Monday, May 26, 2008

Painted Toes, Polka Dots and Strawberry Ice Cream

Good Monday morning everyone!!
We're just going to be chillin' today and I have got to finish up a hat order for mailing tomorrow {Dana...cute stuff heading your way!!}

KK went back to NY real early this morning {Karl and Kaysha did that 3:30 AM road trip} and she called just a few minutes ago to say she was back in NY.
Crazy thing is, yesterday, I heard her say she wished she didn't have to go back...I'm thinking time with the sib's and nieces plus her Dad's constant cooking for her is a way huge dose of homesickness.
Maybe one day...

Anywhos..we fit in alot of small stuff to do, which is why I wasn't on here too much.
I have alot..I'm talking ALOT of pic's to sort through so it might take me the rest of the week to get them up.

Saturday we went out to the golf range...which is something that the kids love and to find a shady spot and watch.
I'm not a golfer....I'm a Starbucker.

I took this on Saturday when Alona tripped on a golf ball and wanted me to take a picture of her "boo-boo" to show her Mom.
The little pink flip-flops just kill me. :0)

One of Adri because that little polka dot outfit kills me too {I really LOVE polka dots!}...

These snaps were from a couple of weekends ago when I took the boys out for some ice cream at our favorite little ice cream place conveniently located right next to Joanne's Fabrics in Tavares. ;0)
Doesn't that mosaic table rock?

That's about it for now so I better get going.
Have a beautiful Memorial Day everyone..I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again today. :0)

Love, Kim

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