Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!

To all my friends & family, and especially to my daughter, Kayara, my own Mommy and our "K" family's adopted Gramma Carolyn...


We here in the "K" family wish you all the best of days today...relax, have fun, be spoiled rotten.

My day so far has been awesome!!

Hmmm..let's see...

Sleeping in until almost 9 o'clock, that's when Kody came in singing "It's The Best Day Ever" {Spongebob know what I'm talking about!!}.
Kolin brought in coffee.

Kody turned on my favorite "Style" channel and I had that first cup in bed while Karl was outside making bacon on the grill on a beautiful, slight breezy, warm morning.
Imagine my jealous neighbors waking up to that. :0)

Then I came out into the living room where it was much cooler because that had the A/C crankin' and had another cup while the boys woke up sleepyhead a/k/a Kaysha.

Kody, Kolin and Karl left for the kitchen and made the most yummo breakfast ever for all of us...everything I hinted about this week.
We lovingly call it "The Three Billion Calorie Breakfast" and it involves...

Blueberry pancakes {fresh, of course..only
the best for the Diva of the Day!!}.
Real sweet cream butter.
Maple Syrup.
Bacon..lots of bacon.

Tropical Fruit Salad {fresh...not canned, nope not today}
And my personal favorite topper...

REDDI WHIP, WHIPPED CREAM!!!! {To be put on pretty much everything}

Breakfast eaten, back to the sofa while the dishes were washed by Kaysha, Kody and Kolin worked on fixin' that third cup of coffee.
Then...the kids gifts..OMG, that was jus
t too stinkin' cute. :0)

OK...from Kody, he made me my very own "tra
ining knife" which he did by wrapping a black shoelace around the handle of a silver plastic butter knife.
I swear...I laughed so hard I had was just the cutest thing ever.
Today, the second part to my gift..knife fighting lessons.
I can hardly wait. :0)

From Kolin...
Kolin made me a clay ceramic pot in the shape of a heart. He made it in is sooo beautiful!
Plus..he made me a box out of recycled p
aper, which is so awesome because you can never have enough boxes to put things in..I know I can't.
And, he drew me a picture of that same red rose, the one O posted a picture of him holding about a month ago. :0)

From Kaysha...
A three pack of..OMG..this is GREAT...
Highlighters with post-it flags in them!!!!!
I can't even begin to tell ya'all how long I've been wanting those!!
So...the first thing I highlighted and flagged was Kaysha's arm..I know in her heart she appreciates it and totally feels the love.

I know KK has something planned, but I have to wait for the mail to get here tomorrow. A little birdie tells me it has something to do with a little plastic card with the Starbucks logo on it. Man, I do hope so!!

From my favorite bunch of little people's,
"The Preschool Penpals"..a gorgeous, simply BEAUTIFUL crocheted potholder/hot plate mat, made by their teacher, Mrs. Guthrie, with a note that said this..

"Three things continue forever:
and Love.

1 Corinthians 13:13

Happy Mothers Day to a wonderful Mom who has devotedly taught faith, shared hope, and given love.
God Bless you!

OK, truth be told..that made me cry too!!
Thank you sooo much Preschool Penpals...I love you ALL!!! :0)

Plus...Kody and Kolin wrote me the sweetest letter, which I'll have to scan in and show you but it went a little something like this...

"Thanks for being the best Mom in the world. You rock Mom. You are the definition of Mom.



Love, Kody and Kolin

(Insert heartagrams all over the bottom of the page}

And, if life couldn't get any sweeter, yesterday I found these written in the street right outside our home...

From Kody...

From Kolin...

How cute is that? :0)

OK now..I better get off because I have a huge announcement coming to "From My Heart To Your Head" today, and I really have to get working on that so I can be on time for Kody's knife fighting lesson, part one. LOL!!

Have a beautiful day everyone!!!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day!
It is so neat to read about all the cool things your family does. You sure do have a bunch of good hearted kids. I have no kids and doggies did not go shopping.

So how is Kyle and his wife doing? You have not mentioned them in a while. Any grand babies on the way?

WEll I must get on butt away from the computer and get things done around the house.

Have a wonderful day!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day Kim!!!

Cape Cod, MA

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kim. HAPPY BELATED MOTHER'S DAY! I loved your "date" with Karl. Thank goodness he was watching your "back" while you took those great flower pics.

Ummm...your Mother's Day was a bit more pampered than mine! I woke up at 6:00 (better than the 4 AM I've been doing lately), folded a load of wash, started a load of wash, dried a load of wash, and vacuumed...all before 7 AM. :) Our oldest made breakfast while I showered, then I opened the school-assisted gifts from our other two. Gotta love those gifts!! Then we high-tailed it to my sister-in-law's, as we're still trying to do the remodeling stuff that we started before my brother passed away. Spent way too long there, stopped for groceries, bought an already-made pizza in the deli section, ate that in the car, and had individual store-bought ice creams when we finally got home. Got a kid in the tub, another in the shower, and high tailed them to bed....and watched 3 hours of Survivor. EXCITING, huh?! :) Seriously, though, watching 3 straight hours of tv does NOT happen so that was a gift. Thank goodness it was on a Sunday night or I would have had kids interrupting every other minute. :)



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