Saturday, January 16, 2010


So, last night Kody, who shall forever remain my Kody Bear no matter how old he gets, went on a (I'm not saying it) D*A*T*E.
I took them out to the mall, cuz that's where they wanted to be. Gave him some cash and vowed to stay 20 steps behind them at all times.

Fast forward...Kaysha and Kolin were the only ones fast enough to follow them and I sat myself down in one of those dollar massaging chairs and waited, oh about an hour.

Now, I told them nothing more then holding hands, I mean come on they are only just barely teens.
Then I saw it, that damn (I'm not saying it) K*I*S*S.

And just like that Mama Bear emerged from her back massaging heaven and corrected that.
Yeah, I did.

Maybe I'll let him grow up next week...maybe. :0/

Until then, he is still Bear and I am Mama a/k/a the only girl that will never break his heart. :0)


kodyblackhat 008 copy 2

Have a great weekend everyone!!



Ness said...

You just ruined my weekend...a DATE AND A KISS? She might give him germs. Does she know not to smack him around?

I'm gonna have to move to FL and keep a watch on things....

Sea52Jay said...

::SIGH:: The times just screams by and they're grown before you know it. Sorry Kim, it's hardest on you. Love ya, CJ

Shiela in NY said...

ACKKK! Not our KODY BEAR?!! :)

At least you've gone through this with other children. I have yet to experience anything like this...!


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