Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Morning McCutie

Or as Bear would like for me to say...

"McHottie"!! :0)

These are just a couple of about 25 pic's he let me take as a "Mom's Day gift". LOL!!

Expect to see more as the week rocks on..because that kid was on a roll.

Bear's first part of his two MRI's is scheduled for 9 AM tomorrow. He'll do great, I'm sure...he is notorious for sleeping through them anyway.
Plus..they let him bring his CD's in there with him, so as long as I can keep remining him not to headbang...he'll be just fine.

Spine MRI is Friday at 9:30.

Orlando {Nemours} ENT appt. is Thursday.
It sure is fixin' to be a busy week around here.

Mom's Day was great...hope yours was too!!

However....there was a slight, little accident that came in the form of Kolin's heavy duty, tremendously insane hard kicking foot, one red soccer ball and one innocent kitchen window.
I think you all know where I'm going here. :0( kick and our kitchen winow that faces the front yard was history. was the same kitchen winow that Kody and Kolin blasted a baseball through about a year and a half ago.
The crazy part? They have a huge back yard to play ball in.
On a brighter school, all the kids want him on the kick ball team..because he kicks a homerun everytime he's up. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS. Please don't forget to check out the news on From My Heart To Your Head today.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome pics, Kody! (His hands are getting HUGE, Kim!!)

Sorry to hear about the unexpected "gift" from Kolin...



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