Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Tooth

This past Wednesday Kolin sat at his final "new tooth" dental appointment.

I am happy to say, he is looking pretty sharp again and is smiling very big for anyone who will look at him. LOL!
Seriously, he is so happy...we all are!!

Many thank yous to Dr. J and his awesome staff for giving us our boys smile back again. We missed it a lot. :0)

newtooth 002 copy

It is still a little shiny but after about a week or so, it will blend in perfectly to his natural teeth.
Also, yes...Kolin will need braces one day. :0(
We have to wait for all his baby teeth to fall out and then...UGH...face that bill head on.

So, I got a new surprise yesterday. I'll post a picture tomorrow for everyone to see.
It's and I have already named her "Sparkly". LOL!!
Tomorrow morning "Sparkly" officially becomes mine. WOO-HOO!!!!!

Today's a Sams Club day so that will keep us kind of busy this afternoon.
Tonight the boys are all hyped cuz Karlio ordered "WWE Royal Rumble" for them and just told them about it this morning.
So, let's just say....they are tidying their rooms, making their beds, asking me if that can do anything for me, lol...I love it!! :0)

Oh, one more thing.
Kolin's new ADHD medication.
WOW!!!! Unbelievable, what a difference. He is focusing and learning and drawing.
Drawing? Yes...he has always been interested in drawing but now that he can sit still, it is being taken to new levels.
Yesterday I bought him an inexpensive sketch pad from Target and he has not put that thing down. His drawing, well...not to brag or anything, but for a 12 year old..they are amazing. So much detail, you wouldn't believe.
Kolin has what is called "Photogenic Memory". He can look at something and remember exactly what it looks like, in detail, so that he can walk away and draw it.
Plus, his school work has gotten so much better.
In Science this week, he was the only one in his class to score 100% percent on a fossil vocabulary test.
Pretty impressive since the calls genius didn't even score that high.
I'll tell you, honestly, normally I am anti-medication because I think it really is too freely given, however, there are kids like Kolin who benefit greatly from it.

I wonder if it will work for adults (like me) too? Hmmmm?? LOL!

Have a great day everyone!!


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Love Notes

Our Kody Bear...14 years old and all about the girls. Girls, so it seems, love him too judging by the amount of phone calls he gets everyday.

A few days ago I was waiting in the car rider line for him and Kolin to get out of school when a little girl, around the same age and in the 9th grade (Kody is in 8th) knocks on my car window and asks "Are you Kody's Mom?" I answered "yes" and she very politely handed me a note and asked if I would pass it on to Kody.
Then, she got back in her Mom's car a few behind me.

Well...did I peek? OK..I did. :0)

In teenage girls handwriting I found a lil' love note to my baby. At the bottom it said "ILY". I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. lol

My baby is growing up quick and I can't seem to stop it.

I made this to put in his baby book, as he cherishes that letter and is now completely smitten with that girl.

lovenotes 001 copy

Mom's and Dad's...treasure those little folded up Valentines because blink your eyes and those store bought cards will soon turn into real love notes.

We are off in a little bit to take Bear to the mall so he can meet up with his "Sweetie" and treat her to lunch.

Have a beautiful day everyone!!


Friday, January 29, 2010

"Wolf Moon"

Get out the cameras, tonight's moon is the "Wolf Moon", the biggest and brightest moon of 2010.

This was taken within the past 30 minutes. :0)

FullMoon 005 copy 3



A Groovy Kind Of Luv

Even our reptiles of the lovey kind. :0)

snakeluv 002 copy

Most mornings we wake up to find them all cuddled up together.
I know it's because they are still a little cold, and trying to warm up but I like to think of it as totally getting into the V-Day scene. LOL!

Have a great one today!!!!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Dock

A couple of weeks ago my extremely adventurous kiddo's decided to scope out our neighborhood a little more at a time, cuz that is all I will let them do.
Overprotective..I know, I know. :0(

Last Sunday they brought me out to the "forest" in which they found the perfect "dock".
Even I had to admit, it is beautiful.
Hawks flying low pulling out small fish.
Gators swimming around peacefully.
Sunshine a warm day.
A small boat out yonder.
Spanish moss gracefully flowing in the breeze.
For a while there, snapping pictures of landscape sure felt a lot funner then shooting people.

TheDock 010 copy

TheDock 012 copy

TheDock 011 copy

Then, just like that, I snapped back into reality and remembered that people are fun too.

Especially people who popped outta me and who happen to have the cutest hiners ever. hehe...sorry, I just couldn't let that one go.

TheDock 002 copy

FYI..that was totally not posed, that's just the three of them...sib's 4 life. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Long Hair And Locks Of Love

Some day, for sure, one lucky lil' girl will be come the recipient of this kid's long dark brown, very soft, well cared for hair.
Cuz, one day he is planning on donating it to "Locks of Love".

TheDock 029 copy 2

***Sheila, Amy and yesterdays comments***

So, yesterday we get a voice message from the Principal at the boys middle school. It was so cool. Lemme tell you what they are doing.
Each child and faculty member brings in one quarter to donate to Haiti. If they have 100% participation, they will have raised over $10,000!! Yep, that is ten thousand dollars! How cool is that?
Then they are buying food and putting together meal packages and we have an airplane waiting and willing to fly them all over right away.
The boys will be volunteering to put meal packs together and oh yes, they also volunteered to empty my purse this morning of all available quarters. LOL!
It's so crazy to believe that just one quarter can make a difference, but obviously it can. :0)

So, with that in mind..I am jumping off here to go make a difference in Karlio's life with a nice hot cup of coffee. It's the least I can do since he brought the kids to school so I could hang out and blog away. :0)
Loves ya Dude Man!!

Have a great day everyone!!


Monday, January 25, 2010

We'll Get Em' Next Year

We will, I am sure of it. :0)

JetsFamily 005 copy

Heck if anything last night, the hot wings were freakin' GREAT!! LOL!


Sunday, January 24, 2010


Just trying some very late in the day window light. I had the ISO cranked up high and it was way grainy. Yucko!

KodyCannoli 007 copy

Even with all the extra noise/grain, I still like the kid a lot. :0)

Guess what? Guess what? GUESS WHAT????!!!!

I'll be getting something in the mail in a couple weeks {or less I hope, hope, hope}. Actually two things.
Don't want to jinx it but ACCCCKKKKK, I am sooooo excited!! LOL!!

We'll be watching the Jets today with hot wings, honey bbq chicken strips, carrots, celery, blue cheese, ranch, the works.
Yesterday I made a 20 pound Italian style lasagna. Ummmmmm, my 14 year old weight lifting/health nut/fitness all the way kid, who's picture is up above, ate most of it. I think we only have 10 pounds left. hehe....

So after we ate we decided we should probably walk some of it off, so we took off the the Target and mall. I picked up two more fedora's. I have this awesome photo planned, I've been envisioning it it for quite a while. A portrait of the kids' to print huge {at least 16x20} and hang in the living room. I had to, just had to have those fedoras. When Karlio spotted a leopard print fedora for Kaysha, that was it. {although there is a red one I have my eye on big time hehe}
Kody's is black with pinstripes....rockin' I tell ya.

Not much else going on. The weather is gorgeous today but apparently that should end by Wednesday when those storms from the West come through our part of the woods.

That's about it for now.

Think Jets green today youz guyz!!!! :0)


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Kayara!!

Hope your 27th is a fun one!!

Here's a lil' cannoli that I'll have this morning in your honor. :0)


Kyle James


Friday, January 22, 2010

Vintage Roses

While I am normally not a real big Valentines Day/Kissey/Lovey/Dozen Roses kind of girl, I am slowly but surely coming around. A little at a time.

vintage roses

Those roses were my start to V-Day decorating. While they might look cute and all, really, they are just some very inexpensive dollar store ones I picked up a few years ago. I took them out of the bin they were hiding in last week, price tags still attached, and plopped them right down in that sweet little shelf unit Karlio fixed up for me.
Ba-Da-Bing...V-Day decor 101. lol!

Today is the last day of the kids exam week, thank goodness. They have been getting out early everyday since Wednesday.
Kody came home with some AWESOME news yesterday.
Seems that on Tuesday he had his Science exam and was told yesterday that he scored a 95% (one hundred questions) giving him the honor of being the highest grade in the entire class!!
That boy is just kicking butt this year, I swear it.
His teacher was freaking out she was so proud of him and when she announced it to the class he forgot himself and blurted out "Holy Crap!!".
LOL...and then he told me that his teacher was so happy he didn't even get into any trouble. LOL!!

With our insurance issues finally ironed out, Kolin will be starting his ADHD med's again tomorrow. I have to pick them up today. WHEW...that boy has had a rough year so far, seriously rough. Fingers crossed he can get himself back on track very soon.
He is so, soooooo smart but he just cannot sit still long enough to focus on anything.
If school were taught in a standing up/moving around environment, he's do just great. hehe...

Anyways, that's it for now. Lot's of errands to run before I have to get on the 12:30 pick-up line today.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just A Friendly Reminder...

It's not too late to get your flu shots.


Stayin' healthy in the Sunshine State. :0)

Have a great day all!!!!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Somebody Stop Me!

Stop me cuz I am like literally spazzing over this...

My Life My Love My Oh Oh Oh Baby

3 inch LCD
12.3 megapixels
High Definition Video Cam
Self Cleaning Sensor
ISO up to 6400

Attach this baby on there, plant me in a garden and leave me there all day. Oh dang, imagine the possibilities!!

Anybody want to help a girl out and buy a nice gently used D80 body? LOL!

OK, OK...somebody stop me, or at least don't wake me from my Nikon dream.

So on with the more everyday stuff.

Kolin's appointment went great yesterday. He had a temporary crown put in while his new shiny porcelain one is being made in a lab somewhere.
Although between Novocain shots, drilling and grinding and several molds made of his teeth and sitting in the dentist chair for 2 hours, he did awesome as usual.
Next Tuesday he goes back for his final crown, he can't wait, I can't wait...truth be told we are all giddy over this little front tooth. :0)

Here he is on Sunday, happy as always. I swear this kid lately only looks super serious in pic's only when he is told to, otherwise he is a laughing, goofy clown.
And, we love him that way, a lot. :0)

GameDay 016 copy

That's about it for today. Hope everyone out there has a really great day today.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Game Day

J*E*TS...they are rockin' our world!! :0)

GameDay 014 copy 2

GameDay 011 copy

This afternoon we have Kolin's final appointment to get the crown put on his tooth, whew, glad that is soon to be over.

Other then that, it's a quiet {quiet, did I say quiet? lol} day around here. No school for the kids today. Starting Wednesday they have exams so they will be getting out early three days this week.

Have a great day everyone!!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

B-Ball And Phones

Yesterday I had to go run a quick errand. By quick I am talking 10 minutes, tops.

In ten minutes I drove down our road to find Kolin in Kody's old wheelchair playing basketball on the street.
I have learned not to ask questions anymore. Take it as it is. He is the class clown. There is no getting past it.

This is pretty much what I saw. Kolin about to take a shot and Kody on the phone {see him in the bottom right corner?}. Though, this picture was taken after I went into the house and grabbed the camera, it was similar though...

basketballboys 010 copy

I ran in to get the camera {Kolin's request, seriously...he did} and this is what I caught. A little something I Call "Nothin' But Net"...


This is Kody. That is a phone on Kody's face. That is what Kody looks like now. I don't think it will end anytime soon.
Darn teenage girls. :0(


He was laying out in the sun, in the driveway, in shorts...YAY, it's warm again!!

We are gathering our best Jets gear today and having lots of wings for the game this afternoon.
Go Jets!!

Hope everyone has an awesome day!!


Saturday, January 16, 2010


So, last night Kody, who shall forever remain my Kody Bear no matter how old he gets, went on a (I'm not saying it) D*A*T*E.
I took them out to the mall, cuz that's where they wanted to be. Gave him some cash and vowed to stay 20 steps behind them at all times.

Fast forward...Kaysha and Kolin were the only ones fast enough to follow them and I sat myself down in one of those dollar massaging chairs and waited, oh about an hour.

Now, I told them nothing more then holding hands, I mean come on they are only just barely teens.
Then I saw it, that damn (I'm not saying it) K*I*S*S.

And just like that Mama Bear emerged from her back massaging heaven and corrected that.
Yeah, I did.

Maybe I'll let him grow up next week...maybe. :0/

Until then, he is still Bear and I am Mama a/k/a the only girl that will never break his heart. :0)


kodyblackhat 008 copy 2

Have a great weekend everyone!!


Thursday, January 14, 2010


I made a turkey today and I hope I didn't ruin it. That's about all I did.
Yes, my life is pretty much boring. hehe...

Two from yesterday..

BoysWithHats 008 copy

BoysWithHats 011 copy



Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Raining Lizards And Floating Fish

It's true, it has officially gotten cold enough as to where our lizard friends are falling out of trees, freezing cold and kind of stu-nod {that's our family friendly term for "not all quite there in the head"}.

The fish are easy to catch and you can tell that from observing any local lake around here {and we got plenty cuz this town is called "the chain of lakes"}. All weekend we have seen tons of people with fishing poles and nets catching tons of fish from shore, where the water is warmer. The fish are cold, not moving much and catching them is simple. Just scoop and bring home about a dozen.
Poor fishies, probably never seen it coming. :0(
Sorry...I am such a non-fishing person, you wouldn't believe.

Since we're on the topic of fish, this is about the only fish you'll see me have on my plate, bought from a supermarket, scampi style of course {call me a diva, I don't care, LOL}...


This has nothing to do with fish or lizards but I like them anyway...


OK, OK truth me told...these pic's are leftover from Christmas. I have nothing new, not one thing. My bad. :0(
Thanks Mom for cooking up a storm so I would have something to blog about. :0)

It's about that time, the hell raisers will be getting out of school soon so I better get on that pick up line.

Have a great day everyone!!

Stay warm, we are still in cold here but it will be warming up more and more everyday till it gets to be 70 on Thursday and 77 by Saturday! WOO-HOO....I can leave the building again!!!!


Monday, January 11, 2010

Beautiful Brains And Magnificent MRI's

Kody's MRI this morning came out PERFECT!! No new signs of tumor and all the little spots that were previously thought to be cysts, are now light "blushes" on the scan which tells us it is nothing more then scar tissue from his previous surgeries.

If all goes well for him and his shunt, he won't need to go back for ten months. :0)

Jets 015 copy

Can you tell who we are rooting for? hehe...

Have a great day everyone!!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Random Stuff On A Very Cold Sunday

Wind Chill: 22 degrees. OK, enough already!! Hello? Mother nature? I am over it. Stop now please.


Anyway, yesterday some folks in Florida saw snow flurries. Yep, for real.
Unfortunately, we didn't. A little more north of us did though.
However, we did have hail. I saw it bounce off the car for like 10 seconds. Nope, I didn't get a picture. It was over so fast anyway and had I not seen it actually bouncing off the roof, it looked like rain anyway.

I did get this though, an icicle hanging from our palm.


OK, so it was like maybe an inch long...but technically it is still an icicle, right?

For all the non-believers that it could actually snow in Florida, I took a quick snap of my TV yesterday morning. LOL, I know, I know but I had nothing else better to do while waiting for the "history making weather" to start.


That's Tom Terry, our very handsome local weatherman. No ladies, I don't think he's single. :0)

We had a small celebration for Kody two nights ago. Kaysha made his cake this year. This is what it looked like {that's an 8 ball in the corner}...

8yearskody 005 copy

Dark chocolate cake, homemade icing and as of last night, that cake is long gone. Yeah...3 kids, 2 parents, 1 doesn't last long.

Lastly, a quick picture of the Bear from a couple days ago.


Normally I would ditch something with a shadow in his face, but I kinda liked this one a lot.

Here's another...


Lastly, my baby boy's hair which is getting sooooo long.


It is as soft as it looks. For fun I brush it and play with it while he plays blow em' up and kill em' video games. Sometimes he tolerates it other times I feel he'd like to shoot me to bits. LOL!!

That's it for today.

Hope everyone has a really great day today!!

PS. Oh dang, how could I forget?

That's 30 years ago today we became a couple. His pick up line: "Want a bite of my apple?"
FYI, I said "No".
For the past 30 years I've been saying "Yes, OK, alright, we'll see, not now, maybe later, now's good, quick hurry before the kids come back inside, and best of all...

I love you Baby!!"



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