Friday, May 16, 2008

Mini Nightime Update

Sorry it took so long..I promise I'll do better tomorrow morning. :0)

Everything went great at the ENT in Orlando yesterday. Kody's spine MRI today went well too.

The results from yesterday went something like this....
The ENT stuck that tube thing down Kody's nose and throat and everything came out very healthy.
So, he is certain that whatever is going on with his voice is defiently neuro. related.
This is could stem back to the strep virus he had over a year ago when he started getting the eye/face tics.
Facial movement and voice is controled by the brainstem.
For whatever reason, he believes that the brain knows what is wants to say, but the signal to the voice gets lost between brain and actual speaking. Does that make sense because I'm not sure if I'm describing it right.

When we go to the neurologist in June, he will be able to help us more about this.
Right now, we have no clue as to whether it will ever get better, will get worse or the worst possible senrio...there is something growing in Kody's brain that is causing all of this.
If it is the scar tissue from his surgery...then there probably isn't a cure and it will keep getting worse as time goes by...then again, maybe not..maybe it will stay the same.

I also, finally received all Kody's MRI and reports from Shands today, so when we see the neuro-surgeon and neurologist again..we will definetly be better prepared.
As he is getting his brain and spine MRI's here in Leesburg this week and next, I've been getting his films handed right to me. How awesome is that?
I have a very good friend who works at the MRI place, and I have to say..we have been treated soooo good, it's been great.

This coming Monday will be his last MRI, it will be of his lower spine.
Kody is looking forward to the break, as his veins hadn't been cooperating {lots of scar tissue blocking the way} and he's had a lot of sticks trying to get that contrast in him.

These past two weeks have been busy and for now I'm going to say "Good-Night" and jump off of here.
I'll be back tomorrow morning sometime.

Thank you for all the messages and the prayers....we love you all!!

Love, Kim



What a lot of news to digest, I'm sure you are exhausted!

I will continue to pray for good results for Kody. You sure sound like you are well taken care of, that must bring some comfort! Especially since you've been able to do this so close to home.

Take care K family, enjoy a wonderful weekend!

Remember to exhale....


Anonymous said...

PHEW! Thank goodness for a good update. I was getting soooo nervous. You've spoiled us with the daily updates, Kim!

I have tried to put myself in your shoes the last two weeks and can't imagine how tiring it must be. The added appointments and running are enough 'extras' to go through, but waiting for results must be so exhausting too. We're obviously hoping for the best possible scenerio. I'm glad Kody has the weekend to rest up before his last MRI. Hope it's a good weekend...



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