Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lil' Firecracker

I wish I had more time to update...but I'm running around like a crazy person today.

These were from, that child will not give me eye contact at all. It's like she's saying, "OK'll have to work a little harder to buy my time". :0)
Plus...having her Mama, Aunt and Uncle calling her from my side and not behnd my shoulder like I asked them to do..UGH..what can you do, right?

Anywho's...these are an early start on Lil' Firecracker's first red/white/blue holiday.

Boo at 8 months...

Her favorite song is "If your happy and you know it..clap your hands"...

Her typical look these days...

I'll have more later when I can do a more proper update.

BTW...Karl went back to work today...he's feeling better. Not 100% but much better.
I gotta get him into the Doc's this week though.

Love ya'all!! Have a great day!!!

Love, Kim

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Never Back Down

I meant to post this update yesteray, but with everything going was pretty much the last thing on my mind. :0(


A little about Kolin some of you know, alot of you may not know.

Kolin is a beast. :0)
I'm not saying that in a mean way...really.
While some kids dream of becoming doctor's, president, vet's, scientists, etc..., my youngest kiddo, Kolin, dreams of becoming thee ultimate, "Ultimate Fighter".
While most kids participate in sports such as soccer, baseball and basketball. Kolin participate's in the martial arts, combat and weapons fighting, and extreme fighting.
There is no "team" for him...his "team" is him and his coach.

He lives, sleeps, breaths ultimate fighting. It's his passion, it's in his blood. He has a natural ability that not many people do, especially 10 year old boys.

Kolin's motto..."Never Back Down".
He doesn't....not ever.

To watch him train...,it's not for the light hearted.
Sometimes even I have to look away.
The sweat, the fury, the intenseness of the whole's incredible.
He has certain rituals...he has to have "his music" blasting, he has to have a few minutes of quiet, lost completely in a world of his own thoughts, before he starts. I have no idea what those thoughts are..I figure it's his personal time and I shouldn't interfere.
He may not be that big but he is fast, lightening fast hands and feet.
He has developed a kick that I am sure will be his favorite..I can tell by the way he is constatly working to perfect it.
When most kids are playing video games or riding bikes after school or on the weekends, you can always find Kolin pounding away at his work out/punching bag in our yard.
"Perfect by Training", that's what he tells me.

In about a year of intense, demanding, training by the best coach ever, Kolin will be unleashed.

My thoughts?
Some may thing I've lost my mind completely...but I am proud of him.
Am I worried? Of course..I worry about my kids all the time, thats my job.
But, like I said..he is being trained by the best and I have no doubt that my youngest son will become the best. :0)
Kolin is confident and fearless. He is respectful and has self control.
It's funny because to look at him, hanging with his friends, doing his thing in would never know. He appears to be just another kid...except if you look carefully, he's not. He has a quality alot of kids haven't developed.
Kolin walks with his head held high, confident in his skills and constantly aware of his surroundings.
I sure would pity the adult that tried to grab him off the street. LOL!!

Kolin never backs down.
I just love the stuffins' out of that kid. :0)

His quiet time...

Have yourselves the best day today!!

Love, Kim a/k/a One Proud Mama

BTW...Kody is ever bit as awesome as Kolin with one difference.
Kody will not do ultimate fighting, though believe me, he is strong..."heavy handed" is what they call him.
Kody's passion is for the martial arts "forms". He loves to disect them, break them down, learn to use them in real life situations. He loves to master them, perfect them and is always wanting to learn new ones...even before it's his time to learn them.
Because of Kody's many brain surgeries and learing diabilites...that in itself is a miracle, that he can learn them, study them, perfect them and use them.
He is just as awesome as Kolin...just in a different way.
Man, I just love that kiddo too. :0)

Karlio Kruppenelli Is Back!

I know...that's technically not his name, but for a few laughs today...I had to add that because when Dad Bear reads it..only he and I wil know why. :0)

Today he is feeling a whole lot better!!

The steriods and the antibiotics have kicked in and he's definetly on the mend.
He also tells me that today starts a whole new lifestyle change. Putting down the nicotine will be tough, I'm sure, but you know...he's got to be around a long while. Besides..he's too darn hardheaded to do anything else but drive me crazy for the next century or so.

Oh..and truth be told, he wanted me to let you all know that despite having a crud type day..he still came home and make dinner. LOL!!

Truth be told again..this morning I offered him one of my lungs.
He told me he'd think about it one day if he ever needs it.
I am pretty sire he's worried that if he shares a body part with me, he may end up an ADD airhead as myself.
He's got a point.
The transplant offer still stands though.
Somebody's got to make dinner around here...and it sure can't be me. :0/

Thank you to everyone for the well wishes, support and prayers. That's coming from all of us but mostly the Dad Bear himself. :0)

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!

Love, Kim, Karlio and the Gang

Monday, April 28, 2008

Not A Good Day

***UPDATE AT 3:30 PM***

First, I want to say I am so sorry about keeping ya'all hanging....I was in a hurry to get out the door so I could only manage a 10 second post. goes the short and sweet version because I have to get back to the hospital.

Last Friday Karl started feeling pretty poorly.
By Saturday he was alot worse but insisted on going to work anyway.
By the time he got home around 1 o'clock...he was even worse. So bad, actually, that we didn't even get to go to his friends retirement party, which he was looking forward to, because he felt that bad.
Sunday....forget it, he hardly got off the sofa and couldn't walk from the living room to the bathroom without having to stop and rest.
He's been having a very difficult time breathing..even though he's on an inhaler and nebulizer.

Early this morning he started having severe chest pain {8 on a scale of 10, which, for severe}.
As soon as I put the kids in school..I looked at him and said "Either you go by ambulance or I drive you..but you are going to the hospital"
I almost fell backwards when he didn't even put up a fuss...he just said "OK".
This from a bull headed, hard head, man that refuses to give in.

Anywhos....I've been at the hosp. with him all day except for when I had to run out and get Kody, drop him off with Kayara, run back to the hosp., then leave again to get Kolin and here I am.

Before I left the gave him chest x-rays and were preparing to do an EKG.
They put him an two IV antibiotics and one IV steriod.

Just as I was about to update the blog, he called to say that the Dr. wanted him to be admitted, but he won't do it {no insurance}.
The dx. is that in additon to his asthma, he has pnemonia and emphazeema {I know I botched that spelling}.
He's being sent home with lots of new med's.

So...I'm jumping off here and back to the hospital to fetch him and bring him home to rest up.

Thank you so much for the well wishes and prayers. You have no idea how much it is appreciated. :0)

I have to run...

Love, Kim


I'm leaving to take Karl to the hospital.
I'll update when I get back.
Please pray....

Love, Kim

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kody's Work Day Part Two

Supermodeling in Florida=Sweating while looking hot...but not sweaty hot, just cool hot. :0)

Two is all I had time to work on...but I'll try to get more up later on.
See that kickin' window in the bottom pic.?
I love...totally love that window and the best part is all we have to do is walk on over to the lot next door to get to it. There's plans on tearing that building down and I know the rest of the street thinks it's an eyesore but secretly, I hope they never take it down.
Is it weird to love a broken down, ugly building that much? LOL!!

Not much going on today. It's that time again where the streets of downtown Leesburg are rumbling with motorcycles.
This year at Leesburg Bikefest, they are expecting 300,000 bikes...yeppers, three hundred thousand in our lil' ole town, can you believe it?
It's gotten so big that it's nearly impossible to bring kids and enjoy yourself...mostly because it's so crowded, stinky hot and noisy.
So....we're just staying put here at home till it's over on Sunday. can be dangerous constantly getting around packs of bikes on the road.
Last year there were a few bad wrecks and I just hope nobody gets hurt this year.

Here's a photo of Main St., which is where all the action is happening. That's Kolin in that photo..I don't think I ever got to showing it to you.

Excuse the green..I've been in a X-Process kind of mood, nope, Main St. isn't really gren at all. :0)

Welp my friends..I really have to jump off and get things done while it's still cool enough to.

Have an awesome day today!!

Love, Kim

Friday, April 25, 2008

Friendly Update Reminder

Just a friendly reminder that the hat sites have been updated. :0)

From My Heart To Your Head

Funky Hats For Cool Kids

Have the sweetest day!!


Take Your Kid To Work Day

I mentioned yesterday that it was "Take Your Kid To Work Day".
Two of my kiddo's decided to not grow up too soon and stay in school.
One didn't. :0)

Sooo...after spending half his day with his Dad and a hot, sweaty garage and the other half with me, Bear decided that...

#1. He would never want to be a "Stay At Home Mom" because.."It's too confusing". LOL!
#2. Sweating in a garage is not cool either, however, using power tools is "Sweet".
#3. Scaring his Mom with the skateboard stunt yesterday was the highlight of his day.
#4. Supermodeling very well could be the life for him.

Today I'll feature Kody's life as a working man mechanic.

This is when we first got there...he's still clean, cool and happy. HA!

Here he is waiting for someone, anyone to pull up to the full serve pump.

Showing us what a taken apart dashboard looks like..

I have no idea what this dashboard part is called, but he seems to think it's important enough to show ya'all...

Power tool time....

His favorite tool of the day...the fire thing {OK...I have no idea what to call this flame thrower thingy}...

This is how I found him taking a break. :0/

The classic "mechanic pose" :0)

"Ummmmm, Dad..where is this supposed to go?"

Another break in the A/C, acting like the boss...

Trying to figure out either,
#1. The All Data system.
#2. Why there is no interent on that PC. :0)

Every garage, somewhere, has the "Wall Of Fame"

By now he's getting hot, bored, hungry, tired and wondering when the fun starts.

That's when he found this calender and the fun started again.

So...I'm saving the best for last and yeppers, this leaves me speechless too.

It's a cardboard cutout..I swear, and no..I had no idea he was going to do that, but it seriously doesn't suprise me!! LOL!!

So..with that last photo, we left to have lunch with Kolin and back home for some modeling time.
I'll show you those tomorrow because right now..I really have to run. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim

Thursday, April 24, 2008

No Photoshop Tricks Were Used...

I promise..and I'm not liking this at all.
I'm having some serious issues with my baby growing up and getting...MUSCLES!!
Teenage girls are really starting to eyeball him and it's just not, not...

There were no photoshop tricks used here {I promise}...check him out..he's ahhhhhhhh, not 6 anymore. :0(

(click on photo to view larger}

I realize that the booger isn't wearing anything on his noggin except for that hat..lemme explain.

After he did get some work done with his Dad, and some work done with me, we went out for some "posed" pictures. Just posed...nothing except poses.
***Right Kody? Poses...right?*** I was checking my camera settings...I heard this...


And as soon as I looked up, there he was flying though the air like some kind of muscle bound madman.

I don't recall ever giving him permission to grow up and I distinctly do remember telling him to be my "Little Bear" forever.
The big brat.

I'll get to showing ya'all some of the more "posed" ones.
BTW...he has muscley arms in those too. :0(

Gotta run!!

Love, Kim

Living The Martial Way

Last Saturday at "Way Of The Warrior", which is all day training outside that the boys participate in every year, I had mentioned that Kolin was awarded the "Student Of The Year" award.
In addition to that award, he was given, as a gift, by his teacher, a book called "Living The Martial Way".
It's an awesome book and Kolin has not taken his face out of that book yet. :0)

Today is "Take Your Kid To Work" day. Kolin wasn't much interested and went to school {smart kid..LOL!!}.
Karl's Dadly theory is "As long as I'm alive, no daughter of mine will fix their own cars. When I'm gone, their brothers will do it", so needless to was decided for her that garages are a "man thing" and another day of education is a good thing. :0)
Kody, welp, he decided to give it a try.
He went to work with Karl for a little while this morning but it's already crazy humid and hot out so that didn't last very long. We'll try again later on.
Right now he's attempting to dust all the furniture in his room. I have no idea how that's going because...

1. I'm on the computer and he's two rooms away.
2. He feels the way to do housework is by blasting music...I can only hear "Breaking Benjamin" anyway.....gawd, it's getting old or what? LOL!!

Umm....yeah, I just heard something crash and an "Ohhhhhhh Nooooooo", I better get going.

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Baby Boo is Eight Months

She is definetly tough to get photos of. For this one shot, her Mom had to keep sitting her on her butt and her Grammpa had to keep blowing soap bubbles to get her attention long enough fo rme to snap away, you can tell that's who she's looking at. :0)

Let's 8 months Adriana can say...

Key {for kitty}

She can cruise tables, let go and stand on her own.
She isn't into baby food anymore.
She loves, LOVES frozen "Go-Gurts", we put them in this mesh bag safety feeder kind of thing {you can get them at Wal-Mart baby dept., they are something like $3.00 and are the best baby invention ever!!} and she eats them in like 5 minutes.
She's into Strawberry Yogurt Nutrigrain bars too.
She's into teething on her own shoes. :0)
She's just getting over her first official nasty cold.
Kody is still her favorite.
She's about 19 pounds.
She is still toothless.
She still has the most beautiful red hair ever and it's really starting to grow alot lately.
She has the cutest cowlick on the back of her the bottom.Her hair just swooshes right to one side.
She does not pull eyeglasses off anymore.
She still loves necklaces though.
She can shake her head "Yes" or "No" when you ask her something...but she hasn't got a clue what "yes" or "No" is...she just likes to shake. HA!
She has the "Little Miss America" wave down pat.
She using a sippy cup about half of the day....a bottle mostly when she's tired.
She is a bundle of non-stop energy. WHEW!!

OK..that's about all the G-Ma bragging I'll do today. If you made it through that you a either a G-Ma too, or you just have alot of patience for my non-stop rambling. LOL!!

Have a beautiful day everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS. Thank you so much again for the well wishes to our friend, Sheila. Time does heal..somewhat. Making it rhrough each day waiting for that "time" to arrive can be a very sad, hard, and lonely time.

I like to think of this blog as a way where a huge group of friends can get together, chat, and be there for one another.
I hope that if I do one thing this's accomplish that. :0)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hugs, Tears and Prayers for a Friend.

We love you.
I am lighting a candle for Stan, you and your whole family right now and will leave it burning throughout the day to remind me to pray all day for Stan to be free of pain and at peace.
You know....whenever you need me, I am ALWAYS here for you.
May God Bless you, my wonderful...WONDERFUL friend. <3 style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-style: italic;">Kim, you did it again. When I just saw the heading from yesterday's post I had a feeling you posted on behalf of my brother. I had tears rolling, before I even clicked on the link.

Sadly, yesterday was a long day of crying, crying, and more crying. I spent about 10 hours at my brother's house. We actually took him outside, even though he has been dillusional since Sunday. (Well, hillucinations started Friday night but we thought there might be a UTI since his iliostomy bag wasn't working.) Anyway, when I saw him yesterday morning he was not the same man I'd seen the prior weekend. Long story short, we upped his pain medication (a patch) and for the rest of the day and night he rested well. From all indications (Hospice and my niece, who used to work as an aide) my only brother will probably pass away today. It kills me to write those words, but he has fought so hard from his colon cancer and definitely deserves a break and some peace.

THANK YOU, as always, Kim. You such a wonderful cyber friend. And THANK YOU to everyone who has, or will, be praying for my brother and his family.


***Update At 10:51 AM**

I received an e-mail from Miss Sheila and this is what she left in comments.
I, personally would like to thank you all so much for the prayers and well wishes.
Sheila and I, though we have never met, have been friends for years and years.
She has followed us throughout Kody's cancer journey and Kyle James' too.
She has always been there for me and I will always be there for her.
That is what friendship and true compassion are all about...and honestly, I feel it is what makes the world a beautiful place.

Sheila's entry...

Kim, I received a phone call at 9:10 that my brother, Stan, passed away 8:55. I can't thank you enough for your posts, your care, your friendship, and your love.

Please keep that candle burning. (And I couldn't help but notice that your post was at almost the exact time I got my call. Ironic? I think not!)

I'm headed over to his house now. He passed at home.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Ummmm..forgot to update, sorry!

No...actually, I really didn't forget, it was just one of those days, KWIM?

Not much new so for tonight I'll just leave you with another flower photo. I am really starting to love flowers. One day, I totally want to get a macro and really rock those flowers pic's...but for now, close cropping will have to do. :0)

BTW...the "Watermelon" and "Strawberry" hats are up on the web for sale.

From My Heart To Your Head

From My Heart To Your Head Part Two

OK my friends...I've got kids to get to bed so I'll see ya'all tomorrow.

Have a sweet night everyone.

Love, Kim

Please Pray....

For our friend, Sheila and her family.
Thank you. :0)

This is in the comments window but I'll paste it here too..

Without going into a lot (I don't want to take away from your page!), my brother and his family could use some prayers. I have a feeling this is going to be a very rough (BAD) week. Things did not go well last night or today...


Love, Kim

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Alona and Adriana

I only had them for about an hour today, but trust me..between the both of those girls, Kody, Kolin and I were tired....these two have alot of energy, I am talking ALOT of energy. :0)

This is pretty much all Boo does anymore...gnaws on just about everything. :0)
No teeth yet though, we're waiting for her's to pop out and for Kolin to stop losing his...LOL!!

It was a pretty good day today.
Kody is feeling much, much better.
He and Kolin wanted to take the day to themselves and just they spent half the day shooting bb's at aluminum pie pans that Karlio hung up in the backyard {I'll have to get some pix of that tomorrow} and the other half playing video games.

Thanks for stopping by tonight.
Till tomorrow...have a great night!

Oh...and don't forget, Wisteria Lane is lookin' pretty juicey tonight. ;0)

Love, Kim

PS. No signs of Roadkill yet. :0(

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Way Of The Warrior and Student Of The Year

We just got in from a full day of outdoor martial arts training in Lake Griffin State Park and our two boys ROCKED!!

I'm pretty exhausted tonight but I just have to tell you all that....


OMG, that boy just about jumped out of his own skin when his name was called..I mean, it's only thee most important award of the entire year!!

I wish you could have seen his face..and Kody's. Kody just jumped up and gave him the biggest hug...he was so proud, and so happy for him.
Some of you may remember back two years ago when Kody was awarded the "Key Concept" award. Which is an award given to a person who has overcome physical disabilities to persevere, who never gives up, who keeps on fighting when it may seem there is no fight left.
As so many of you followed Kody through his cancer know he is a warrior indeed.

The things that were said about Kolin as a martial artist, a warrior, a person, it was just incredible...just incredible.
OK, truth be told, I cried a little.
This is a kid who deals with everyday things in life that would tear apart anyone else, who, when his world falls apart around him, and it has been been....still pushes on, who fights even harder.
This is a kid who is such an incredible fighter {espcially with knives} at the age of only 10 that nobody ever wants to spar with him.
This is a kid who is an awesome student, a loyal friend and gives respect to everyone he meets.
This is a kid who is respected by not only his peers, but adults too.
There is so much about Kolin that ya'all don't even know about...he is a true warrior in every sense of the word....believe me on that, please.
And...a panel of all black belts must have agreed because they picked Kolin as student of the year..and that is an honor.

It was incredible, what a day. :0)

I'll post more tomorrrow but before I go, Kolin wanted me to tell you all that he and Kody survived "Snipe Hunting" in the forest, tonight and they both got sprayed by the snipes...and they both got attacked by the "snipes" razor sharp claws...but they survived. LOL!!
Oh man...he is a hoot.

OK, I better go...after being outside in the woods all day...I need my soft, cushy spoil me bed.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS. Happy 28th anniversary Baby...LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
Hey...I know your reading this in the's about some coffee, Pal? :0)

PPSS. Kolin said "Have a good night and a pleasant tomorrow"!!! :0)

Friday, April 18, 2008

What is more sweeter then a beautiful red rose?

A beautiful, red rose given to you by your 10 year old son, that's what. :0)

Later Gators!!

Love, Kim

The Good News Is....

No Cat-Scan for Kody was needed.

The bad news is..
He has a kickin' sinus infection and two ear infections, which is why he has been a wobbly, unbalanced mess these past few days.

The crazy news is he never told me his ears hurt because of the headaches..he "didn't think it was all that important."
That kid is a nut.

The good news is he is on four new med's.

The great news is I finally was able to get a referal to the Nemours Clinic in Orlando, where we were hoping to take him for a second opionon on his voice and speech problems. :0)
Thank goodness....we will be able to get him there soon.

The bad news...
He's been sleeping so much today, I haven't taken a single photo of him for ya's...sorry. :0(

The good news is....even though he feels like a giant, super sized crudball...he'll be better in no time at all.

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim and the big, giant, super sized crudball, Kody. :0)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Few Of My Favorite Peeps

I'm hoping to get some photo's of Kody by tomorrow but, he's been having a very rough couple of days.
His head is constantly hurting and his balance is horrible. :0(
He started taking his prescription pain med's again and it's making him kind of wonky.
Hopefully, I can wrangle a local Cat-Scan out of his pediatrician tomorrow morning.
Taking a look see at his ventricles {for signs of shunt problems}, in my opinion, would be a good idea...and will help lift some worries as the weekend gets here. signs of Roadkill yet. And now I have to try and sleep....LOL..oh that ought to be fun.

Talk to you all tomorrow. If I don't sign in, in the morning...then I'll definetly update if we are able to get that Cat-Scan.

Have a restful night.

Love, Kim

Kolin's Day Part Three...Wildlife Madness

Good Morning!!!!
On with "part three".

Today, we'll show you some of the wildlife creatures we, a bonus wildlife story of my own,'ll have to wait till the end for that little hilarious won't want to miss it, though, I wish I would have right about now.

First we happened to stumble upon this cool looking bird who's feathers actually change colors when the sun hit them, we named him Fabio because he was oh, so full of his handsome self....

As good looking, I'm too cool for you, birds go...Fabio turned his beak at us plain looking humans and got himself on outta there, back to his nest of adoring girlie color changing birds, I'm sure.

Next we found this bunch...a group of fun loving, but extremely hungry herrons. They can walk the walk..but if your not tossing crackers their way...they don't do much of talkin' the talk.
BTW...we had nothing on us but some Double Bubble Watermelon bubble gum and sour this herron family wasn't into us much...

Crossing over a bridge these two spotted us, we prompty named them "Crush" and "Squirt" and I swear it looked like Squirt was saying to Crush..
"Dude..look at those humans...sweeeeeeet"...

Next, Kolin spotted this bunch...they were loud and wild party animal, waddely type of bird...

They were birds with "Tudes"..attitudes that is...

And then, that's when I spotted this beaut...a very rare type bird who, when provoked, can be even more loud, more faster, and more wild then the wild bird bunch....

Prepare yourself to be facinated by the unbelievable...

Try not to fall off your chairs as I show off this rare phenomenom..




BIRD BOY!!!!!!!

And lastly..let's recap one more time before I lay it scaley friend and yours too..
"Gator Dude"

And now, a wildlife story of a personal we go...

Yesterday, as some of you know was Kody's "book fair" day at school.
We were driving home, as I was slowly getting over the shock of writing out a $20.00 check for two small, softcover books, we were coming down our road when we spotted the most beautiful red corn snake sunning itself right smack dab in the middle of our road.
Karl was driving and I was still twitching from sticker shock.

Right then and there we saw a huge, super sized city truck full of men driving right towards this awesome snake.

Can any of you guess where I'm going with this?
I'll bet you can. :0/

Karl puts the van in park, and runs out, grabs a piece of wood, or a stick or something and tries to rescue that snake...saving it's life from the wheels of a city truck, I'm sure.

Picture this...
The snake is now slithering into a nice grassy spot.
Reptile Man is determined to make it our next pet.
Snake Dude is not happy about this and puts up a fight by snapping away at Reptile Man.
City truck is now right over us with three city men staring like we have done gone and lost our minds.
I smile politley.
Kody, laughing his fool butt off is encouraging Reptile Man byyelling out, through an dopen window "Catch it Psycho Dad!!!!!!".
Reptile Man catches Snake Dude and firmly but gentley calms him down.
Snake Dude suddenly looks like a docile pet and not the raving wild beast that he was 30 seconds ago.
Reptile Man walks over to the van where I still sit in the passenger seat.
Reptile Man doesn't look real good and that's when I realize he is having a full out asthma attack right there in the middle of the street holding a huge reddish color corn snake with big teeth.
Kody and I stumble around and find his inhaler, flip the AC on full blast and don't you just know...Reptile Man gets back into the drivers seat to which I do my wifely duty and suggest I drive...cuz ther ain't no damn way I'm holding on to that slithering, toothy thing.

So....we get home, which was only three houses down, get inside and put Snake Dude which Reptile Man had already, by now, named "Roadkill" in a spare snake tank with a top that didn't quite lock up real tight.
So...he put some heavy things on two big ole' bottle of BB's.

As the day went on, I would watch Reptile man sitting in his computer seat, watching Roadkill, who was curled up in that tank carefully contimplating his great escape.
I am one with wildlife..I knew what he was thinking.

The rest of the day went by reasonable uneventful.

Then we all woke up this morning.
We all woke up this morning to an empty snake tank.
As I type this, somewhere in this home there is a 5 foot corn snake hiding and I am sure laughing all the way into some dark, warm hiding spot, which I am surer then sure..I will be the one to accidently stumble upon and find.

You'll know when I find'll be able to tell by the scream heard round the world.

I have to go now and turn on all the lights and make alot of noise.

I have to go hide in a brightly lit area, close to a phone.

I have to crawl back in bed and call my Mom.

On second thought...she's afraid of wild slithery things even worse then me, never mind.

I'm still trying to get over almost becoming an appitizer for a gator, how am I supposed to deal with this?

I'm going to Starbucks right now.

Never mind, I'm still in my PJ's.

Oh wait..they have drive thru.

I'm outta here.

Thank you for your support in this.

I love ya'all!!

Have a great day!!!!

Love, Kim

PS. For the record...docile, family pet slithery things I am fine with.
Wild ones that attack my man...not so fine with. :0)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kolin's Day Part Two...

And the pretty purple flowers that nearly had me being called "Gator Dinner". :0)

Here they all their purpleishoius glory....

And a few more of Kolin, these were taken in front of a local scuba shop right off Main St., in downtown Leesburg...

Classic "Bored to death, sun in the eyes" look...but the colors on the door and walls...Hoooo-eeeeeyy, love it!!

Kaysha's b-day went pretty good. She loved her Nemo cake alot, so I'll post of pic's of that later on.
Everything else is OK. Kody has a book fair at his school and he's been wanting a "scary book" {he is sooooo me!}, so when we pick him up at 1:00 o'clock, we {Dad, Me and Kody} have a "date".

Holy anyone else watching "The View" right now?
Dang...that Walgreen's 60 second shopping spree just about killed me...I laughed so stinkin' hard..I gotta P!!

Anywho's....let me jump off of here for to ya'all later!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!

Love, Kim

Oops...almost of Boo, taken yesterday...

More of Kolin's day later on...sorry, humor me please? :0)


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