Thursday, May 29, 2008

Inspired By P-Dub

I've never known anyone in my life that make make a cow look so insanely a rugged sort of way like P-Dub can.
I've never actually met a cow, or petted a cow, or looked closely into a cow's eyes...or any barnyard animal for that matter.
As a kid growing up, I had horses. I'll bet ya'all never knew that bit of trivia till now.
Yeppers..the Starbucks Queen of Florida had horses, and was in shows and rodeos too.

There was Clover, my first, a jet black quarter horse..who got kicked in the head by another horse and was never the same.
Then there was White Cloud, adoringly named after the toilet paper, whom we kept in her own barn inside of a corral our huge backyard in NY.
She was so sweet...but sadly, one freezing cold day in January, she got the dreaded colic and passed away a few days later, in my arms.
It was the saddest day of that 12 year old tomboy's life and I thought I was going to die of a broken heart myself that day.

Soon after, along came Star..who's name I lengthened to "My Wishing Star".
She was a pretty strawberry roan colored Arabian filly and she was skinny...and mean..but I wanted her anyway, cuz I just knew, given time, we'd bond.
I didn't know, until after she became mine, that she was beaten by her previous owner with a 2x4 and only fed corn cobs and stale bread.
Poor thing.
But...she fattened up fast and after one whole month solid of sitting outside of her stall and reading "The Black Stallion" series to her...we became BFFL's.

While most 13 to 17 year olds had friends, malls, and movies in mind..I spent everyday with Star. Riding through the woods, teaching her how to run around barrels like some kind of ranch horse, spoiling her with apples and carrots, just spending time hangin' like BFFL's do.

I had this evil little plan when boys started crossing the mind.
I'd date them...but they were really serious..they had to ride Star and stay on board for at least 5 minutes.
Star did not like men in any way, shape or form...but only I knew this. {insert evil laugh}
So, these boys I liked..they'd say "OK", then climb through the fence and straight out, Star would give them the ole' a$$ and pull that back leg up to kick a body or two.
Nobody ever volunteered to ride her, can you believe it?

When I was 17, along came Karl. Cool dude, horse lover himself, and he had seriousness in mind.
Soooo....I took him on a little field trip to "The Barn" and introduced him to my BFFL, Star.
Then I gave him the rules and the rundown and he agreed to the terms.
The very next day he showed up..ready to rumble with a PMS-y horse named "Star".
His younger brother showed up a huge car, I have no idea what kind but let's just call it a was 1980..all cars were boats.

I saddled that horse up, whispered a little "Give him hell, baby" in her ear and handed over the reins.
Welp...that guy of mine...he got on and Star bolted and bucked and twisted and turned...she did anything she could to get him off and only because the saddle broke right off her back, did he go flying off and landed right on his back with Star, butt turned to him, about to give him a kick in the ole' noggin'.
He rolled, she spooked and then she did the unimaginable....she broke loose, jumped the fence and ran down the street.
I screamed and Karl ran like the wind to go catch her...his brother following in his car/boat....high speed like and all.
About 20 or so minutes later...he came back with my baby, he lost glasses and walked with a bad limp.
When I asked if Star hurt him that bad...he said "No...she didn't hurt me at brother hit me with the car and I just rolled off the hood!!!"

And all I could think of was...

"And he lived to tell me about it...damn that's HOT!!!!!"

And with that, Karlio was a keeper and although he helped me raise that horse..he never attempted to get on her back again.

So what ever became of Star you may ask?

Welp...when I was 18 I had my first kiddo we nicknamed KK.
Trying to raise and afford a new baby left very little mulaa in the bank and one day when KK was about a year old, I had to regrettably give her away.
The happy part of that was that she was going to a beautiful farm in the country with a loving family who promised me that she would never be ridden and would live out the rest of her days on their farm, hanging with some fellow horsey homies and eating real good food.

We'd go there every weekend and visit her..feed her apples and carrots through the fence and she knew that no matter what, she and I would be BFFL's forever.
Soon we had another baby, and then another and life became crazy and visits became more infrequent.
She was still in my heart though..everyday.

When Kyle James was about 3, I took a job working in a beautiful office, in a town called Mt. Kisco and everyday I would travel down the Taconic State Parkway and pass by that barn and I'd see Star outside hanging with her homegirls, looking fat and happy.
One winter day I noticed how her thick winter coat had turned gray...and it occurred to me that Star wasn't a young chick anymore.

That summer I got preggers with Kaysha and when the morning sickness from hell lasted all day and all night and just about killed me..I left my job to be a SAHM once again.
A couple of months after Kaysha was born, Karlio took a job in Scarsdale, NY and he would drive that same road and see Star everyday.

With the craziness of having 4 kids, we still thought of Star daily...but asking about her and if he'd seen her became extinct.
One day Karl stopped seeing her and it wasn't until 6 months later or so when he finally admitted to me that he hadn't seen her at all in a long time.
Without even saying anything..we both knew, in our hearts that Star had left us, forever.
Sad as I was...I was happy for her, because I knew, without a doubt, that she died happy and taken care of. As her new owners promised..she was never ridden or made to work in any way.
She was loved, she was fed, she had friends and I know that she knew she always had my heart.

Anywhos....this has nothing to do with cows...and I totally got off track..

So.....without any further ado...may I introduce to you, some cows that I was sooooo giddy happy to find last weekend, at the golf range, who allowed me to snap a quick pic.

This is for you P-Dub!!
Aren't they beautiful, happy and serene...couldn't you just walk up and pet one?
Well, as much as I would have loved too..there were a few things stopping me.
Golf balls...those cows were across the way from where peeps of all ages, from my own young un's to the more older folks who were whackin' those balls miles.
Unless I wanted to suffer some serious golf ball related head trauma, I had better stick on a nice telephoto lens and stay way I did.

When I walked away..I swear this is what I am completely sure that I heard... this normal cow talk?????

Have a beautiful day everyone!!!!

Love, Kim


Cheyenne said...

Great story about Star; thanks for sharing it with us. Horses, all breeds, are magnificent. I always wanted one but my parents said no. So I worship them from a distance.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Kim. That was quite a novel today!! :P I loved hearing about all your horses, and especially Star. I ROFL about Karl and his bro chasing Star, only to find out his brother hit him. (I'm guessing there were no broken bones, and since it was a car from the 80's it probably survived the bang up without dents?!)

I also lol about the "comment" the cow must have made. :o)

Hope Kody's feeling better today.



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