATE FROGS!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Kim, you mean to tell me Roadkill is still missing...and your still in the house? OMG!

I would be sleeping in the car...Florida or not, until that thing was found. Now, don't get scared when you find the snake skin.....and no snake, shedding season is approaching if I remember correctly.

Keeping all of you in prayers for Kodys scans. Shannon goes tomorrow for 3 back to back appts. Starting with Cardo.


Michaela said...

Isn't it ideal to have a snake loose in the house during frog season? I mean, it'll take care of the frogs and THEN, when they're all gone, you can worry about geting rid of the snake. No?

Anonymous said...

OMG, Kim...I'm lol right now! Enough that I have tears in my eyes and my youngest is asking what's so funny. I didn't know you don't like frogs, but think of it this way......ROADKILL MIGHT LOVE 'EM AND COME OUT OF HIDING TO EAT SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)

Glad to hear Day #1 of Kody's scans are done. Do you know how to read the scan films? Didn't they tell you the results, based on their own knowledge?

I've got to get that call to you this week. I'll have to re-read your busy schedule for the week. Maybe tomorrow???

Have a good night.


Dot O said...

I'm still keeping tabs on the K family. I just have trouble logging in sometimes for some reasons. That's why you don't see me much.

I check on Kody every single day. Praying to good MRI results all the way around!

terri said...

Kim, I know it's been a while:(!!! you can come beat me if you want:)!! But every so often I cruz by to check up on all of you!!! I'm so glad that everything went well!!! Kody's still a fighter!! not that I ever thought that would change!!!!Always praying for all of you!!!
luv ya,

Jenner said...

Praying for all scans to go well for the Bear. Love, Hugs & Prayers from WI, Jen


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