Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kody's R.E.A.C.H. Award

Sorry I didn't get back on yesterday, Comcast has been working and then not working since last night.
It finally just came back on a little bit ago so I figured I had better get my butt on here quickly before it toots back out again.

First though..

Mom..I got you message. I will call you back. Promise! BTW, did you know that your call came through at 9:29 AM? Get it? 929, Sept. 29..your babies b-day?
How cool!!

Sheila..I can't believe I missed your call!! Darn it!!!
We were at Kody's awards I'm forgiven, right? :0)
I got the voicemail about 10 o'clock last night during that little window of Comcast working. {when the Internet goes out, our phone does too}. It was so cool to put a voice to the messages. LOL!!

OK..on with the update...

Yesterday, in the midst of the craziness that only comes with living here, I completely forgot about an invitation to an awards ceremony that Kody brought home a week ago. I was busy vacuuming {seriously..I was, no jole this time..LOL!!}, I had just shut the vacuum off to hear the phone ringing. It was Kody saying "Mom, you didn't forget about the awards ceremony, did you?"
So..I said "Oh..of course not..when is it again?"
Kody: "In about 40 minutes forgot, didn't ya?"
Me: "Ummm..yeah".

So, I get off with him, call Karl at work and say "Hey, did you forget that today is the awards thing for Bear?"
Karl: "!*%#!@*"

And so he came home, scooped me up and off we went to Kody's school.

Welp, we sat there throughout the whole ceremony, as names were being called alphabetically and we were pretty much on edge as the list of "K" names came..and then they were gone and our Bear did not get called.

And so we figured.."Well, this is crazy". Even crazier is that kids were walking away with paper certificates for small medals for things like perfect attendance, Honor Roll all year, best all over grades, and Karl and I were like "Well heck, Kody isn't any of why are we here?"

The last two awards were these gorgeous engraved plaques.
One was for the 6th grader with the best GPA...pretty much the valedictorian of the 6th grade.
That's not Kody..bless his heart.

The other was for something called "R.E.A.C.H.", which was something we had never heard of, but it sounded important.
To receive the REACH award, you have to be nominated by the 6th grade teachers team.
It's basically the "Student of the Year" award for the 6th graders.

When his principal called his name to receive that award,
I darn near fell off my chair.
Then I said "OMG Kody that's you!"
Then I watched him walk up the stairs.
Then I stood up to see him get his plaque.
Then I snapped a quick photo.
Then I cried.
Then I heard 100's of people clapping.
Then I hugged him.
Then I turned and saw Karl wipe his own eyes.
Then I lost my balance and did fall off my chair.

That's our Bear...200% all the time or nothing at all.
Which, I truly believe is why he is the survivor that he is.

BTW...I just need to clear this up, had I have remembered and knew that he was receiving such a prestigious honor..I would have never let him pick out his own clothes yesterday. :0/

BTW again...yes, that's a type-o on the plaque. It says 8th grade. It's supposed to say 6th grade. They took they plaque back today to have it redone.
Truth be told, I was so excited that his first and last names were spelled right, I didn't even see the 8th grade type-o until Kody pointed it out.
In our family...when that last name is spelled correctly, it's a reason to get all giddy, warm and fuzzy too.

Have a beautiful day everyone!!!
Love, Kim

PS. From My Heart To Your Head has been updated again. :0)


leese said...

I've had such a crappy week (stupid, small stuff) and was completely on a cloud about Kody's award. your update and cried along with you.

Please tell the Bear that his cyber-family out here is BEYOND proud of him.

Lisa from Joisey

Jenner said...

Hey Kody, CONGRATS on your very cool award at school! I'm so proud of you!

emma the wheelchair princess said...

Way to GO Bear!!

Anonymous said...

That is so great Kim! I know Kody deserved the award! LOL about the last name being spelt wrong. I ALWAYS have that problem and my last name isn't that weird, it just has an EN instead of ON.

Jessie in WA

Anonymous said...

Kim, my dear, you are COMPLETELY FORGIVEN for not being home when I (finally!) called you!! :o) I almost picked up the phone right now, but my busy afternoon starts at 2:15 so I'm going to try tomorrow morning instead.

KODY......WAY TO GO ON THAT AWESOME R.E.A.C.H. AWARD!!!!!! WOW!!! Your parents must be so proud of you. Okay, EXTRA proud of you, cuz we all know they are already very proud!!

So, Kim.....I have a couple questions. Was Kody sitting next to you, when you said, "That's you!!!"? Or, did you do like I would have, and blurted it out for the whole place to hear? :) And...did you REALLY fall out of your chair? (I'm really sorry if you did, but either way I have to tell ya.....I LOL about that, envisioning it and all.) My youngest (AGAIN!) asked what I was laughing about and I just said, "Kim" and he said, "She's so FUNNY!!!" :o)

But you do make me not being responisble for his wardrobe yesterday. :)

I also related to the 8th grade vs. name spelling thing. I deal with that all the time (my first name) and...when I called yesterday it was so cool to hear your last name pronounced. Seems like you told us all one time, when you gave the list of how to pronounce your kid's names, and where their names came from, etc. but I sure as heck didn't remember!

Again, I'll hopefully call in the morning. And then I get to put YOUR voice to your posts! Assuming, of course, that the voice on your answering machine is Kaysha's!

Sure hope you're doing better today. Your post sure indicates that! Again, WAY TO GO, KODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO KODY!!! I'm very proud of you! Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Dear K. Family,
Kody, You Rock Dude! That is such an awesome award and I am so proud of you! Mrs. K., I am glad you found some bright spots to make you smile. I am praying for all of you! :)
Love, blessings, and tons of hugs,
Tanya Nicole

CJ said...

OMG YAY Kody!!!!!!!! How awesome. That has to put some happy dance in your step. Kim, I am so glad something so awesome happy to give you a joy boost in times of blues. Love CJ

Anonymous said...

Way to go Kody - we are all so proud of you. You are such an amazing young man with such a great future!!!
Kim - hope you didn't hurt anything when you fell off the chair :)
Big hugs coming from Missouri

Leeann said...


I've always known you ROCK,
and now you REACH!!


PJ said...

You rock Bear!!! Congrats on that great award....see, all your hard work is working wonders!

Cheyenne said...

Well that brought tears to my eyes. Happy tears of course. Congratulations Bear! You are my hero.

acutescrubnurse said...

Congrats to Kody!! I am so excited for you, I have tears in my eyes!!! What a wonderful award to receive....I can imagine how proud you are of him. Please give him a North Dakota hug from me!!
Enjoy the rest of your week!!

Anonymous said...

Wahooo Go Kody!! I am so happy for you & the rest of the K Clan!

ErIn said...

That is awesome!!! Congrats to Kody!!!


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