Friday, May 30, 2008

Batman Brownies and A Very Quick Update

**Edit About The $6.00 Phone Service**

OK, I am such a double dork about explaining things.
We have Comcast internet and cable TV {basic extended..which means no HBO or anything like that, but we wouldn't use those channels no big deal}
Comcast offered us a package deal which included adding two phone lines.
They brought down our internet fee by $10.00 and another $10.00 off on cable and included the new phone service for an additional $6.00 per month....just for using Comcast for all three features, computer, TV and phone.
So..all in all, this not only saves us about $50.00 a month but we get billed for everything in one bill...which should reduce my mile high paper piles considerably..I hope.

Anywho' took 15 minutes for the Comcast guy to install and explain and we're good to go!! YAY us!!!!!

Hope that's a better explanation..cuz if anyone knows where I can get internet, phone and cable for $6.00...send them my way. :0)

And if anyone can find me some cheap gas...I'll make them some brownies and do their laundry.



We made these yesterday and let me tell ya Dahling....they were delish, especially topped with a big ole' shnocker of "Cool Whip". :0)

I'll have to make this fast today as the Comcast dude should be here soon to install our phone.
The number stays the same but our phone bill, if you can believe this, combined with Comcast cable and internet will come down to $6.00 a long distance and 12 other features I'll never use because I seriously don't know how too.
I remember rotary phones..why would I care anyway? :0)

Coming later on...
A one on one exclusive interview with the one and only...


Yes my friends, he sat down long enough to grant me his first ever, but not the last interview!!
How did I get him to stay put and answer a few semi personal questions, you may ask?

Those there brownies and a Mountain Dew did just the trick!!!

I've got Adri here today too, so my next update may not come until later on this afternoon...when the lil' Coppertop is napping.
I made my first ever I have got to get her to try it on and model..LOL..that ought to be fun, get her stay still for 2 seconds without help, what am I thinking.
Hmmmmm...maybe I'll wait for the kids to get home.
OK..I better get going so I can unravel some of the hundred's of wires that live underneath my computer desk...oh yeah, and vacuum up those dust dinosaurs too. :0/

Have an awesome day everyone!!!!!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

Good morning! I just saw that very recipe on our box of brownies! Er...I mean in that COOKBOOK you dug out. You DID make them from scratch, right, Kim??!! :P

Another week...another phone call not placed by moi. Sorry about that. Luckily, baseball and dance are DONE as of this weekend so next week should be less-crazy for me. (Is that even possible as a mother??!!) Mornings before 9:30 are my best time to call so I'm really hoping next week.

Have fun with those kids/grands of yours. Hoping Kody is feeling good.


Anonymous said...

How on earth did you manage to get a ridiculously low price of $6.00 for telephone with free long distance?? Is this per month? And does it include Internet and cabe TV?? I'm sure we would all like to get in on a deal like that!! Even if the $6.00/month is just for the phone by itself! Please share!

Anonymous said...

Did you see the new mountian dew flavors? There 3 new for the summer said...

Kim, Please share your Comcast secret because my bill is 160.00 for all 3. I just dropped HBO so it is down to 128.00. Have a nice weekend with the family. Those brownies look terrific... Love, Hugs and Prayers Deneen

Cheyenne said...

Schnocker? You can tell you're not from those parts. That's a word that's tossed around up here in these parts and north.


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