Friday, May 23, 2008

Kody's MRI Results and Other Things To Chat About

Good Morning!!!!

OK, so I again apologize for not getting back on last night.
Karl and I had a date.
Yes..a date, can you believe it?

This is what we did...

We drove to Orlando airport to pick up our oldest kiddo who was coming in from NY for a few days.

A date, in our world, involves anytime we can actually be alone...and we were, for a good hour and 15 minutes.
We shared Dr. Pepper and lemon cookies.
We talked about my new spider bite, his bosses not so bright friend who is getting married for the 4th time in Key West this weekend and how they want to kidnap him and knock some sense into him before he walks down the aisle of doom again.

**That was a joke...seriously**

We chatted about my lack of direction, his fine looking arms, how two complete opposites ever found each other in the first place, who gets to go first on the escalator so the lower end person can check out the upper end person's view, if you know what I mean {I won}.
We estimated how much we spend on tolls and realized a Sunpass {or whatever those things are called} who be a good way to go if we keep having to make endless trips to Orlando and we had ourselves a friendly argument on how badly each other had to pee {he won}.

And then we were there..just like that, thank goodness..because we really had to go, if you know what I mean.
It was a great date and early Monday morning we get to do it all over again..if I happen to wake up, because that is a 3 AM trip..and I'm just not into that. :0/ thing lead to another last night and after ice cream cone sugar highs for all the little hellians, I finally wrestled them into bed and passed out myself. I am this morning all ready for the day to start all over again. YAY!!

Now...on with Kody's MRI results.

The Neuro. Radiologist read through 4 years of MRI scans and his current ones he just had done. What a cool guy, huh?
He reading s went a little like this...

Kody still does have a tumor in there {on his brainstem} but it is unchanged since his last MRI in 2006.
His spinal scans are completely 100% signs of tumor activity anywhere....Amen to that!

So...we will go back to the neurosurgeon and neurology with all the old and new scans and we'll sit here everyday trying to figure out why in the world we were told last August that Kody is tumor free, when actually the radiologist said it was very clear on the scans that there is a tumor in there and lots of scar tissue too. Tumors and scar tissue look different and can't be mistaken for the other.

I wonder if anyone at Shands really took the time to look at Kody's scans. :0(
The radiologist that we just used certainly did. He took a lot of time out of his day to sit there and go through every single 4 years worth and really, really compare them.

I called to schedule an appt. with the neurosurgeon {in Orlando} and apparently the office was closed for the weekend.
So..I really won't know when we can get him back there until next week.
With school ending on June 6th and the neuro appt. right before, then Camp Boggy Creek starting on the 10th....we won't have him back until after camp has ended.

Everything else here just continues to roll along, some days good...some days not so good, but I've got to learn again how to "just keep swimming/breathe in-breathe out/one day at a time/this too shall pass".

Because I would feel horrible if I didn't leave you with at least a smile or a little's the only photo I was able to get with Adri on that new kickin' chair I got last week..

"So, you want me to sit..well Gramma..well sit on this cuz this Coppertop doesn't do sitting anymore!"

Yeppers..she 's a difficult one these days. :0)

Have a beautiful day everyone!!!!!!

Love, Kim


Lisa said...

Oh Kim, I'm sorry. How did Kody take the news that he actually does still have a tumour? I hope the next step in treatment can be sorted out soon. Love and prayers.

Leeann said...


While I'm sorry to read that he does still have the tumor, what good news it is that it is unchanged! And that his spinal scan looks good!

You have a real fighter bear, Kim.

Love the pic of Adri. She is such a beautiful child.


Anonymous said...

Hey, K-Klan. Sorry to hear there's still a tumor. Sure am glad you've gone to another place to have a second opinion. Hoping that the next three weeks go quickly so Kody can get back into the doc's. Of course, I hope they are also fun, since they are packed full of end-of-year activities and CAMP BOGGY CREEK!!

Glad to hear KK is visiting. Between all of your phone calls, and knowing she's there, I didn't call you (again!). Monday's're gonna be one tired puppy, and Tuesday for me is crazy so...hopefully Wednesday. Can you believe it??! I'm pathetically slow in calling you...!

Glad to hear you and Karl had your date. I can't even husband and I are never alone. Well, except 10 PM when I'm fallin' asleep. :) Anyway, I loved hearing what you talked about, and what you did (butt staring and all...!).

Have a great weekend!!



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